you can see it every day my channel get delete now take a look as you can see these characters right here that's all you get attached to the product they never miss nothing all that you see first yes make us off too hard devil controls shit 100% 100 elusive as a front if you want to take it if not you can leave it as how it is the truth is the truth you keep the devil I will take out my child I don't know shit oh shit has arrested each others I'll give it to your hard plain and the truth is not sweet okay now we go break him down as you can see tell you the big apple right there or the logo basically comment from the biblical days of the Garden of Eden okay that's what they use in their basically mocking God that's just what it is 100% as you can see this team job right here doing the Illuminati pyramid with the hands right there to show you we work involved we with no one thought about these people out here and I've no soul they're basically devil worshipers on the masses the worship the devil of riches and fame painting this guy right here it was a young team basically create garage 100% bullshit if you come you don't have no fucking kind of hello Reese was to create a computer in your garage okay of that make computer those are government shit all those chips and all of those type of thing they use in there okay that she'll have to come from government no doubt about about it 100% it's like finding the right column little lot of money okay you're not gonna find it first Apple Computer life here you see the price original price four seven seven seven that's seven seven and then now this is sold six six six six point six six okay wake your ass off it's all fuckin devil work and bring in front of the masses and like I said you could know about numerology that 777 is the same 14:17 666 that this is the last island Steve job right here in so called at all and dying after you right here 100% that's not the same person it's all fake gonna give the masses like falling people that know that we're dumb down down about time change now people wake up TMZ wake us on anything you get one TMZ 100% fake you can take it to the bank bag back on a car yeah yeah what's good everybody yeah take a while for people get in my day yeah I told you every time I start early nobody get notification which is all weird but we go still get in you know people gotta catch up because you know what I mean yeah what's good everybody yeah FTE I'll see you yeah what's good what's good k-j gone in the house nanny I'll see your Trina why they do it Britney yeah pfb yeah yeah yeah we on yeah Williams see you Londo yeah yeah mm-hmm yeah DJ I'll see you in there yeah four sofas all James in the house whatare dual Jason yeah Xavier what's good yeah yeah well people coming in slow yeah we go away a little bit before we get in yeah silver I see you what's good yeah well they're gonna be some kind of drop off because now this opera here will basically give you buffing but didn't even give out no notification which is weird hmm yeah Tim well see you in there mm-hmm yeah gateway what happened yeah we own yeah only Brad what's good what's good honey blonde yeah we are part of B mm-hmm for sokka's oh yeah yeah we wait not everybody to get in you know I mean some slow shit goin on boy a little bit jammed up yeah Mary yeah I saw you're not fake channel I was surprised because I was doing a video in here you was right here when I do the video and show that same pig in the glasses yeah you will right here India that's why I don't understand why y'all don't see the show and when I'm doing it I'm doing this show and he's like nobody pay attention to the show that's a damn joke yeah sure I see you in here mirror when I talk about more than once yeah you was here when I did that that that break down and show you the channel you was here when I was talking about that sir sink and I did talk about the channel also you know I talked about it two times and he was also here a highlight you right here in the life and this and all of a sudden I see you on that channel making comment the fake channel same one a feature I hear and show the people well yeah what's good John yeah Natalia yeah I see you yeah man it's a weird yeah tomorrow for sure for sure Jose in the building mmm-hmm earth yeah I'll see you what's happening yeah yeah Duran what's happening maybe on yeah well YouTube censorship you I see you all mean what's good yeah but y'all gotta keep young you know mean brain are working on this YouTube shit because you know the people on did that shit take down my channel and they'll have a channel waiting with the same name so you know when I see people fall for that shit man that shit fucked up cuz I've been trying so hard to show the people how to find me and it's like weird you know like nobody pay attention man that's the type of shit that made me want to stop doing video you know what I mean like people don't pay attention or you get the truth in a you don't pay attention to shit when I say you have to check my channel if you go up top look how much people have that under them be the truth you want to tell me all and people just norine tell all of them look go up to the top see where I got channel you press on channel that's all my channel right there sitting there hold it hell you can find a mag all the hell would you hand upon another person channel with a Content and if you I don't get it mean it's weird you know some people around here for a minute and then did I don't get it me yeah yeah what's good Edgar yeah yeah that's crazy man people that stick around and they don't want the act like they don't see nothing they don't know this shit being showing the people or the fine me and like nobody get it man only a few people is like okay is only a few wait people on the whole channel just a few that's that's hard to believe man I know it is hard to find a way people but you telling me that more than 3/4 of the people on my channel actually still asleep I don't know man yeah and easy he was good my friend what they do yeah y'all gotta stay Walkman you know I mean what's good Ronde I see you with blue yeah yeah yeah man I've been trying to tell you on man yeah but the thing is mana I don't know it's to me it's like it's a lot of things you gotta go to when you're doing these type of shit as far as you know coming out doing videos and you know what I mean because like I say other people find motivation bye-bye you know charging the people you know what I mean I call us that's what I call I call that's the motivation right there now you know I don't charge money and I'm not interested in that the charge of people for this truth but at the same time you know I could be like lack of motivation as far as you know I mean keep doing this shit right here all the time but like I say you know if if people go act like they're not and what I'm saying of course I'm off to shut this shit down are you kidding me you're serious he's like shit that I say if I see one you know you you never get it I don't I don't I don't know B what's the double-oh-seven mom Jose don't feel like talking about that video that I'm doing right now that I'm working that'll be weird as fuck yeah Jay gun truth-seeker yeah yeah we on Jimbo die what's happening what's happening of course do you know what it is yeah yeah a show yeah I'm waiting on y'all to catch up no notification boy yeah we kind of unloop it early yeah yeah yeah yeah I was you know I know I already all the coast is in a different time zone so you know what it doe can't please everybody but you know what could please majority then if that's the case yeah big times them yeah yeah we are yeah yeah preciate out y'all for coming in man like I say it's a slow-moving thing today because early time I come on if I come on early nobody get notification did y'all get it yeah what's up Beverly see you in the building yeah yeah yeah yeah it's online it's a lot chili honest yeah what yeah so low yeah I'll see what's good yeah BK love Jackie bird what's happening yeah Mary Smith yeah well we got some people coming man so we go go we go getting it still but might get might get no strike where we get up off yeah be happy yeah see you lvk why yeah they might they might got this video sterasyl trying to wait out at least two regular people that are always in here yeah they don't give a notification today dolly yeah I see your little lamb yeah what yeah you know it yeah Kelly yes early what yeah so late a lot of places for sure yeah Brad I'll see you yeah yeah what'd they do that in the house Whitney yeah we go get into this coat go get on some serious subject then get into the so-called education system how did it come about peoples that basically responsible for us now if you see the thumbnail that I got on those are the people idea that you see responsible for your so-called education and if you go back and check it you go realize one thing there was all there were puppets no doubt about it and we go get into it and break it down let's see a little issue of where this come from right here you know we can do it out that satanic teaching on the masses no doubt about and I'm gonna show you people because you know a lot of people know what the education system mean but they don't really pay attention when I say no what it mean I mean nobody's purpose and it's not what they tell you basically yes is to make you you know basically find a way to live basically if you have education then you can get a good job so-called they'll lie to the masses and of course it's more attached to brainwash you understand because what you go on understand that what you learn in school never really apply to a job otherwise something basic that you know the ad put put numbers together do a little mats or nor the read and write and all that that's common but as far as what they teaching you as far as subjects and all of that it don't one never applied to the job you understand no doubt about it how we go get into it and break it down let's see where it start from bring it on the masses the word education comes from Latin ex meaning out of and ookura meaning to lead so literally to lead out of Latin Educare I had the roots it basically we go you go basica see where the English language basically break off from a lot of different languages including Latin it was around before English that's what you need to know and that's why I tell you don't ever come break no no English language around the mag because I already know it's the deception language right there to fool it on people now you gonna see the break off I know they put everything together using different languages and meanings to make up this education and if you type it in your calculator numerology calculator the education is 36 in numerology now we can show I can show you that later to bring up or we're a child literally leading them out of childhood since the main job of child rearing is education I suppose if you know well people these are all their works they show you every time you see it you can tell it had a lot to do all the biases live today of course they set the foundation basically for the devil work must go on regain it's more specific sense but thinking about this etymology helps us to understand education and its history in a number of ways because it can be said that the history of Education is the history it's your education see what they show you