45 thoughts on “The Foreign Language of Financial Literacy | Natalie Torres-Haddad | TEDxDavenport”

  1. This presentation is from the heart. We all love stories with a happy ending. Natalie's presentation takes you through some very tough moments, however because of her determination and plan she changed her life and now is changing the lives of her audience members.

  2. Great story and amazing advice. Thank you.
    I wish I would have seen this video when I first started college. Truly Inspired.

  3. Loved this! Thanks for being so brave and sharing your story. I think we should talk about the intersection between mental health and personal finance more often!

  4. Loved hearing Natalie's story – so real, so open, so relatable- exactly what an audience needs. She so beautifully mixed her personal experience with facts to help people understand why their situations occur and what tools they need. Go Natalie!!

  5. If only more of us had heard this growing up. Unfortunately many of us didn't but I am so proud to hear Natalie sharing her story that I'm sure a lot of of us can identify with ourselves or with those close to us. I have been fortunate to hear her connect in person with young college students and educating the next generation is the key. Thank you Natalie and keep up your advocacy for financial literacy.

  6. So many great ideas and advice given regarding finances. I didn't know finance groups existed- such a great idea to keep us accountable. Also, the ease in which you speak and give your experiences makes it real and relatable. I understand now that Financial literacy is not learned in one day, rather it is a language that I must practice and implement daily. Thank you!

  7. What an amazing story. Financial Literacy should be a mandatory subject taught in school. When we don't talk about money we make mistakes and those mistakes can set us back years. Thanks for sharing your story and message. β€οΈπŸ’°

  8. Natalie! Thank you so much for sharing such an empowering story. This resonated with me so much I started crying towards the end. You are so inspiring! It truly means the world to me that you are from Central America and have a similar background as myself. Thank you again for your story and for being an outstanding role model.

  9. Natalie I love this! You did amazing, spoke so eloquently and shared some real pearls! Proud of you!

  10. Thank you for sharing your story and passion to improve financial literacy for all. Beautiful message!

  11. So refreshing to hear empowering talks about finances as it can be such a taboo topic to speak of. Thank you for sharing your story and for your passion and willingness to inspire others!

  12. Such an important topic for our classrooms, for our families, and our communities. Thank you for sharing!

  13. Thank you for sharing such a great talk! It’s definitely important to be financially literate, something I know I am not, but have been motivated to start doing so.

  14. This has been such an eye opener just because I can relate to the same trial and error! ❀️

  15. So powerful, every minute of this talk Natalie shares something that makes us think or makes us feel. Thank you for sharing your story and your willingness to empower us with financial literacy. Must watch.

  16. Had the pleasure of meeting Natalie at a conference a few weeks ago and she is just as passionate in person πŸ‘

  17. Wow, that was an amazing story! More of us certainly have to learn from the wise words of Cardi B πŸ˜‚and make smarter money moves.

  18. What an amazing woman! I have the honor of knowing this award winning author in person. She's an inspiring and empowered lady. Lots to learn from her.

  19. Great stuff here! So glad the world has you spreading your message! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ”₯

  20. Thank you for sharing such a personal story to help us understand how important financial literacy is! It's crucial to know that what resources are available to us out there struggling with our finances. Natalie reminds us that even though we've made financial mistakes in the past, we can change our futures so long as we're patient and willing to learn.

  21. This is such an incredible story – Thank you for sharing this and for urging us to make sure we are in charge and responsible for our financial wellness overall – It shouldn't be a taboo topic, we need to make sure our family, friends and children understand the importance!

  22. Thank you for showing up for us and sharing your story! I refer back to my notes from your talk when I need those reminders.

  23. Natalie is a true worrior and passionate for empowering her community and everyone she meets. I love this tedtalk always a great reminder we’re our ancestors wildest dreams.

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