what is going on everybody it's your boy Natomas Kills and today we had a lot of really big moves come out of the state of the game and in this video what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna cut down all the important parts try to summarize in between their talking points and hopefully you guys get enough information out of this video that you don't have to go back and watch the full state of the game so let's break down what they were talking about so the first thing we're talking about is title update 5 yes we have a new title update coming out the pts will start Monday but hamish dives into it a little bit more so let's listen to what he had to say it's pertinent to have you here today because the pts or tu fives pts will be starting on Monday so yes there you go it is PC only as all of our other pts have been and there will be a different approach to the pts testing will unlock and lock content from episode 1 according to a set schedule and I don't have that schedule for you right now that we will share that soon probably on social because we're doing this because we want to test specific content and direct people towards those activities so we can get the the best feedback on that next thing they get into is blueprints so if you guys are blueprint hunting and you guys don't get those final blueprints you will be able to get home from level 3 control points so that's coming back to that and also they get into exotics dropping from heroic bosses so let's listen to everything Hamish had to say on that blueprints shed over projects and control points so alert level 3 and 4 and Aniyah who refreshes every week this means that you can get any of the blueprints from any of these sources meaning if you miss something you can grind control points that's cool news to people who are still blueprint hunting heroic bosses will drop exotics ok this wasn't used to both I think both of us know I knew about that one ok this is other exotic stuff that you didn't know about yes okay well one thing in particular alright the ones that come from crafting quests I'm thinking nemesis yeah you have to have gotten to the points where you own the blueprint for them to drop from heroic bosses ones that come from world drops you have to have gotten them once for them to drop again roll at max everything in accordance to their gear score no no downgrading damage when upgrading so if you have a 500 nemesis you'd have the same 500 name and sistas apron house and I think to sort of go back to the previous point is so if you're taking a 490 exotic you still haven't quite got it up to 500 yet the minute you bring it up to 500 is gonna be a max rule so did you guys hear that they are changing exotics in the way they work thank you Jesus oh my gosh I love that I love the whole change to it so now an exotics gonna have the same exotic for every single person it's gonna be max rolled no worrying about having to get the max roll on it everybody will have a max roll if they earn that exotic not only that exotics now will drop in open world bosses as long as you've already got in the box so if you've gotten the blueprint ones like the Nemesis well you have a chance of it dropping again from heroic bosses and weapons that drop from open world bosses as long as you've got a met exotic it will have a chance of dropping from those horror bosses so now you have a reason to actually grind heroic missions the next thing they talk about is the gunrunner will now sell level 500 gear the crafting table will be able to upgrade to level 500 you will be able to craft 500 level weapons and gear and not only that you will be able to recalibrate those weapons that you craft so let's take a listen that's there are some other bits of news Cassie who I think fear criticism hasn't necessarily had the best stock of stuff will now sell 500 stuff over the stock refresh weekly she has normal gear and guns as well as some exotics and named items so named items being the high ends with names that she'll splinter and that sort of thing so you can buy it from me that's pretty cool crafting at 500 the bench upgrade will be available it requires a 490 gun at 490 gear piece and material to make after that you can make and gear score 500 items mmm crafting Rico works from end to crafted gear let's go to u5 hog man flashlight attachments to pistols coming into u5 that is super cool I talk fridge record to me flesh-like attachments for pistols can be found ellipsis somewhere ellipsis very dramatic maybe in some dark corners yes I actually – who knows I have no idea I literally just saw this today at least some some rooms I've entered that word pitch-black and that I could have you know I would love to have shone a light into so we now have flashlights on our pistols for those dark areas and in Division two and if you guys play any of the divisions you content you know we can get pretty dark pretty quick the next thing they talk about are three new weapons we're getting in the division – in title update five so let's take a look at this can we have a look at the new weapon which is that one so there's a carbine seven assault rifle and what is called the stoner LMG both with new talents apparently I don't have those talents I haven't seen them but those are the modal's for the new weapons they're pretty good the pretty good talents I can't think of them I know that for the LMG in particular it's like they're appropriate they're can we take a look at those the other new image that one damn son that's the new danger noodle gun the danger noodle I like it I wish it was called that is called the Diamondback yes because a rifle with the lever action just go back to that image so you see there that lever action down there yeah by the tail of the snake what about those watch dogs looking gloves the BGSU gloves mmm what a great way to segue into our next topic of skills so the BGSU gloves are a pair of exotic gloves that they're quite complicated so I'm gonna do my best to summarize basically what they're gonna do is make a hybrid skill build and by hybrid I don't mean weapon damage and skills I mean a skill build that's using perhaps an offensive skill with a crowd control skill and by alternating between the two of them you're gonna unlock and proc some pretty crazy effects so we're looking at yeah boosting your your damage output boosting the damage of the skills essentially when you throw a skill platform so let's say you've got the remote pulse which is a less than popular skill platform or skill variant of the pole when you throw it you're almost gonna it's now essentially going to almost behave like a little small grenade because where it lands is gonna create an explosion based off of a status effect so because the fire could be shocked could be bleeding and that's going to affect targets and then when things are affected you start rolling more buffs and it's cool it's cool so but you won't experience this type of skill usage outside of using these gloves that particular behavior of throwing a remote pulse and having a detonate like a grenade that's because of the exotic gloves so it's pretty cool to see that we're about to get a new exotic in the division – some gloves that are skill build focused so not damage based focus but skill build focus you build around those gloves you could have yourself a really nice build it's gonna be cool to see what those gloves can actually do once they come out and what builds everybody decides to do hey how do we bring skills close to that high-water mark as much as possible they're not bringing the weapons down the frame so without nerfing weapons in any way