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okay so video another driver this is back in this one time we are driving the color not needy Rafi and for those of you that are new here my name is Rafael Barney sorry you guys can't see him it's just too beautiful we try to protect his so this red guy with this episode keep it on to say this is a driver just episode and what we do is wanna posterize the car and we talk on topics which we feel has to be discussed yeah so being like the current youth of park son we feel that everyone should hear our opinion it may be wrong it may be right look like mom so why not raise our voices and if I want any of your concerns to be raised then you can contact us and tell us what you want to be discussed like but other yeah we have our install links in the description below so arzga topic okay your education is being commercialized in Pakistan that's why hey Joe middle class to low class family culture but she may be working at education mainly as a clock like high high class high socioeconomic class debatable but okay none like You hotel like okay Casey renowned University McKissack admission literally no skills past occupation marker on it obviously come on the new electronic aperture go study back out there jaga no no I want us to convert okay though okay we un to a level schools probably the top a level schools in Karachi all right so we can say that that is an expensive school yes or no yes but are you Hamzah Osama are you guys satisfied with the education you've received and was it worth not okay so let me start off I won't mention the school – Duke maybe if you guys grow back you guys yeah but I would say that the a level School located in Karachi is one of its let's pry in the top ten everyone loses a fight oh you guys is not worth the money I wasn't satisfied with the quality of education okay and before we say anything here we're not talking about the teachers they were good they helped us to reach administration you know so this is culture key Japan cha hwa levels metric into yellow is modular escape path coaching Center Janet if you are not necessarily but Chico Johnny here was all there or he he culture is awesome when I became a beep and saw the foreskin de Oro because it is hot the car yoga teachers a cha we have been to a level schools so will first discuss alum Skiba I engage o in term a manic Mahal digger so I think Jo homiletic birthday Keanu okay is really hot so yeah but then you can argue that teachers deserve that and everything so it's an international board so where you have to pay them back yeah okay say a water him the thing okay the thing I was not satisfied okay I'm talking about a double specific all levels I was comparatively satisfied by than a Lobos okay the problem with the high levels was say you had futures okay at least a might called me and Osama me and hamsa we were in the same College Osama was in another college me and Osama we did our levels together for this is just like a stack of information say the thing with intervals was at least in the where I went was that the teacher they were there as part-time teachers what this means is if we compute you for class they're there until 12 they teach a few classes and then they leave and go teach another school was that the case in yours so every elbows big yellow school advantage for in of all teachers are what or someone you connect the Apothecary for teachers the thing is the inability of colleges we have scale technibond will your teachers go full-time higher binnacle toro atyminius what they do is they keep you on a contract and give you like the number of hours you have to spend every day so yeah for example you will be taking six classes this whole year yeah so in course if chain classes cover karaoke and the advantage to a teacher scale IQ Yaqui be cellulase at that mohammed other time they were chaotic of course six classes pure Naomi which times free all that dough Philco your college or the one coffee credit I would push time paper closet it's like they are doing they are multitasking order to like increase their self who can kill has to say it what they're doing is like best for them look come on say bathroom and how does this present as a problem for our students for like a teacher availability friendly mahal level so that you get and then order the snow or a level smith whole ball difference note Piazza okay one of us me teachers like just cool cat I Malkovich every Java stuff the grade of dedicated dedicated towards they are no yeah yeah of their co ll no dedicated near we look for other champ or other teacher but the thing is it all ends up under your belt teacher full-time mother oh then they are completely dedicated towards the kids they have and they are like is pay full focus can I eat kabhi be health monitoring in and UK if this other schools come on a Ferrari oh thank you is full-time man though they know each and every student bye-bye like personally John table so much think is swinging east and kelskiy weakness case that is called a zipper on yeah yeah or a big shout-out to my teachers if you are watching this then I'm really grateful to all of you say yeah now look I purchase week give AR you mention from our blog give us a smoke off that watch in fact you know and three level teachers I'll say this eleven teachers from me we're really good because you made a college can a system the way Ithaca specifically were teachers or that they would they are skinny top to college mariinka over sorry morning are sorted a consistent arts say the Mary pastor year thought I guy tells good them during the whole time I was there teachers know Jamie little bit but the thing is kick each of the kind of attitude through a change both Arthur there was a poor above the you an author it's like they don't own the kids as well as the teacher would if they are like at permanent introduce okay so guys I want to talk about the problem this presents okay so like I said you don't develop this one-on-one interaction with you don't develop this relationship yeah so the problem this present is