right there everything got something to do with the devil work title education because it's a brainwash of civilization one of the purposes of education is to perpetuate and extend a cultures values and knowledge into the future so therefore the content of education is culturally specific education reflects societal values and so we can think of education as a kind of sign of values and if you're smart you know that's a lie because a lot of people good education and still don't have a job I still can't get to that job that they match the education that they have you understand what I'm saying they're always after so-called downsize yes because of course it they're pushing everybody that yes you can get this I occasionally I enjoy but what you gotta remember everybody can work in the same field and of course none of them feel that they so-called pull up there and tell you this is the I paying job right here hey everybody can work yeah that's what you need to know they still gotta be people that sweep the streets do the dirty work clean the toilet in your public places all of that you understand everybody can be fuckin rich everybody can be proper educated and get a good job that's what you need to know and the system set up just like that to upset some leave some in the middle leave some all the way to the bottom that's all they ahsoka balancer this earth eating or directing in more ways than one and we can see similar notions in other words to do with education such as the Germanic derived word learn it comes from the proto-indo-european root lace meaning track or furrow so the underlying sense here is to gain experience by following a track closely related track the brainwashed track you understand no doubt is the word lower something that is lower and similarly the word lower you inside is cool because you got to understand a lot of states basically all of them when you look at it cut some kind of law that you're gonna face some kind of repercussion if you don't send your kids to school you understand that's part of the American law and a lot of places around the world curriculum closely related to the word course literally means a running coming from the proto-indo-european root cares meaning run so let's follow the track or course of history of Education in the Western world and see where it leads us because they don't copy the European system basically understand that so they're doing education based around the written word really begins in the Western world with ancient Greece after the introduction of the alphabet and when we're talking about Education Asian Greece and they're the one will give you this whole car I bet right there in ancient Greece due to the nature of our sources we're really talking about the city of Athens in the 5th to 4th centuries where students from citizen families could receive a basic relatively low cost see right there people this is what they show you see this thing sitting right there this is all that do it right there were monument devil statues they make all of these right here what do you think he was a devil puppet no doubt and I told you they got a long way deep deep deep down in your history if you go back with these people you found you understand they're the one who paved the fucking life that you're living right now you never look at it you understand you're never look into it where this system come from or they implemented where they did started watch this way your education was set up by the devil people educational hang them for citizenship oratory and ethics and so it's no coincidence that the birthplace of Western democracy valued civic responsibility so highly that their educational system was largely geared towards preparing young elite men for public life and taking part in the democratic process however and should be stressed that this was not state-funded education and paid for through tuition fees to private tutors so not everyone could afford it it was intended for only those who were allowed to participate in the democracy so it wasn't for everybody is just for the so-called people that rich people with the money was basically the only ones that supposed to be getting the education you understand keep listening in citizen men not slaves foreigners or women police not slave meaning not if you have a job if you're working if your families is one of those people that work those are the ones that cause slave once you have to abide by the damn satanic system that's what they call slave in real life you understand you me we are slave to the system mentally and that's what they're talking about if you're not a part of the bloodline you can't get in that's what their basic could tell you that's all they used to do it you have to be a main figure that ranks on you to sokar go to their school what's this order had funded education and it was primarily in the martial arts not academics in Athens physical education academics and arts were covered in different schools at Cannes and in Greece you have to understand most of the fucking law that you live by is all Greek laws you understand it they wash them we rush them and bring them back to the people no doubt about as you go see them they're the one who bring you the Olympics and all of that shit from back in the day that you could see the cross they bring your most of the lifestyle that you live in right now and I'm not playing the worldwide shit better no I don't read ace from Pais meaning child since the whole point of Education was transforming young boys into men coverage and simple men yes brainwashed from early Gnostics and general physical education the key theory stays named after the key para or liar covered music and lyric poetry and the gravity stays unsurprisingly taught reading writing and arithmetic as well as literature and accompanying these young boys to school as attendant and guard was a slave known as pi to go-go's meaning yes so Wow so one slave used to lead all those kids to school and yeah so a part of history is a badge 100% I'll leading from this we get the words pedagogue and pedagogy even though a rapido but if I Wow where you get that one from Italy that slave didn't actually teach the boy he attended we also get the word encyclopedia from this child the phrase in Coolio's Paideia referred to a general education literally meaning the circle of child-rearing and from this general education idea who has eventually turned into a word for a book of general knowledge but getting back to the Greek education in it general knowledge that ring a bell you remember that general knowledge Athens after the basic course of schooling students then have the option to go on to higher education either in a practical art such as medicine or architecture or in philosophy and this is where the famous teachers such as Socrates Plato and Aristotle come in Alistair right there that's 32 a numerology this one played all right here twenty three no this one is 30 right here I got a recited but this one is 30 in the middle this one is 32 and 23 anyway you want to cut it no doubt a challenge as they each founded their own school these were really just groups of students who met in some often outdoor location to listen to the teachings of their masters Plato students happen to meet in a grove honoring the Athenian hero academies and so a school of course listen again people this is order they're put in their satanic rituals indoor so-called high end college you understand that's all they're doing some often outdoor location to listen to the teachings of their masters Plato's students happen to meet in a grove honoring the Athenian hero academics and so his school came to be known as the academia and that's where we get the word an academic from your goal name in office a tonic puppet of course that's what it is moving from Greece to Rome we can see a strong continuity in educational practices and with an emphasis on rhetoric and oratory important to Roman public life in their Republican system though physical education and music dropped out of the main curriculum and it's from this period that we get the beginnings of the notion of a liberal arts education because in Latin the barela's meant free so let's see liberalists mean free that's why they call it Statue of Liberty right there because I told you nothing free and of course freedom come off that same free that's like the dome on it liberal education was an education fit for Freeborn people not sleepy you see that they put the free right there and free bond people you'll never get it free bond people don't have nothing to do it slave that mean these people don't work for a living you understand they don't work for a living the family not gonna work their bloodline not gonna work these are main figures right here that have something to do with your life right now of course they never forget them you better wake your ass up the people that work in for a living enough to adapt to this satanic system those are the ones they call slaves and it's the same fucking shit so in practice it was much more available to the higher classes and of course is still a classist institution today but we often pretend it isn't with the better schools in the richer neighbourhoods and university tuition fees restricting higher education to those who can afford to pay for it and different types of universities open to people with more money and this is a notion that's what every single people in this world can afford the iron education what would happen people what would I happen I told you the worst setup by design you understand everything happened for a reason they set it all up you'll get it they can't have all iron people with education you understand they can't the world will never run right to them you better wake up expressed in the word school itself which comes from Greek scholar meaning letter he wasn't that school itself was literally that to be able to go to school one had to have the leisure time away from working alleged class as it were the Romans had a similar notion in their word for school Buddhist a word which could also mean play game diversion the Romans had a similar notion in their word for school Buddhist a word which could also mean play game diversion and that leisure was possible in large part because both Athens and Rome were slave owning societies so the leisure to go to school in people because of course they paint to build a city of course that's all it is to keep the satanic shit going yeah with everything that they need to basically control the masses at cost that's all they do it it was no fucking slave it's just fake shit was dependent on a large and very unlettered class later on in the Middle Ages in England we find the distinction between the learn ed and the lay or lewd both lay and lewd ultimately from Latin Leykis from Greek Lagos of the people from Laos referring to the common people in the Middle Ages education was mostly to be found in the church hence the learnedly used to be founded in the church because it's tide is tied to the same fucking religion why you think they have division the so called I'd say division but they call they call it devotion they call it devotion in the morning when you go to school they basically put on that load right beer for the masses because of course it's tied to the church that take a little time and then they're basically separated for the people