26 thoughts on “The First Thing You Should Learn To Draw”

  1. Time to get in shape ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ, you might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

  2. First thing: don't move around your paper sheet.
    Then, try to make similar exercises to the ones in this video, but starting the lines from different directions and not making only straight lines from left to right, or just from the position you're more comfortable.
    If you're in front of a big canvas, or a bigger paper sheet taped to a fixed position, like a drawing table, or a wall, you're not going to turn it and move it around, would you?

  3. This is an important lesson, and that's why I decided to put it on the first place of my "start to draw" playlist. The practice of drawing a straight line, cube, ellipsis is something that trains our hands on the first place. It's the base of all the drawing art.

  4. Yeah I know you have to master those basic shapes to draw other stuff, the question is How do you use them to draw other stuff?

  5. Thank you for this video! I appreciate you mentioning Scott Robertson, I’ll have to look up the other guy.

  6. tbh here your exercise may looks silly to a beginner artist! but after years in my journey as self taught trying different and advanced complex stuff with no direction! im here to told that`s what i return to do "keep it simple dont push your skills in negative way''

  7. Hollllyyy shhuuutt… say something usefull… and write with will on the paper, man. I can't sse any thing.

  8. Basic shapes are very important and useful when you start. U see an object – deconstruct it, simplify each element to basic shape, then construct it again.

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