The DigiTruck Project: Digital Literacy in Kenya

Africa is still a dark continent and regards to access to power inductors to technology as we always say that information is power and knowing how to use ICT as important knowing right [Applause] widget park is a computer lab on the wheels was we have internet that will connect them to the global village this program is to ensure that those who are in the remotest parts of this country and get access to ICT they can be trained just like any other person I didn't know any computer I was 10 I was Lipton's in terms of operating or any other computer it's just change my life in terms of technology I think I can now fit in the modern world we know that majority of communities in this country do not have enough money to buy Brandon when we educate the youth we bring the element of urban mining for example and this computers already click the end life you can take them to a certain factory can be managed they're being recycled instead of nothing than to affect the environment I can't even help my friends out there well you have not been able to observe the knowledge we did have exams last week do we I expected some good results and today we just gradually budget when we engage in this process for educating the community on digital deflation proper management of electronic waste we are preparing our communities for the net 50-50 in future but also I have another dream of getting to in touch in the world of IT so I improve the standards of our people here and I see how it continued the world [Applause]

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