but it is tied together with the damn division shit that they give you with religion distinction and if you weren't educated you were lewd a word which in later times gained a distinctly pejorative sense one of the major differences between Roman and Greek education was that girls often received some education in Rome Roman education was divided into three levels the teacher of the first level was called the Lutie Magister the Jerle schoolmaster and taught the basics of reading writing and arithmetic to boys and girls from about seven to eleven years of age after that students aged 12 to 15 would be taught grammar and literature by a grammatical six then boys over sixteen could move on to the retort to learn rhetoric girls wouldn't go on to that level vote since they'd have no opportunity for public speaking many opportunity for public speaking I told you all Greek large people all Greek laws and the Romans that's what they're yours people and even if you don't see it in plain sight is still going on that's what most of those teachers would've themselves been slaves or ex-slaves so again the leisure that allowed the students time to learn the liberal arts retire okay the result of labor by slaves given this history it's not surprising that much of our educational vocabulary comes from Greek and Latin but we also get some from Germanic sources such as the word teach which comes from Old English catchin ultimately from the proto-indo-european root take which means to show and is closely related to the word token etymologically something that shows also from this root comes the word dictionary the Latin word dictionary us being coined in the 13th century by an Englishman John of Garland who taught in Paris and wanted to create a resource to help his students learn Latin vocabulary yes it's easier that that's how it comes you better wake us up of course these people give you these words they have to give you a meaning for it and of course the English language need a dictionary more than any other language because they have one word that they say and they spirit for different ways they got for different meaning me the same word that's all they do with people in any case this shows something about how teaching often works the teacher shows the students for the students of course this can mean a lot of work and that's etymologically appropriate because student comes from latinus to dare a meaning to be eager take pains strive after thus employing great effort and is ultimately from a proto-indo-european root stew meaning to hit appropriate perhaps how often ancient teachers beat their students and if they didn't apply themselves a lot of countries beat the kids to learn and that's why I always tell you people if you only know what they teach you in that box you don't know shit they force you to learn and like you see right here from patient days they used to have to whoop the kids if you don't pay attention you got it got to learn by any means even if they have to whoop your ass you think this was for your good no they beat you so you get it for your own good I don't think so they don't force people to learn shit because it's for their own good you understand the programming must go on it's a brainwash that's what you need to be there studies also from Latin studio with adequate eagerness of course teachers shouldn't only be thought of as strict task masters they also care for their students and as the word tutor implies coming from Latin to Airy meaning to protect the educational sense of the word was a much later to know nothing to do it protect that's two different word Karen what that means two different things you understand amid pupil another word for student is the diminutive form of Papa's boy and Papa girl in Latin there's a flavor of small cuteness in this root which also gives us puppy and puppet and Latin papilla could also be used to mean dog from which believe it or not we get people in the sense of you know this is bullshit just saw the one eye symbol right yeah listen to this I'll see if it makes sense and puppet latin pillow could also be used to mean doll from which believe it or not we get pupil in the sense of the dark aperture in the eye because if you look in someone's eye you can sometimes see a little doll like version of yourself reflected in latin the mean were for student wasn't escape ulis from which we get disciple as in the students and followers of Jesus this word couple people Wow mmm-hmm watch this way all of them that this round thing around ahead they'll never tell you what it means what is signified overall the disciples of the Sun way over the head the rest of the people don't followers of Jesus this word comes from the Latin Diskerud meaning to learn ultimately from the proto-indo-european root deck meaning to take or accept and interestingly this root also leads to the Latin word dock herring meaning to teach which gives English the word dr. a highest class of teacher I suppose so you get the doctor from that and it's because what if the eyes teacher get out of here the highest class of teacher I suppose so now that we've got the students and the teacher we've got the whole classroom ready but where does the word class come from well it's etymologically an interesting one coming from Latin classes which originally referred to the Roman people under arms in other words the army or fleet the underlying sense is a call to arms as the word comes from a proto-indo-european root meaning to shout the word eventually broadened in sense to refer to classes or groups of people and then groups of anything in English it came to refer to a group of students around 1600 but we also have the older sense of the word in such expressions as social class it also came to refer specifically to the highest class of something hence classical as in classical music supposedly the highest genre of music originally used to distinguish the music of Mozart and his contemporaries from the later music of the Romantic period and later still to make a distinction between the older music and the music of the 20th century and beyond in literary circles we similarly refer to classic literature implying it's better than all this modern stuff but this also points us towards the importance of the classical world that is classical Greece and Rome to our story of Education I told you the Asian Greece ancient Rome that's what they use in on the masses for education you understand they still teaching that teaching still in there I did in the so called education is a brainwashing culture was be discovered right there people wow I told you man DaVinci so-called right there in plain sight they put this right here doing the cross sign and they tell you is one of the best painting ever by the disso called the Vinci character that they give the masses in a sausage it was referred to as classical implying that it was better than the medieval period that had followed and when it was all readapted and copied we refer to that period in the 18th century as neoclassical and so that's what we refer to as a classical education now and education in the culture of the classical world not necessarily in education like students received in ancient times though it was something of a return to the Greek model downplaying all the theological education of the medieval world so the education of the early modern period involves classical languages Latin people why you think that give you a library it's a part of the brainwash no doubt about it books on these things that here what they're right and they basically give you fire education it's all brainwash you see the diamonds on it and everything what I'm telling you this right here is brainwash for the mass is in plain sight now like we don't already know what the fucking education system setup off we can get deeper in it before 1900 most children learned at home and out in the real world in 1837 the state of Massachusetts form the first state board of it Massachusetts and if you're noir these people this have a lot to do with a lot of shit that's implement and the mass is this massive choice if you understand it's 33 numerology you see all along this word is it still 33 Wow can you believe that shit I'll call it education with Horace Mann as a secretary man leave you see this one right here iris man Wow I told you I satanic puppet they put on to bring you the brainwash or not I told you wow this one name is coded also the iris is two three and three two you understand no doubt about it and the man is 15 in any one of the numerology calculator you wanna check for toggery fucking charity and it's the same numbers no doubt about everyone was entitled to the same content in education returning from a research trip to Germany in 1848 man lobbied heavily to have the Prussian model adopted he quickly set about establishing a statewide system of common schools staffed by professionally trained teachers his ideas quickly gained immense yes professionally trained teachers no I got a fucking question right there who teach the teachers they just come up with this system and there's just some teach some teacher or your fuck your teacher who is who is teaching the teachers what to tell the people the brainwash people I told you it comes down in script for the dumb masses of course handed down to these fucking people give it to the teachers this is your course this is what you gotta teach the kids for the damn brainwash and by 1852 Massachusetts passed a compulsory attendance law man also believes the school could become a great equalizer and Jesus passed a compulsory attendance law massachusett is a one who start attendance law right the era started you see it and then they implemented all the way in from for man also believed the school could become a great equalizer and values such as obedience to Authority promptness and attendance and organizing time according to bell ringing can you see it this is important right here people pay attention it's important because I'll tell you this school system get you all ready for the devil program and you understand keep it or be in line you know what they say obey of course this is a part of it right here once they go Your Honor this system right here you have to ask the teacher to go P yes can i excuse me to go to the bathroom you have to tell them you have to sit in there until every ring that bell so call for you to go home for you to get a break of course that teacher to be in a prison system already right here of course Liza and values such as obedience to Authority promptness and attendance and organizing time according to bell ringing would help students prepare for future employment yes or no time because I told you that's one of the reason why man make time people never get it you could never make this satanic earth without time you have to have it you need people to promptly come to work on time you need them to go to school on time you need every fucking thing to run by time in this satanic earth that's why they created God got nothing to do with it Industrial Age the whole purpose of it is to create a docile factory military workforce factory like military workforce all of them in plan right here they show you but that's how they get you all ready for this satanic earth oh you should live in it that's why when you see when you wake up in the morning if you wake up early enough where they