The Family Literacy Program

your family literacy program is a program where we teach parents basic English and also provide an opportunity for the their children to either have a preschool experience or an enrichment experience depending on whether it's a morning program or an evening program and so while the parents are learning English the kids are in a preschool environment it's very important for Fairfax County our public schools to offer programs like this to immigrant families because most of them don't have access to preschool programs and to free English programs this program is funded right now by Title three funding a federal funding when families come here a lot of them have very low level English and what we try to do with them is to teach in the English that is a very practical English where they can use it first of all and foremost in their schools so how does the school operate what are the expectations of the American school system do they have any rights and in the American school system what's a parent-teacher conference and how why is it important that they go and what are the questions that they need to ask of that teacher if they have an emergency what do they do who do they call what did we say and so all of that we practice it's very interactive and so parents when they come when they leave the program they're really equipped know exactly what to do and to problem-solve which is absurd and in the present tense we're dialoguing veto a vanilla step program Oporto apprentice Gaston I invite you to come to this program and I am very thankful for this program it has had a great impact on my life it has helped me to work myself in many areas in my life as a moral model and a wife I feel privileged to be able to attend tests here for four times a week I find in practice the English that I have learned here and also share this positive experience with others in order to grow and learn in this country we have to learn the language or the otherwise we are at zero do you say my son is in one good so that's an ordinal number I think one of the most important impacts of this program has for families is that it allows them to find a place of belonging of social and emotional support while they're learning English and while they're having a children experience early literacy a child's education is as strong as the support that a family can give them schools can't do it all as good as the teachers that we have in Fairfax County are if there is enough family support then there's that we haven't got that bridge between home and school days of the week start with helped me a lot because before I know this program I just stay in my home in the war and a lot of them have been very isolated in the past they they don't leave their apartments they don't speak a language most of them don't have transportation and so it's very very impactful in their lives it makes a whole difference it's a it's a fabulous program

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