The Department of Education is Naked!

Emma: Thank you Mr Deputy Speaker and it’s a pleasure to follow my
honourable friend the member for Ellesmere Port and Neston. Mr. Deputy
Speaker the debate around school funding always appears to follow the same tired
pattern. Teachers, parents, education trade unions and the opposition parties all
point to the facts- the facts around the increased class sizes, the number of
teachers leaving the profession, the lack of adequate support, for our children
with SEND, the number of expensive subjects being cut from the curriculum,
the canceled school visits because the schools can’t subsidise them, the number
of teaching assistant jobs which have been cut or reduced, the declining state
of the school estate, the requests by schools to even put Amazon wish lists
out for parents because they can’t afford basic school supplies and there
are many other concrete examples of the continual underfunding yet the
government says- “we have increased funding for schools” but what they don’t
say is what they give with one hand they take with another. They repeat their
mantra so frequently, encouraging all those sitting opposite to trot it out at
every available opportunity, they are desperate to make us believe that the
Emperor really does have new clothes. Well, Mr. Deputy Speaker, I’m sorry to say
that the front bench are all completely Naked!

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