The Exeter Teaching Model

Exeter was a really good starting point
for me in doing what I'm doing now because, it allowed me to develop at my
own pace I think. They ease you into doing what you're doing, so you get to
spend a bit of time in school and then a bit more and a bit more. You can
develop at your own pace because, you have somebody there supporting you the
whole time that allows you to, kind of gradually become more and more
independent and what you're doing. It's not really scary but by the end of it you feel like a real teacher with your own class.
It's also really fun learning all the different teaching strategies. I've
actually been able to put them into practice this year and, it's good to have a
really good bank of teaching. I think what I am enjoying
most about being a trainee at Exeter is learning how to teach in the manner
which we're expected to teach the students. So there's lots of group work,
there's lots of collaborative work and it all been very positive and enjoyed it
very much. I became a primary school teacher because I felt that I would make
a difference on a day to day basis and, being a teacher you realize that every
single day offers a different challenge whether it's something posed by learning,
or something posed by something social. The Exeter PGCE offers a really good start for
the career because they're fantastic tutors, really enthusiastic and it gives
you a really strong foundation in both practical and theoretical future
practice. Because of the Exeter PGCE. I feel that my transition from trainee to
teacher was very smooth because nothing was a surprise. For example filling in
forms like the SEN or the analysis was easy, because I remembered what they
told us. Also, the research project really helped open your mind to the
expectations of the classroom, and the government policies as well like behaviour
management. That really helped.
I would highly recommend this PGCE to anyone who asked me because, I think the
combination of having the theory knowledge given to us in a lecture style
which we then take into the classroom with us is highly beneficial. Also as
a mature student I found about the inclusivity of the course really helpful. It's helped me get back into education, so I would highly recommend it
to anyone wanting,to make a career change into teaching.

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