The Fastest Growing Skills at Top Companies

recent LinkedIn data uncovers some of the most in-demand skills at top US companies why does this matter because gaining new skills could help you advance your career or land that dream job here's a look at some of those skills and the courses we've recently published that can help you learn them at alphabet Google's parent company the fastest growing skills deal with data structures the r programming language and the matlab environment the fast paced tech industry demands that developers stay up-to-date with the consistently evolving programming languages and data environments our expert instructors in the technology library follow trends to teach the skills you and your organization's need hi I'm Katherine Hodge and welcome to programming foundations data structures in this course we'll dive deep into data and then look at different ways of organizing and storing our data with a raised linked list cues stacks hash traps and more for Netflix the data shows that skills in digital marketing social media marketing and publicity are quickly expanding those areas aren't unique to an Internet media company every company has a presence online and needs qualified professionals to maintain relationships with customers among many other topics our business library has expert insights on marketing and public relations PR is about building trusted relationships that lead to loyalty and advocacy it's not fake news filled with hype just to push a client's product or service so how do you build credibility it comes from consistently practicing key principles let's go over a checklist for your company so you can see which areas you need to focus in the real estate industry organizations like the Wii company have growing demand for skills and construction and construction management safety is a top priority when you're working on a jobsite in our creative library OSHA authorized outreach trainer Jim Rogers can prepare you for risk management if you want to be successful as a construction manager you need to understand the risks that you and your organization are taking on every day and you need to understand the role that you play in managing that risk the thousands of courses in our technology business and creative libraries can help job seekers of all kinds learn the skills they need to work at companies of all kinds and these growth trends apply worldwide which is why we publish courses in seven languages whether your dream job is at a top company a small company or a brand-new company all your own we're here for those moments that matter to help you learn the skills you need to succeed

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