whatsoever how do we get a 100% dedicated skill build up to that kind of power Delta and it was it was it was a process and it was it was a fun process because it really allowed us to kind of take a I guess like a holistic look at skills their behavior how they currently exist how we would want them to exist and then yeah really kind of like as essentially establishing identities and profiles for skills with based off of our intentions and then going from a sort of top-down approach initially to figure out like okay how do we achieve that so maybe well to make a long story short it meant buffing skill mods making them do go from doing a let's say you have 3,000 skill power for instance on live in tu 4 right now you could buff your turret let me check my cheat sheet which is a document made for ants so the old turret a skill mod that buffs the damage on a turret for instance could go up to about 25 to 30% that's how much you can increase the base turret damage by now you can now that same mod if you've got 3000 skill power will increase his damage by up to 150 percent so that's a large increase which it's a big difference sounds pretty crazy but that's what we had to do to shrink the power Delta between weapon damage and skill platform damage so to see them focusing on skill builds is something that I was waiting for them to do of course I love using DPS and DPS builds with your rifle with your AR or with your SMG LMG is always gonna be my favorite but I love seeing skill builds out there because if you could put a really good skill build with a good DPS build it just works really good together and I really can't wait to get my hands on the pts to kind of test out those new skill builds there there's more two skills though than just damage so we also looked at cooldowns and how effective the current cooldowns and it was very very easy to achieve the 90% cap and get your skills down to 10 seconds the this is a problematic situation so what we've done is we've essentially changed cooldown reduction to skill haste which is something that goes way above 100% and is a much healthier system for sort of the overall integrity of the game in the short and long term but it does mean that right now when people log into the pts for instance they will notice that the skill cooldowns are higher than they would have been otherwise with the same gear that you have however people don't use any skill pallet for sure for sure or cooldown reduction because they're just not running skills yeah however we've done a few things to balance this overall so all cooldown reduction that's currently on your gear right now is going to be renamed and rebranded to skill haste we're also increasing the value so cooldown reduction becomes skill haste and we've increased the value on your gear we've buffs your your your now skill haste by you plan so it's significant it's significant and this gets we can I guess segue from this into what's really interesting about the new cooldown reduction system in particular and skill power and how things scale so now skill haste really does scale with your skill power so if you have a lot of skill power like let's say 2,000 or more and you have a lot of cooldown on your gear sorry skill haste on your gear which I have a build internally with just my gear and talents I can I have 135 skill haste 135 percent skill haste and now with 3,000 skill power you can then plug in cooldown reduction mods which previously existed but now instead of reducing cooldowns by 40 or 50 percent some of them reduce cooldowns by up to 200% to the mob size skill has no cooldown reduction skill haze cool so I'm probably going to make a dog's breakfast of cooldown reduction in skill haste because I'm still even myself but after tu5 cooldown reduction does not exist at all nope it is all skill highs it will forever be known as skill haze got you cooldown reduction is dead long live cooldown reduction so skill haste is gonna be a really big part of skill builds and I can't wait to see how strong and how powerful these skill builds get with skill haste and the next couple videos they're gonna show you the big difference in damage between title update 4 and title update 5 skills so let's take a look at the first comparison video which I think what do we this this is the new seeker mine well there's the before and after cool will literally loot this because I think it's important to watch a few times so what you can see here is first doing some testing and the gyms so what we do on the development yeah you see time to kill on the lift the ttk and the players time to be killed obviously that's not what we're tasting here yeah ignore t tkt I mean I like ya could shot that guy in the head with his little sliver of health a lot sooner yeah but you can see that the old seeker mind is taking off roughly if I'm not mistaken about to double the time well it's about to it was taking to armor bars off of that named Ely enemy the new one is bringing it right down to a sliver of Health and this is a change this is I I want to stress the fact that this is without me or my character wearing any gear that further boost explosive damage I don't even think I was a demolitionist at the moment okay so the you can do quite a lot of damage with explosive skills okay so this one really kind of I think encapsulate the difference because he I think it was like again a couple of hours off on before now he's being essentially one shot yeah and it's it's the first bomb that actually kills them the bombardier drone is dropping two bombs so it's a lot of that that's a live long and oh yeah this is cool so yeah the deploy time yes so this one gives definitely like look at the packages four seconds to 0.9 yeah yeah that's a big change it's significant it's significant very cool how about the what's the next one so the intention what I was trying to do here will show you how you can is yeah the thing that we haven't really talked about yet is how skills it's not you don't just have one skill you've got two right so there's a lot of synergy and there's a lot of opportunity here and one thing that you can do in particular and this goes back to how we wanted to or how we approached the rebalance is from a top-down perspective of what kind of builds do we want to encourage and what kind of builds do we do we want the players to be able to do based off of different kinds of skill combinations and you know one option in particular is to be very focused on doing single target damage with skill platforms and a good way to do that is with the assault turret and the striker drone the ER actually we haven't shown one video what's the last one that we have this comparison oh I love this the shield is back time to be killed there you go thank you son going to be killed is what yeah I we actually had to add a frame home because this is gonna be this goes on and on gonna take a little while here yeah I like it very cool yeah like I said I can't wait to say what those people go with and again I would stress make sure you get yourself on the 50s to pick these things out so there's a lot of changes to skill builds and it's gonna be crazy to see what builds people actually start running not only in PvE but in PvP with skill builds becoming a thing in title update 5 let me know what you guys think about all these changes hopefully we get more information next week leave a thumbs up if you found this video useful as always if you're new to my channel first time watching me hit the subscribe button turn that notification metal on so when I release the video you guys get notified as always until the next video nothing much goes out


