The Etiquette for Waitresses : Etiquette Lessons

hi I'm Jules Hirst with etiquette consulting Inc and today I am talking about etiquette if you are a waitress or a waiter there is nothing worse than going out for a meal and having it ruined by a waitress or a waiter who acts improperly here are a few things to keep in mind if you are a waitress or a waiter when approaching a table remember to smile make eye contact introduce yourself by your first name and speak slowly and clearly so everyone can hear you this way you shouldn't have to repeat things and all be guests should be able to hear what you are saying if the guests are having a difficult time deciding what to order be patient and do not roll your eyes offer to give them some more time and remember to check back you don't want to have your guests looking for you always serve the food from the left side of the guest remember before clearing the plates ask if everyone has finished and then clear all the plates as well at once guests have a tendency to feel rushed if they see plates are being cleared and they are still eating also you do not want to give the impression that you want them to leave so you can sit your next party always remove the plates from the right side of the guest if you have a guest who is having an unpleasant experience always apologize even if it is not your fault and try to find a way to resolve the issue if you can't find a resolution find someone who can remember your professionalism do not chew gum play with your hair or act as interested finally remember to thank the guests and tell them that it was a pleasure to serve you them to serve them even if it wasn't working as a waitress or a waiter is a demanding job where your tips are based on your level level of performance by doing your best you can maximize your tips I'm Jules Hirst with etiquette consulting Inc then for watching

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  1. Actually, I prefer the way some waitstaff a trained in Europe as opposed to America. They do exactly what they're name says… they WAIT. In America, they're constantly interrupting your meal to ask if everything was okay; if the meal was alright. Then, here they come with the bill before you even order dessert. In Europe, they wait until they are summoned. Waitstaff are taught to keep a watchful eye on their stations so that they will be able to see when they are being requested. They don't badger patrons every time they pass through with questions. The whole purpose of eating out is to be served and to enjoy the company of the people you came with. When you're ready for the check, you summon them and ask for it. This let's the waitstaff know you're done and you're leaving. This also gives the waitstaff the opportunity to let the busboy know that table 6 is leaving and they can clean up the table soon.

    Gratuity is also optional and not expected by waitstaff in Europe. For some reason, in America, it's treated as though it's an entitlement.

    It is also not proper for waitstaff to reach across another patron's food in order to place food on the table for another as well as sweep and clean the floor while patrons are eating nearby. This is considered unsanitary, disrespectful and rude.

  2. Wow! So many things wrong with this lesson. This level of service is what is to be expected at O'Charlies or Applebee's.

  3. loooooool.
    tell your table it was a pleasure serving them even if it wasnt? pft. i didn't know lying was good etiquette

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