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Hello Friends! You might me wondering
what I was doing in that hole? Well, that is one of my
usual trips to find something new. And guess what I found today! This is the bag of 5 senses! Come, let’s see what’s inside. Zoooom in! Woh! These are the 5 senses. Sense of Sight, sense of Earing, sense of
Smell, sense of Taste, and sense of Touch. These are the eyes! They help you See. Yes, you’re using it right now,
while looking at me! Amazing, isn’t it? Your eyes help you see things. Just like how it will help
us to see what’s next! These are the ears! They help you Hear. Do you hear that? Wonderful music, isn’t it? Your ears help you hear. So whenever you hear beautiful
things like birds chirping or a car blowing its horn, you know it’s your sense of hearing! Yewww. I smell something. Is it coming from the garbage bin outside? This is your nose! It helps you smell different things. It could be something stinky like the
garbage or something delicious like a mug of hot chocolate. This is your tongue. It helps you taste different kinds of food. Hey! That’s a pizza. Yummy! Whether it’s spicy, or sour sweet, or bitter, you know it all because
of the sense of Taste. And this is your skin. It helps you touch and feel things. When you touch clay and touch wood,
do they feel different to you? Does the clay seem soft and smooth
and the wood seem hard and rough? Your skin helps you know
whether something is hot or cold liquid or solid? soft, or hard? Remember, King Midas? Who was cursed that his touch
would turn anything into gold? Hahaha. Don’t worry,
that’s not gonna happen to you. Did you know that the Snakes
hear from their jawbones! And 80% of what humans experience
as Taste is actually Smell. Now I need to go back to that hole
to find out something more for you. So this is me
Zooooming Out! Tune in next time for more fun facts.

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  1. There's some senses in the bad that you forgot to reach… like the sense of pressure, itching, temperature, pain, thirst, hunger, direction, time, the ability to tell where your parts are relative to other parts, balance and body movement, stretch…

  2. "Your five life senses are much more than the sum of their parts. Together, completely open, they reveal true life. You wake up from a long sleep. You do not need all five senses to know true life; you can be deaf and blind and still experience it. It is just about getting your mind out of the way."-an excerpt from "The Present" on the truth contest site (google it). What it says can turn this world right side up.

  3. We have a total of 21 senses.

    1. Sight
    2. Hearing
    3. Smell
    4. Taste
    5. Touch
    6. Balance and Acceleration
    7. Temperature
    8. Pain
    9. Hunger
    10. Time
    11. Agency
    12. Familiarity
    13. Proprioception
    14. Pressure
    15. Itch
    16. Tension Sensors
    17. Nociception
    18. Stretch Receptors
    19. Chemoreceptors
    20. Thirst
    21. Magnetoception

  4. This is wrong AF there is like 20 senses like balance,pain,temperature,memory,etc. School get your fact straight

  5. GUYS, WE HAVE MORE THAN 5 SENSES! For example, time, motion, heat and list goes on. Watch any video that has the title “Lies you were taught in school”

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  9. you fucking liars! there is fucking more senses than 5!
    You are ruining our next generations by lying directly to their face! they are just kids, they think everything that you told them is real. Dont LIE!!!!!!!!!

  10. Temperature, Balance, Hunger, Thirst, Pain, Acceleration, Natural Direction, Mangetism, Needing to use the Toilet(yes that is a sense), Pressure, Feeling Tired, Weight, and Instinct

    What ever happened to these, huh?

  11. Are all the senses electrical. Cause they do get transmitted to the brain? Could we replicate a smell meter? Like Futurama

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