  1. i just upgraded my nemesis the other day from 490 to 500 and the DPS went down.. so I hope once this update goes live it will scale it back up… but one can only hope .

  2. I am concerned about the addition of new weapons when there are weapon outlines such as the P416 dominating the assault rifle class.
    Weapon damage needs to be looked at too.

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  4. The gloves should be heavy on particular weapons damage. Up to 15% for "LMG, AR, SMG, Shotgun, ect… and the Holster should be heavy on Weapon Damage with up to 15%.

  5. Their doing all this just to nerf it all in the next update from all the complaining that everybody is getting one shot by skill builds lmao watch

  6. Right now I’m sitting at 4000 skill power, with around 130% explosive damage. I can’t wait to see what my seekers will do lol

  7. So why day they do this from the start of the game , so we get a flash light wow fucking joke core fix there game but can give you flash light 😪

  8. Smh theses Developers are really messing up a good game i really don't care about the skills bring back the Med kit system!!!!! This standing still shit is stupid the pvp is horrible back to D1 smh

  9. these clowns still dont know how to make a game ,it took them 2 years to make Division 1 playable and fun, get ready for the nerfs buffs and exploits …make it up as we go

  10. What if you got the Eagle Bearer from the raid? Is it still raid exclusive? Or will it have a chance to drop from Heroic bosses if you already have it?

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