call Russia where you see everybody rushing in the same fucking direction wait till 5:00 and after you see everybody rushing back to the same direction they came from that's all it is you show you this cool get you're ready for that same fucking program and you better wake your asshole you gotta be in order just like ants and bees that's all there for them the masses the whole purpose is to subordinate children and get them in that mindset of being subordinated so they grow up to be subordinated adults the reason why they give you a break lunch and yes time to go that's all they're doing people get you ready for the work type of life that's the only reason why they do it it's a programming for the mind a brainwash to get you ready for the satanic earth that you're gonna be in and support in the fascination so in every public library once it's all in the United States and every college library you will find a collection of essays you'll notice there you go the post of these devil puppets yes this is a statue of a devil puppet that have something to do with this library right here the programming those are the people wouldn't honor fashion philosopher Johann Victor Victor said we have you already people all of these people that you hear them talk about all of them involving the Satanic work right here on to set up a system of universal for school in which we destroy the imagination bells ordered license constant testing ranking that they destroy the imagination from early and I told you everything you see them do people is to program in one way that they want to one way they never stop till they get to like that and if you're half track of course their car you're crazy if you don't go the route that they take you understand that's just always these people why you think they give you this so-called education right here yes so you can follow the fucking right road that they call it the road they call the right road we just to work honestly work and support your so-called family and try to get the American Dream of what they call it but at the same time it's a satanic courteous important that's what you'll never get people Wow Universal for school in which we destroy the imagination bells ordered lessons constant testing rankings the entire system is designed to regiment a large group of people and to get them all to do the exact same thing to get them to do the exact same thing basically programming for the youth right here and then all the way in adulthood when they get to work is the same thing people that program in the people or they want them you'll get it by 1934 states have compulsory schooling laws you know 34 states I already have it school in LA okay that mean if you're don't send your kids to school yes they're showing up on your hit me with a charge and I tell you if you go any other route as far as all to make money in this satanic earth because I tell you you need to work for it and then they call you a slave but if you go any other way to get it what they call you a fuckin crook and I've a jail cell for you you get it that's all it is you can never go off the base where they lined up for you they give you a road to walk on and if you come off and say no I can cover you and get some money right here now that's a violation so that it's prison time that's a court system you're starting right there you're starting up be for them and you're going to jail because you make money some other way that they say no you have to follow the road with this education system because if you don't put in you're not taking out nothing and you can put in and end up with nothing also after nation's children attended one-room schools and by 1918 every state requires students to complete Elementary School the reality yes complete elementary school because that's early they need to get the brain early while it's ads are being up everything like exponent yes they want children to take their place in society be cogs and keep this system going system going that's by design people all the way to school to take your place mm-hmm they want children to take their place in society be cogs and keep this system going so you're going to school to take your place while going to school to take your place yes in society you see that of course never miss this right mm-hmm and now we come to the great man himself a man history records is being instrumental in the creation of America's public education system the Auris man all right they're people and I told you Satanic puppet they implement right there on the people to give you that brainwash and of course they're successful that's why it's not in what dummy on this earth why you think people first there you go to school you don't see the bollard sitting there programming thought man Horace Mann was an American educator who served as a member of the US House of Representatives in part of the American Congress for self politician oh no Horace Mann was the key reformer of the education system at the time in 1837 he became the head of the newly created Board of Education in Massachusetts where he began the work that would offend him place again Matthews tools if that's where the whole thing begin with this education brainwash by the masses they earned him the title as the father of American public education after reading through the educational models of different countries man finally hears about a particularly successful style that had been developed and pressure which is now modern-day Germany the Prussian system had shown to be such a success for the government's purposes that accompanied by a few other educators Horseman triada educated these are the bone the skullenbones characters right there these are the one who represent the skullenbones on one side the own life's journey investigates a secret society upon the return to idea you see that right there the Apollo and I'll tell you people look in the face of it is fucking scary it's not no fucking Lady Liberty understand it's the devil itself standing right near halt in the touch with the sunray on the head they've all been heavily to have a Prussian model adopted interested Prussia had also been drawing in the northern half a continent around this time a Canadian Superintendent of Schools he Burton Ryerson traveled to Prussia in search of a new model of education his journeys also included visiting Horace Mann in Massachusetts to further examine the system who had eventually adopt George Brown the editor of Toronto's Globe newspaper was even quoted saying that Ryerson had successfully imported Prussian education into Ontario during the next 30 years or so a whole line of American dignitaries came to Germany turned degrees interesting Lee enough those who earn degrees in Germany came back to the United States staff all the major universities universities and don't worry about it they just tell you idea if you have any brain is Freemasonry control and all of them all the major ones that's where they record Freemasonry just remember all of them Fred shit lead up to be Freemasonry the United States staff all the major universities by 1900 all the PhDs in the United States more training Brett I am okay you see that right there you know what this is right here what is this why you're looking at that's the freemason logo the fucking equal to odd out of chaos eagle right they're all in the same cross right there all in the one the magic one right there and also I have the fucking crown on to your sleep okay dumb on as the first second all the PhDs in the United State while keep Wow people this way yeah open your eyes you better wake us up like I don't tell you secret society right here put the whole thing together to brainwash the masses and they have the fucking nerve to show you the logo your major increase interesting ly enough those who earn degrees in Germany came back to the United States staff all the major universities one nineteen hundred all the PhDs in the United States were trained in Prussia as the first secretary of the State Board of Education Horace Mann promoted his new concept that the state is the father of children he stressed that it was the restate is the father of children Wow they of all people are told you that got your kids they're the one who fathered of your children your two own children that you have yes they're the father they you with that word because they tell you if you should give them vaccine or not should you send them to school or not their control of all things of course they're the fuckin father and not the possibility of the state to ensure the education was provided for the child mm-hmm a very noble idea that the state is the father of children he stressed that it was the responsibility of the state to ensure that education was provided for the child have to make sure that the education is provided to the child not food now not food not nothing else education you can fucking die for hunger what you have to get this brainwash in that's what we are about right you see it on that Wow very noble idea of course but what exactly did you mean by that and how did you define education mm-hmm it seems like a very broad subject it is a very broad subject education encompasses all of human history and all the knowledge we have gathered during that time not to mention perhaps most importantly the education is all in knowledge they get up there teaching you the teacher it each other gather them to message their so-called word everything that they pass to then they give it to the so called teacher so they can teach you because that's what you need to carry on in life what a dumb shit we see being strong over our lifetime my personal level get out of here what we learned on a personal level I don't give a fuck about what you learn let me learn what the fuck wrong with these people man that's brainwash like a wheeze human beings learn over our lifetime on a personal level course bands 10th annual report in 1846 led to the first state law that made it mandatory for children to go to school here that of course they're gonna come up with it people cut that's all they'd do it just like or they tell you the same thing with the vaccine they tell you that you have to have it as you can send your kids to school because the people that already got vaccine gonna beef cannot be contaminated by you well it was during that year that he supported the governor of Massachusetts and adopting the Prussian model of Education for the entire state how do you do that the governor of the time and whatever it as it turns out was the very first to receive a PhD from can you guess where that's right pressure mm-hmm from then on it spread very quickly okay that's right 1836 936 that's all that do it people all corded ya better see Russia from then on it spread very quickly just after ever it's called the Prussian model in stay in Massachusetts you know if their logo forever installed the Prussian model in state of Massachusetts the governor of New York set up the very same method in 12 New York schools Horseman's sister Elizabeth people of well you know but we here we go with a big old man this is US history the Peabody foundation saw to it that right after the Civil War the Prussian system that was then being taught in the northern states was integrated into the conquered south by 1900 most of the compulsory schooling laws that implemented the new system have been passed from