30 thoughts on “The Death of Critical Thinking: Scary NYU Study”

  1. Well this is very sad.  You have a panel of people talking about critical thinking and it's obvious only one of them truly knows what critical thinking is and it's the Asian guy.  The chick and the brotha' is totally lost.  Critical thinking is the ability to challenge and overcome your deep rooted ideas so that you can make decisions that are truly sound.  It does not matter how smart you are or how educated.  If you can recognize your ego defenses, biases, culture, rationalization, etc… as what they are and that is as barriers to receiving information, be it credible or not, then you can begin to think critically about your life, why you believe what you believe, why you make the decisions you do when it comes to family, money, religion, politics, etc…  People can not think critically because ignorance is bliss and challenging every single idea you have been brought to believe and adhere to is scary, hence why people throw up their ego defenses and simply say, "Oh I think critically, I solve problems everyday at work, with family, in my relationship…"  Yeah we all do but few of us see that the core motivators are from things that we accept from childhood or know the basics of recognizing credible information.  If we did we would make better life decisions.

  2. It's so interesting to listen to Ana, a student who leans incredibly heavily on emotion to inform herself, talk about other students who fail to think critically.

  3. Education is indoctrination. It is designed to tell children what they need to know. Not ask questions and conform socially and lawfully. 

  4. no, you take it from your life exp, looking at both sides of an arguement and trying to see what those in power dont want you to see their motives for that.

  5. I believe philosophy is the most important field of study, but given the state of modern philosophical teaching, I'm not sure "more philosophy classes" would be much of a solution.

  6. Critical thinking is not the same as math skill nor is to give students more homework.
    On the contrary keeping people busy keeps they away from thinking things through.
    Critical think its ONLY trained by logical debate and logical problem solving with the appropriate guidance were the student will learn to ask questions and try to tests his or her own ideas.

  7. Please Google "List of fallacies" and read the Wikipedia article.
    under section titled "Faulty generalizations "
    and read "Thought-terminating cliché"

  8. even if you learn critical thinking, if you take your info from controled propagandist media you still dont have the tools needed to have a range of ideas to consider.

  9. We need to bring back Rhetoric classes like the Greeks! Learn how to sway a crowd, and you'll learn to tell when someone is trying to sway you.

    Screw teaching people how to think — teach people how to deceive, and critical thinking will come of it.

  10. The American educational system was made to dumb down the masses. Along with fluoride in the water and all the mess they put in our "food."

  11. Why is this titled "The Death of Critical Thinking", as if it was once alive and well? As you read back in history toward witch burnings and crusades, such a title seems quite parochial. The best explanation I can think of is for reasons of typical media sensationalism, which is not unexpected though still a bit disappointing.

  12. Post school self directed learning and life experience is where I developed most of my critical thinking skills.

  13. I've never discussed FEMA camps. Unless you can provide proof that I did, you're the nutcase running around Youtube spouting nonsense.
    This account is my own under my own name. Why is it lying pieces of shit like you, who go under fake Youtube handles, go around Youtube accusing everyone and their cousin Bob of being a sock puppet.
    I suspect you're the puppet, just like those astro-nots on strings in the Apollo videos.

  14. hahaha

    And that's coming from a conspiracy theorist "researcher" that believes the moon landing was faked and that a secret NWO intends to place us all in FEMA camps.


    PS who's sock are you again ?

  15. You're the last person anyone should take advice from with regards to critical thinking. Did you even watch the video? Did you hear what was said about choosing to not make waves and going along to get along. That's what you do, scumbag.

  16. My opinion of Americans (from experience) is that they are smart, but not considerate of factors. I had a American room mate while I was in LA (all the way from Ireland) and I said "I'm not used to the heat here" and he said "It's not that hot!"… I was taken a back by the fact I had to explain that compared to Ireland, it was, at which point he slowly realized that fact. I found it odd he could only comprehend what he was used to, and didn't realize that not everywhere is like where he was.

  17. umm this doesnt surprise me Iam sure the number is much higher, but I bet the folks on this vid dont consider themselves part of that 30 to 40 percent oh no.

  18. It's very reflective music comparing today to the past. The writing skills of today's music across all genres is childish in comparison to music 12 years ago and prior. And more stupid laws are being created in result to dummies not having the skill to think. After the 90s, and after No Child Left Behind, education has been dumbing down every student there after. Kids are coming out of school with a limited vocabulary & are alarmingly more mentally incompetent than adults in their mid 30s on up.

  19. Are people really surprised about this study!? College students are known for being fucking stupid, why is this all the sudden a big deal.

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