supposed ok elbows say supposing he levels you have a physics question say ago not every kid every kid has their social anxiety or whatever say yeah asking in front of 20 other kids sometime might be presented is an issue it might it might be a really dumb question everyone's gonna laugh at you so child might be scared to ask you a child would be scared to ask his classmate because in fear that the childhood me would think he's dope okay a lot of problems come along with that so okay so the fact that teachers are not there you cannot go after class and ask them a question cuz you're not there so what can teachers suggest is they all come to my Christian Center may Yamato go up Mooji yes you joined career and I'll give you all my time so this is how do circle is my neighborhood so this is how this Q Shan culture arises along with that okay due to this mentality that's developed eight students they have this thing okay goose quo we want said in school to shimmy jockey wallpapering so that's what happens that's really wrong off camera about Kelly up school tuition fees darius kaleb Alex a private difference yeah I can teach I think I'm one more thing I would like to say miss Cole is Miyata like he only has the supplies on Lincoln somebody thing is what's called a college bowl here Sanjay look the thing is a scanner no tuition policy etiquette and that was kind of one of the biggest reason coming other cumbia say because I don't want to like take tuitions after I get done with my college and I think teachers you're there say my other fusion lathe Ibiza no need teachers solution Alyssa and then they are like the best teacher I had all like I'm really grateful to that like to those teachers KK going on a job but I wash the car just zebra though they were like much it it make clear concepts and K may a be like if some junior asked me a question man coach help curse at all questions put teachers work I'm never pointing they are not pointing fingers at the teachers we are just saying yeah this is the system right no system and we are actually criticizing the system your system else q ja Sakura Excel but say like Ravi said cave or social anxiety who else oval open heat master shut their doors UK many douche economist when I get class who think about teacher like I would rather running away for like you know on character ecologic time variable thousand key volcania world they have to make money and they have to do this for that cable okay growth only Guardian radio Theo bachata katabira October nickel gothic heaven I've held it for other schools they go they have their own true concerning yeah rock pblos constraint you government schools engine government colleges kids on a spoon with an orbit hollow that was a school speech ha ha ha – enterica subsist the Santa Barbara topic also other discussing with the Beast Medici I get second thing I want to discourage the travel schools administrations oh yeah I think they drip our students a lot like say a cello jundj like if these are to convey up to talk about one kiss yes I was back in my level school okay one thing there are two things okay I'll make it very quick we're crossing the time minimizes so in my school okay say it though mocks see II's were coming close and drew before the mocks I used to go to the library to study okay at my school what they did was they used to put plastic wrappers in front of the books so that we can't access it I don't know why a library the books in the ivy are there for the students to be used thinking they used to recover it off and I used to take full library fees such a full life baby and I was like like okay I couldn't argue I'm like this like what I wouldn't have any power yeah okay that's number one another thing they did was okay I've hit my CIE fees you everyone please here you can expand the statement of entry it's the statement of entry is something that's odd to me like I paid for it already say the administration I was during my mocks my CI you were in a month and I was like full on stage I think February may have you and the administration I went to I went at 8 a.m. I went there first thing in the morning to get my same entry so that I could leave early and get back to study my school didn't give it to me because I didn't pay for a fare well I wasn't going to they're like you have to go to Blair oh yeah you have to go to you have to pay for this farewell I think miss I'm not going it's not even my farewell I'm not going say Jelena Jody cannot feel any better don't bother us or oppa give you they didn't give me a statement of entry which I paid for which my parents paid for like why this is the commercialization oh thank you honey febre made you like you feel sleepy and you skip pounding on a student of entry did he like no filter up in the lice in my college the thing was key we look her cheese for extra charge cuz they like you know and will book on the a scale our up good jacket yeah okay that was when we actually carried but the thing is k like her cheese like every single thing Jonathan each other cause venutian all that you school like it Nosara but a subset of Allah glittering yoga door oh baby a guru Bertrand look it's naked all ski and the OneNote it's nearly like ripoff Easter because I think I used to pay the highest be amongst my siblings and many others for my inability occasion like not you should like college Mujib ozawa sakae like a herd jeez a big body Kiki over a log file charges for no reason say yeah yeah I think this video like really talk sense to you guys and I hope you like this I hope you got you all got the message and I hope those people who make a difference maybe they understand this message that's it do make sure to share like yeah okay if you have an opinion drop it down in the comment section [Applause]

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  2. I watched your videos on a.k.u test and i don not understand the SAT books
    Bcoz i have just done my matric now
    So can you please explain what are that books and where's available

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