then on every American child grew up under the Prussian system hear that and make sure they tell you all this cool is now there they place them there no people gotta fold it up you understand so now they're gonna charge if your kids don't go to school it's a fine and there you go that's it right there people if they've already folded pyramid yes got the cross right there on this whole card baller at all it right there in the past yes the bollard of course that's what it is and I told you the magic one because they're working the brain on the masses all the other week so what exactly was the Prussian education system that everyone thought was so amazing and just had to be adopted throughout the free world to give you this new world in the background in 18th century the Kingdom of Prussia which is now modern-day Germany was among the first countries of the world from Toulouse free and compulsory education after the Prussians were defeated by Napoleon in 1806 it was decided that the reason why the battle was lost was that the Prussian soldiers were thinking for themselves in the battlefield instead of following orders to make sure that this couldn't happen again a new eight-year system of schooling was created this new system provided not only the skills needed for the early industrialized world such as reading writing and arithmetic yes so eight years more what you gotta understand people yeah you don't need eight years to read and write you understand but it's a great they got you by great you see you notice they have you in grade one first grade or whatever they call it second grade third grade all the way up because their grade you they feed you by the amount of time the amount of time you dare your brain go you understand the more your brain grow they move it to a higher grade so they could brainwash you with that greater brainwash you understand that's why they do it in great people it takes and levels to brainwash the masses they can just force everything on you it needs brainwash they gotta do it in levels and great but also strict education that taught duty disciplines with respect for authority and ability for work for authority person elite children destined for higher offices went on to attend private schools while the rest of the population had no access to the secondary education they were destined for the work class because you see there was destined for the working class and I told you already everybody can be iron workers in this world everybody can be a banker doctor everybody can be that you understand so he said it's a rigged system setup so he could run just like I tell you some doing a little bit of job right here in the high and then you have a little bit more doing right there in the middle and then you have the low class which almost everybody act that's what you need to know only a few at the top right there you understand in the so-called job world you understand no matter what education you have through this new system the Prussian Corps tried to create social obedience in the citizens through indoctrination every individual had to become convinced at the core of their being that the king was just his decisions were always right in the need for obedience of paramount to the king mm-hmm in truth the entire purpose of the system was to instill loyalty to the crown and to train young men for the military and bureaucracy to do this it was necessary to squeeze out all independent thinking from the masses mm-hmm squeeze out all independent thinking of course because you gots to be programmed by some ways or another the after program influencing this new system from the beginning was prescient philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fitch combining John Locke's view that the children are a blank slate and Rousseau's ideas on how to write on that slate pressure established an educational system that was considered scientific in nature an important part of the Prussian system was that it defined for the child what was to be learned obviously thought about and how long to think about it in order to have an efficient policymaking class and a subclass beneath it it was believed that one had to remove the power of most people to make sense out of the available information in other words critical thinking had to be done away with critical thinking gotta be done away with so you understand it's not from is not just now they're out casting people with critical thinking that don't think like the system you understand that's why you see they're do that to the damn bear most people sense out of the available information in other words critical thinking had to be done away with now if you're wondering why the average person doesn't know that the North American education system is based directly on the Prussian model it might just be because its original purpose was not designed for the good of the individual but for the good of the government the philosophy of Johann Fitch directly influenced the creation of the Prussian model of schooling as he is quoted saying the schools must fashion the person and fashion him in such a way that he simply cannot will otherwise than what you wish them to will with quotes like these you can see why his involvement is not well known they never hide it that's what you need to know they never hide it their basic could tell you in plain sight why they here I know they're working for education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils were schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of our lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as the schoolmasters more dependent under government on this system that's all dead bill we pushed when this technique has been perfected every government that has been in charge of Education for more than one generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen in 1807 into Berlin occupied by Napoleon Johann Finch gave a series of famous addresses to the German nation Fitch spoke of the superiority of German people above all others the continent pyramid on the shirt they're no different all of them is about this a tiny stages was a catalyst for the Prussian education system and German nationalism in other earlier works he calls Jews a state within a state people that's all they do it right there and of course Russia use the same fucking logo right there for their seal all the other week that's how they do it people they never miss that's good into this one challenge CBS reports where America stands despite decades of reform attempts and billions of dollars of investment the American education system badly needs improvement it's not where it needs to be there's too many places that aren't doing know now when you go nationwide the numbers don't get much better mm-hmm yeah you're courting numbers don't get much better yes they go you're caught recording right here the USA spends the second most amount of money among developed countries in the world so it's not that we're not spending enough money but our result is that we ranked 23rd in 15 year old achievement would you get it sucks now there's a long list of countries that are above us in education you know you can look at Australia Belgium Hong Kong Switzerland check yes but what do you think they're talking about when they said a more advanced in education their people is more program to this system that's what you need to know why you're mention Hong Kong of course I already show you and tell you about the uncle are no easy it is to implement shit that's why most of the times you see they do it in Hong Kong first then they bring it to America you understand that's all they do it it's easier to brainwash those people that's why they so-called more educated you understand they're more work when you say walk more like sheeps that's what I wanna know I thought from the beginning that's cold let's do it mm-hmm 1620 the Puritans or Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock where they established the Plymouth Colony this eventually spread into the thirteen colonies along the east coast in 1635 the first grammar Latin School was established in Boston set up as an educational institution for the higher class so boys could be prepared to take leadership positions in church and state in 1636 Harvard College was established as the first higher education institution in America it was also within Massachusetts where the most widely spread textbook the New England primer was printed the rules for women in society mainly consisted of maintaining the home life education was not considered a necessity woman wasn't supposed to get education there was more like to maintain an okay person who could read taught their children early colonial education in America consisted of the ideas found in John Locke's book some thoughts concerning education which dictated how young boys should be seen as gentlemen and also how to think rationally other influential thinkers in the beginning of the 1700s such as Benjamin Franklin also shaped the early tinkerer influential tinkerer know is that's not what the name is you call him he's our puppet they push him on the masses and of course once they push him are you of course you gonna be down with him that's all they're do it people the same thing they do today if there were your lower jay-z they're pushing on you that's all they're doing sources of Education Benjamin Franklin began the English Academy which was later known as the University of Pennsylvania in the early 1700s additionally he posited ideas from the European enlightenment that challenged the religious teachings of the day by including science and secularization that's science because they have to put this science in there the science is a big part of the brainwash for the masses once you believe in science they tell you every fucking thing is to science and you about it even the shape of the earth dome on with the beginning of the Revolutionary War the colonists began to secede from the British Empire events such as the Boston Tea Party and Boston Massacre manifested into the fight for independence Mexico just like they give you the Boston bombing in modern times they are fake shit on the masses shortly after writing and adopting the Declaration of Independence in 1776 Thomas Jefferson went on to propose a two-track education system for the laboring and the learning laboring and and learning okay in the early 1780s Noah Webster wrote a grammatical institute of the English language which had a spelling grammar and reader volume the spelling book has never been out of print you know what his name Noah mm-hmm yes in 1837 concerning public schools Horace Mann became regarded as an important pioneer in raising money and creating better training for teachers see you raise money and create a better teaching better better pay and everything better environment for the teachers you believe that of course it's fake shit and I told you they can put on any one of these character they want on the masses to implement the devil work of course somebody gotta be the front of it always and I told you these are brainwash the education system not because they say you can get a job when you're so-called educated that don't mean it's true you understand that's what it is it's a brainwashed a God for you that's getting the chat a little bit before we keep going yeah what did I do everybody yeah oh come on I