32 thoughts on “The Dark(er) Side of Media: Crash Course Media Literacy #10”

  1. Damn, less than 100k views on this jewel?? Wonder if the algorithms learned not to recommend this eye-opening course.

  2. This aged really well with the made up russia-trump scandal that distracted public opinion for 3 years away from the rest of Trumps frauds and scam presidency

  3. How about the fact that mainstream media has been overwhelmingly biased in favor of liberalism since the 1960s?

  4. Yeah sadly the ones typically doing the coordinated campaigns to support wars are eager corporate media outlets on both right and left. No need for government involvement at all.

  5. As you have described it, there is zero difference between advertisement and propaganda. As far as I'm concerned, that's true.

  6. "Always double check the veracity of the information we see."

    About time someone in the media talks about it.

  7. While I agree with the sentiment, it is a little amusing when I've seen videos from this channel where the narrator has a blatant socio-political bias inserted into his commentary.

  8. For anyone who cares to wake up and be red pilled, watch the documentary: Manufacturing Consent. Or better yet, read the book

  9. I would like to say this Crash Course series should be recommended and perhaps even required viewing in schools. Adults could benefit from it too. Is it perfect? No. Should you apply the same standard to it that it encourages you to apply to media in general? Yup. But Jay Smooth gives you some great tools to work with in these videos!

  10. You know in some counties you can't even conjure a flame atronach on Sundays? The religious laws in this country… Sheesh.

  11. Even comic books were propaganda in the 1940's, Captain America, Wonder Woman, and like a dozen other heroes in star-spangled leotards whose stories never made it out of their decade.

  12. What is the difference between campaigns and truthful propaganda? They seem like just different ways to say the same thing. Both intend to persuade, both intend to change or manipulate behavior. It seems to me, that the difference is whether the campaign or propaganda fits with your world view. To some people it is advertising, to others it is propaganda.

  13. America media is run the by the Jews along with many other things. Pushing this war in the Middle East well also lying about 9/11. Muslims didn’t do 9/11. Look at how much we like doing Israel’s dirty work,don’t they control the banks?? The media is massively full of propaganda.

  14. Man, you guys don't even talk about the Propaganda that the Hillary Clinton campaign produced on Facebook and reddit using Correct The Record. YOU GUYS ARE PRODUCING DISINFORMATION AND PROPAGANDA! For people talking about media literacy, you are illiterate af.

    Because if you only say Russia participated in these actions, and ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton did the same thing with more money towards Bernie Sanders supporters, you are giving people a false sense of understanding. Nor do you talk about the Telecommunications act of 1996! This has been an absolute joke of a series.

  15. Great video! I feel like I've learned so much. I'll definitely be following this series. Also, your voice is really to listen to. 🙂

  16. Read everything! BUT read everything with a grain of salt. Always ask, is there more to the story? Propaganda can exist everywhere and it is usually the #1 culprit in advancing genocide. Enemies are created by propaganda. Unfortunately, propaganda has now gone global with campaigns being coordinated from many different countries. If someone says horrible things about someone else, possibly because they have bought into propaganda campaigns, be the person that stands against him or her.

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