7 thoughts on “The Era of Online Learning | Niema Moshiri | TEDxUCSD”

  1. One thing he actually didn't get is the alternative proposals and approaches to education… when he mentions the certificate at the end of the course he wants to prove it meaningless, but IT IS NOT. It is there not a certificate but as a short-end goal that can be rapidly obtained. That is mainly because of gamification in education and it's Skinner box's tactics, which, in my view, are way more important than online learning.
    Making learning online doesn't make it better nor worse, it is how you teach not the technology you use that makes it good. Technology is indeed a good tool, but like any tool, it is not a solution.

  2. It is frustrating, as an online high school teacher, to hear a well meaning Ted Talk, that fails completely to be informed, or up to date. There are programs way ahead of this already with systems that are already attempting to accommodate and scaffold at the level that the student needs. Everything he presented is already in the works! He made no mention of Canvas, Blackboard, or BrightSpace which, with a good online teacher, are already doing a lot of this.

    There is a lot of interaction online. I chat with students, do Discussion Boards with students, email students, video chat with students, video chat with groups of students, and I even make personalized youtube videos to help students with specific problems. Also, all of my students respond in a discussion, not just the student who speaks up. Online, EVERY student discusses every topic, and EVERY student can get personalized help if needed.

    My daughter is doing her entire last semester of college online, and she loves it. MOOCs are shameful, but there is soooo much more to online learning already. I honestly thought this video was about 7 years old, but it is not.

    MAITS sounds great, but it also misses the point that the BIG advantage online is learning is supported by video. Videos make it personal, and for those who struggle with reading as an avenue to learning, video is changing the playing field. I watch students with reading comprehension problems achieve amazing stuff because the software reads with them, and the videos support a preferred learning style for many students.

    I believe all he is really talking about is an online learning system that "accommodates" to the student. Those are already rolling. They are far from perfect, but they exist.

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