see you yeah what did I do Jenny be what's good yeah yeah John : I see what's good yeah truth all day yeah what's good Anthony yeah yeah may feel in the bill yeah yeah Mandy yeah see your mark T nine hours where they do lucky one Monica mm-hmm yeah life I see Flaco yeah yeah when I do what I do kissy baby Freddy what's happened what's happened Taylor I see you in the building black scorpion yeah yeah I miss you this yeah yeah yeah Terra I'll see you Sandra in the house yeah yeah yeah I'm always right yeah miss nature see you in here mm-hmm yeah what they do treat I see you in here what's good what's good yeah yeah young Yoda really in the house what's good yeah Robert yeah definite I'll see you what I do Kim fall yay appreciate all y'all for coming to my kid I see us appear yeah never and we all right why we have JA monk here always yeah miss Blue ICU yeah Jesus Coakley in the building yeah what'd they do Erica yeah yeah come here back on YouTube censorship right right what'd I do David see you in the building mmm yeah what'd I do question yeah we are for sofa Souls yeah yeah pfb um again balance yeah yeah yeah Elliot what's happening mm-hmm okay okay yeah what they do Macy yeah yeah hey another day man when I was talking about those those website and those chair I didn't even know Macy was the one who created man I thought that that sodomite sir was the one who messing around talking about kicking people after by many but yeah I was just mad man and I tell the people you know not to support the family I already know man yeah it's still the same thing you know what I mean still the same family you know what I mean whether you call it family or you wanna call the band family that's what it is but yeah Macy put in another work man and I appreciate all she do you know what I mean she put up all them website and all that just to spread the word still you know what I mean and I know she genuine with it yeah so I didn't mean to throw salt on that the amazing I know I know much work you put into all that but yes all the people man once it one one say you know you cool with them you know what I mean it's all good well yeah I know I just don't like when people getting into it you know what I mean yeah down to earth I see you yeah yeah so y'all could just you know hang out the same way but once y'all good it's all right you know I mean yeah no I know Jenny B they got ya man I already know when I think I just don't like to remember how many videos I got on there and some videos that you know I mean I'm like damn that's messed up yeah what's good June see you in 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what's good what's good yeah yeah for sure sure all day yeah for sure for sure that's what she here for she you know I know a lot of people tell me that that's why I got respect for Mexican you know I mean that's putting in a lot of work and helping out the people at the same time yeah you ain't gonna find people that dedicated to the truth like that all the time yeah take it there I'll see you yeah yeah of course of course every KY for sure for sure yeah Nina and you know biology I see you in here you top up you 911 video that I have up you know I already I'll be having 911 video though I got one without didn't alive if you if you oh yeah yeah it's on the truth on the run we did one live still but I'm a repost I'm a reposted video itself still you know then a ders don't like that video up okay you know what I mean I touch on some shit that they never ever tink off but I didn't know that was gonna piss them off still but I don't really care yeah mosey Mike yeah he's like it's like they do videos and I do videos and they mad about what I say in my videos you know like why did you say that why are you worried about my work be you feel I'm saying yeah I don't break down shit that they never even think about saying in that video so then another day they gonna hate and those are the same people got that shit taking down man yeah it was it was also on the truth on the run and it took it down for no reason sitting there just sitting there you ain't getting too much attention on nothing he just there our son they decide to take it down I think that we strictly comment first and then they got it yeah yeah what I do what I do truth search engine what's happening with it yeah yeah I see you love truth in the house yeah we on what's good what's good yeah for sure for sure yeah but I always love people that doing the work man you know what I mean that shows that the work shows that they're doing it you know shout out the truth search engine also yeah a lot of people that put in work you have to see them you know what I mean spreading the truth yeah yeah of course yeah respect Tina yeah see yeah of course Edgar in the house yeah yeah for sure for sure yeah yeah already you already know Coco moco what respect yeah yeah yeah yeah Taylor shellfish or already already already yeah yeah yeah may feel yeah I'll see you what's good yeah yeah for sure yeah known known as slim talk what's good what I do black nigga cold nah did I tell you today well yeah well they it is what it is though hey hey hey hey Russian fixes one of them fuckers that hate the man you kidding me search engine yeah Russian fixes an agent why you think he ate the man you don't do no video since the since back in the day is he come back and chewing up the Mac are you kidding me yeah he gets no love on here yeah he gets the boot you know what I mean you know we don't trust nobody that follow the Russian pigs so that's a 10 line right there search engine be careful yeah we definitely yeah that motherfucker don't put eat on the truth trying to fight down the Mac yeah and I'm talking about with passion yeah yes snake you already know Russian pigs is a fake I mean yeah he gets no love because like I say a shawarma spec and he wiggled his way out of it you know what I mean like a bad kid that you put in place you know world himself out of it and then you know what I mean get loose so I gotta take the respect back and you know once I got the respect back yes I'm gonna hit him over the head with a bat yeah and then I'll suddenly you see you know videos on my channel you know I don't have no love for that Russian pigs yeah a can like knows no hate him and I hate a rat you know I hate you and it's still moving like a rat or a snake waiting for you to turn you back yeah you want to take credit for the diamond video I did the video about the diamond that said I might never know nothing about what diamond is until the Mac come out you understand once I said it don't made at a diamond all my goodness you have a fucking heart attack yeah you can bet they have to call nine-one-one to revive his ass after you see that video and then he goes say oh I was the one who talking about the diamond brother would like what that got to do a fucking dome dude did he ever say it out him out that they don't made at a diamond no you have no balls just a sodomite yeah and the slip balls yeah that's what you got so we all respect non-russian pigs over here yeah you know I mean you just lose a little stripe you know I mean loser Lou a little rank and when you mentioned his name and say yeah you get some strike dig off of you you don't know I mean that's all it is yeah you know I mean yeah you like you get lower mm-hmm so I see you can came to us that motherfucker like like I be seeing a lot of people on my channel and I don't know them it's not people that I see is not people that are recognized they be just leaving links oh this zackham Berg or whatever they call that other fucker that on the plane around oh yeah good would be good with with numbers or whatever or go see this dude somebody said oh man you're the best all you get they gotta find that comment to put that dude like go find the rockin Bergen or wherever his name is because yeah he do good work now you never fucking go on that fucker channel an advertiser max oh fuck you get off my channel yeah why you why are you doing commercial on his channel if he'd that good yeah if he good enough you will get his fucking recognition without you put that shit on my channel you understand I never seen one of y'all dummies I don't even know that person never seen it before what you tagged another people video on my channel I got tagged in his channel right here on my channel time to go check it out I go under I never seen you endorse my channel no yeah so some people are coming here to endorse other sodomize channel like yeah this is I don't care about them fuckers you think mag watch them you got a world of hurt coming you think I'll watch them satellites now then people don't work my time yeah you think he know shit fucking agent yeah what was it the bird name we motherfucker song like hamburger in his name who is it yeah don't put no link on my channel for that side I'm right yeah gematria or my ass yeah you know too too much numbers ain't too good man you just have to know enough you know what I mean yeah if you know too much push it over the board with that garbage Borja Macchio course is trash she talking you know no shit fuck you thinking no following the damn knows everything you know say take it and run yeah I could I swear one time that fucker cover my channel and I'm about 60-something Tao sixty seven thousand subscribers tell me oh man well you know be good if you learn some numbers you be good if you get your fucking ass off my channel yeah that would be good that we even better yeah I don't wanna know shit from you yeah you know you tell your truth you don't see me coming over the Atty old man you need to pick up on this drag do need to wake us up on this transgender gender yummy you know see me coming over you – it talking about gematria eating nothing that that that's knowledge I don't think so let's go bad yeah I know fucking faker when I see it I don't need none gematria to prove it that is fucking fake yeah you can show numbers out to match your the show of shit fake yeah I could show you the numbers in it why don't use in giamatti oh you know what I mean are you going that way showing you that you go in too deep yeah you don't even have to go that deep I could break something down show you that it's faker you say oh man you know you miss that of course I miss it can't see every damn thing I just take out the ones that gonna prove to you that it's fake and if you see something else a that's more to my point kudos to you much respect you when I'm saying can you see something that I don't see are you that's a confirmation that it is fucking fake like I don't say this is know what I mean it's not how much it's fake the whole thing is fake if I tell you it's fake you just fake we don't need too much numbers to prove that is fake I could show you number coding that that will represent fake we and that's it don't have to go into our geometry oh yeah the sheet the sheet that we got got four numbers and it got four letters in it so I come up to this or he comes now that's bullshit you have to wake up on that people that's not that don't make no difference between the truth I keep telling the truth and you need our like numbers to pull that it is true no you need to pull that it is fucking fake you understand that's all you need to do it poof that is not shit in place that they say supposed to media while there you was in this person if it's real and this person sound like