The Electrician: Jared’s Story

♪(Music Playing)♪ To be awarded the 2015 Australian Apprentice of the Year was just a huge honour and it was incredibly humbling, and it was just a huge validation of my training and all the efforts that I’d put in over the years and the extra study that I’d done going through the Cert IV as an elective in my spare time, outside of work hours and giving up time to get it done and get the qualifications. ♪(Music Playing)♪ I dropped out of high school in Year 11. I ended up working, and then I ended up getting into the electrical field which I’ve just completely fallen in love with. I didn’t realise exactly how much it would mean to me to not only get the theory side down but also be able to back that up with practical hand skills. ♪(Music Playing)♪ I’ve been told so many times over the course of my apprenticeship by people who were in the private sector as engineers, saying our favourite type of technician to work with is someone who’s come from a practical background. They’ve got the technical knowhow to fix things, but also the practical knowhow to get on the tools and do it themselves and they understand how these things interconnect, interrelate and how to work with them. ♪(Music Playing)♪ The technical aspects of recording live music is pretty much what got me into my electro technology certificate. I’d just come out of the studio with my band, and being in the studio and being surrounded by recording technology again was such a breath of fresh air for me. So not only do I enjoy, you know, being behind a drum kit and playing live music, I really love seeing what we can do physically. ♪(Music Playing)♪ When I get out there and promote the VET sector, I’m telling them about, you’re going to get really strong communication skills, leadership skills, technical skills, teamwork skills. There’s benefits that kind of even just go beyond that. You’re going to get employment opportunities, increased employment prospects. You’re going to broaden your horizons. You’re going to be able to potentially work anywhere in Australia, or even the world. What my VET qualification means to me is just a huge plethora of career opportunities and prospects. I don’t think I’ll ever be out of work thanks to my VET qualifications. ♪(Music Playing)♪ I am an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador, and what that means to me is I’m getting out there promoting all the benefits of the VET sector, not just to a specific group, but to all walks of life, all ages. Whatever you’re into, there’s something out there in the VET sector for you, so get involved. ♪(Music Playing)♪

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