you wasn't on the scene reading off a script yeah that's more important than them to match your whatever you're talking about yeah so don't bring that shit to my channel I'm doing pretty good without that shit you understand I don't need to implement no new tricks yeah go to them people that looking for money on you when doing other shit and need new new skills you know what I mean yeah cuz I see not those channels be dried up yeah they got a whole bunch of people on nobody watching the channel yeah the mag channel is not gonna dry it up like that alright I don't do no video yeah that's just what it is if you know one a video I won't do more the fuck am i doing it for that's why I told you those people are real agents at doing these videos nobody watching they're nobody paying attention but yeah keep putting them out keep putting them out yeah because it's YouTube debauch they want them out there we have polluted place with trash yeah so I don't need no more me and I'm fine I know what it is I'm talking about and that's it yeah you want me to go talk about some shit that I don't know about I don't think so yeah that you do that and everybody can do the same thing you know like I say it's not a career you understand don't need no more education for the career you know say yeah well that's all it is man I so I feel yeah it's just watch okay this is what it is and we don't believe that it is Daisy oh yeah Bennet you can move on but hey this is what it is yeah I don't sugarcoat nothing I don't use a script yeah and I don't give a fuck begin with yeah that's what it is tell it like it is and I don't care man you understand the people that I talk about I don't give a fuck if they're mad so why give a fuck if some stranger don't know no shit come and be mad no that's cool you can be mad as you it's your opportunity to be mad at the magnets go ahead and take it yeah but I respect everybody that come out or respect everybody that's doing that thing you know just leave me out of it you know what I mean yeah you can put up your channel doing all this shit but leave me out of it you know what I mean yeah and that's how I know those people that running the fake channel is not real you know either is YouTube put them on YouTube doing you understand they know what they're gonna do they're gonna take down the channel so they post of one that they made you know what I mean today about distracting you from the truth so I don't believe that it's just a random person and you can strike that motherfucker on it won't go away yeah you can strike it all day won't go nowhere yeah so that's all you know you're showing my videos even the one that I got knocked down they strike me down for it but you can keep it yeah and then you'll be mocking me or pig in a fucking lipstick on and the glasses yeah of course is mockery yeah Jenny for Lenny I see you yeah and it's funny because what would the last time I did the video it wasn't even a hundred subscribers now it's tweet 300 and more going towards 400 people people going on that shit man I guess I'm not that pissed off like I used to be because I upset that it's all dummies you know you know you go you're gonna end up on there because you know you're not paying attention yeah okay you never see me first of all the original people I already know I would never use that for up at all never use that for my channel like I will never use that for my channel most sometimes they use my habit I'm surprised they didn't do that yeah but I guess you know that's the farce they wanna go but that's some cold-blooded shit yeah well can't stop it though okay you two won't and other people say Mac why don't you report yeah I report some of them channels before the ones that have my avatar and also my name of course I reported meeting there did shit they were still up there I think they still up there right now so I don't waste my time be I don't waste my precious time doing that I just leave it alone man yeah I could show you as my people a year ago this is what they're doing right here but there's nothing else I can really do I'm not gonna chase by these people the funny thing is they put my video up stealing your name they're not only stealing name so you can tell well they could steal a name and do their own thing now they steal the name and they also put my video there so when you come yeah you gonna be if you don't have if you don't have no idea or the mag work you're just gonna fall for it it's just that simple that's why over 300 people fall for it because you you feel what I'm saying is it's these people that know really you know 2,400 2,500 subscribers yet 25,000 subscriber they go be you know they're gonna be a lot of people in need and not all the way you know down for say all the way with it but they do sound a channel you know to when they see something that they're interested in then they go get it but it's not you know what I mean it's not that interesting to them so later on when they find out the channel is missing they were just trying to find a channel you know putting mag bitter truth and that's a wrong thing so this is a trick and I don't remember which one of my subscribers write it in the comment but that that would that was a good idea to put in the mag true mag be the true life once you put the live on it you will see my channel's comment because because all these channels that I got left right now I'll make them for lives so all of them got be live on it you understand I think only one don't got live on it is it truth on the run yeah so yeah so all you have to do is basically you know we don't want we don't want to bombard the people with normal Channel right now still I'm not gonna do no more challenge for now because we are right we have channels but people know that I'm not gonna use no other ever time the only time ever I use another avatar was a habit out of my own up myself yeah and then that channel I got talking down stair but people should know I don't really use those avatar no peganum shit yeah yeah my putting on this to mock them people that you know what I mean and sodomized but that's it yeah it won't be my damn rabbit our big caution house yeah yeah for sure for sure yeah plus I get em screaming so of course I'm eating them in the same spot yeah Barry Smith mm-hmm cherry in the pill and was good yeah Tara Peter and the house was good Peter yeah sure was oh yeah Wendy I see you Armstrong in the house yeah you know what we do Brandon Tara what's good what's good yeah well like I said man I already you know we so yeah Mike I'll see you in here what's good yeah yeah I see you checking in no doubt that's what it is we on yeah yeah yeah well down-to-earth yeah Kabu Kabu yeah I'll see you in here yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah of course lady lady y'all good monk was good and I'm telling you this is crazy yeah yeah yeah my love blue yeah how you say something like you got another challenge and come back in who was you before man look blue with you before you say you come back in with another Channel yeah Earp let's see if sometimes we get that buff yes what I do Felicia lady D yeah well it's buffing now well yeah what I do Bob yes it was once we use this up we go get some some some some buffing yeah David I see here but we get drop off on the other app so we always got a problem somehow time my life I see you the king of the swamp cut the ball I saw I saw yeah well appreciate all y'all gonna be back on tomorrow for sure yeah I'm not a video i'ma do for a night close it out still so look out for that in the next night next next hour so I put it up to tell about you know maybe I put it up on that disturbing truth still because I'm also working with the disturbing truth putting up video so yeah so is this under disturbing truth for sure we doing videos on because you know you go calm down to where they go fuck with that channel I can't put no video up on it right now and under the truth on the run so I'm gonna do something that I shouldn't do to the bitter truth I'm gonna let it I'm gonna let one of those strikes come on before I go undo another video on there you know what I mean yeah April what's good yeah I'm on let's try to expire one of them because I'm gonna let that strike expire just to try something new because I always said it but I never do it I always say yeah well i'ma let that channel chill because it getting a lot of hit people them striking it down but then I end up still putting videos on it because people beyond they're like man where you at I don't know that I'm doing video somewhere else and then you know it's weird man that people don't pay attention but what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave the the truth on the run alone I'm not putting no videos on it at least that let it strike expiring that shit is a nice three months and they take so many videos out that channel I'm surprised you still up so I don't really want to get today that's almost 500 videos on that channel also get that knocked up and a this is it that's another thing again I'll tell you man that's cold-blooded it is cold-blooded man yeah but I think YouTube should should so stop that shit you know stop taking down people channel you know because that don't make no sense man you need to stop taking down the people's channel okay come on man that's why I tell you II that's that's ridiculous you decide that you wanted to stay down on the people channel with all the work they put on there you decide you wanna pull it down I don't I don't think that's what that should be good for them to do like you know what I mean this target you want take down your work that don't make sense you know what dumb shit are you to cats and dogs singing and people playing with pigs and all this shit yeah of course that I guess yeah that's better for the brainwash of this world the world that we live in that's perfect but hey yeah that's perfect for the satanic earth to dumb down the people keep you dumb down in a box well I'm not feelin that man yeah yeah that's why I tell you you too was made for that shit exactly and then the mainstream they they shown their hands man then all of them get any hits on YouTube because what it's a mainstream we shouldn't support them we shouldn't support them when they put shit on here you know they come from the mainstream they pollute the whole YouTube with mainstream shit now we shouldn't have septic that's why sometimes I've seen people passing those videos around like where are you passing that shit around you supporting them on you to taking over YouTube come on shouldn't support that yeah let me find them go back on it damn TV cuz a lot of people running from that dumb box and trying to get some true tell you what you do wow you run down here too this mosin mighty crazy oh my goodness you crazy would it say ya monk boys are you a troublemaker man yeah what they do Jonas oh my goodness yeah I mess with that guy today man no doubt yeah yeah maybe if I find him door video on me and it's armed my leaving afternoon yeah maybe you know he waking up what I do boom 1916 yeah I woke up you can too yeah that's true I tell you what was the user mess of course yeah lucky one I'm gonna get up outta here man I'll catch up with y'all tomorrow well like I said I got a video imma finish up and then that's it for the night boy hey I'll catch up with y'all tomorrow all right I'm gone


  1. Hi MAG !πŸ’₯ BAM !

    I'm from France and I do not understand because I miss the live each time while I jump on the receipt of notification !

    "He plays cat and mouse with me"! It's a French expression.

  2. Unless the human can live as a hunter gatherer, in small groups or tribes, in a landscape stacked with animals and fish to hunt and herbs to eat…That is the only real way the human can live a natural life, not dependant on the system for its food, clothing and shelter…I now think, other than the still wild places in the world that were always wild, humans have always been born to function on reliance of a system to live…In other words, this world was built for nature and not us…We humans are an anomaly, likely created as a slave…We were born to be totally dependant, where as animals from a young age, learn to be independent…Animals are born with clothes in the form of fur and tough skin and all the tools to survive…The human is unnatural and has none of these…he was born to be a dependant slave…Because the human is dependant through and through, it is easy to control and manipulate…The physical body of man, was created as a work slave and to produce emotional energy as a food source, then carolled into the farms we call cities and towns…So..what can learning truth do to change all this here…Nothing…But learning the truth, serves the soul…The soul that lives beyond this material plane and knowing the truth at the time it passes from the body at death, gives it power from knowledge…this knowledge will set it free at physical death and it can avoid coming back here into Hell…You cant change Satans world…All you can do is to prepare your self not to come back, if reincarnation is a fact…I have complete memory, prior to birth…I was sent into this earth against my will…something powerful draws the souls to incarnate into bodies, whether they like it or not…The knowledge we gain here in this life, we take with us as a weapon, to prevent coming back…The truth/knowledge, like what MAG teaches as he lifts the veil of ignorance, is a sword our dedication to truth is gifted us for our journey beyond the Satanic lie f we are enslaved here within…This sword gleams like a light on the astral plane and you look like an impregnable warrior…We are like a prisoner doing a life sentence…the prisoner cannot change the prison but can change himself and prepare himself for eventual freedom…making sure once he is free, that he avoids ever coming back into the prison…I might be completely fckn wrong however…LOL…

  3. Great breakdown of these indoctrination camps. This system got everyone schooled and fooled. Those stupid words with four meanings, how unnecessary, who do they think we are lol.

  4. I went to school in Scotland…I personally got 6 of the leather belt across the hand on several occasions for fighting and got 3 of the belt for misbehaviour…All the teachers had a three pronged thick leather belt in their draws for punishment…

  5. MAG…Just think of all the eyes you have opened…Even opening one set of eyes is more than most of us are capable of…I been seeking the truth since 1994, when I read The Robots Rebellion by David Icke…That was the start…In that time, I have opened no eyes…Although I tried hard…You have opened thousands…

  6. Elon Musk wants to hook human BRAINS directly up to computers using chips as soon as NEXT YEAR in the hope of curing diseases πŸ˜† Brainiac

  7. Hey MAG, yes sir. College is owned and operated by the same people that run the media and Hollywood, this is a prison planet, they are all our prison guards , 24 7 trauma based mind control. these are not good people. Bravo again MAG. if you dont mind …

  8. Wow! I missed tha live! Very Good enlightenment MAG thank U 4 all your work you are truly appreciated in my world!! MAG Bamm on πŸ‘ŠπŸ’•πŸ’₯

  9. Great LIVE MAG, had to watch it now because had to work when you were live. Always following the MAG. #MAGON

  10. You think youre free!?

    Don't pay your taxes…
    Don't pay your auto registration
    Don't pay your auto insurance

    See what will happen…

    Wake yo ass up!! We are puppets in a manufactured society.

    Buy your eyephone or Android
    But your Gas
    Respect Authority.

  11. The clock is the devil's time.

    12 = 3
    3 = 3
    6 = 6
    9 = 6
    # 666

    4 quarter of 15 minutes = 1+5= 6

    Horseman is a devil beast. Wake yo ass up

  12. Since I watched this vid a few hours ago, I can't get it off my mind. I'm mad as hell! I'm confused. I'm hurt. Its just I don't know how to
    contend with this knowledge Mag. I'm sooo kinda unfocused over it. How do I illuminate others in a simple manner, w out conflict?

  13. what is life means to us?they make sure no one ask this question when finsh school,(everybody fall in the system/game they create)

  14. Way Back In The Days Children Didn't Have To Go To School, Helped Their Parents Work…. Back In The Day Children Can Go To School, Then Drop Out To Help Their Parents….. Now Days Children Must Go To School, Don't Worry About Your Parents…..
    (What's Really Going On)….. Future, Women Will Have To Go To School, When She's Pregnant….. (EdΒ·uΒ·hate) The Womb…..

  15. People that speak english curse themselves because the english language was invented by a devil occullt sciences we are speaking magic demon spells and We bring demonic energies while speaking english and we do it unknowingly 100PERCENT TRUTH!!! BAM πŸ’₯

  16. I might don’t be in your lives like dat MAG, but trust me, I’m paying attention & I’m listening to my πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«β€οΈπŸ’πŸ’‹

  17. That information about the current education system originating in Prussia was particularly interesting. Thank you Mag.


  19. MAG……I'm straight tired of these fu(Γ—!ng deceivers, dame devil worshipping bastards! I understand that TRUTH combats these people, but their worshipping their god, we need to learn about ours, and also worship……peace my brother Mag✊🏾!

  20. MAG I'm watching your Video "literally it's going on an Hour and it ONLY shows like Comments barely 25 minutes Newest when the Video been going for over an Hour!! #Techtime!

  21. MAG , don't shut this down , some people can't be woke up , others need to have this kind of stuff pounded into their heads , over and over , i know it is heartbreaking but repetition seems to be the key to waking people up , love your work MAG , keep it up . , Jason


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