hi everybody and welcome back to today doggy doing a to Talk Tuesday for us and it's pretty new blog oh yeah a but he's on on detainers cops made time to Josie yeah make sure you got that so Skyy okay yes Jersey guys today Jersey is fitting with the girl and I think it's appropriate girls for what we're going to talk about that means a post would also meet it for your age yeah it makes sense you know why cuz Jersey's like a natural model don't you think girls only link like that even natural when we say features you like Jersey nurse ready for pictures one two three G there he goes the doctors we're not in our studio there outside biasing sent you I can't see James yes we have a different location today because we have a lot going on with our house that's a whole nother thing yeah we didn't do another video about that that's I'll be going to talk about it I would like to talk about space no today tv5 all three qt5 today i wanted to talk about Rosie ready so we had to uh let Jersey go guys yes he's booking busy on his own channel playtime with Jersey he's got things to do he's too excited to do it no video yes let's focus now we can focus first of all let's talk about this cute hairstyle you girls look fancy this is a hairstyle because you look adorable it's a man I guarantee people are going to comment on how cute your hair is a blinka glovephone today I want to have a conversation about modeling I know how to smile and I knew this I knew this very well you have to do it slow will you do a pose behold the producer okay so I couldn't do this I can't do this I can't I couldn't do I can't stay for the middle and I can't do I can't even do this no no no that is not what your mama taught you and you honey – I did not – no honey no we are so cousin that we could keep junkie you could teach our Jersey or maybe you can teach other people no I can eat you uh-huh girl please don't start listen don't let mom bring out her modeling days okay I used to get it I got you know I taught you girls we will talk to the missus who taught you the Fae see me I tell them mama talk to you all that stuff like I said I think you girls have become pretty good at modeling and I think that a lot of people are actually really interested in how do you model like what what do you to model well what does this do I do yes I do you don't know what she knows how to do you know show me the face I just think I could do nothing let's see your mind is if you want to be a fierce model which is like this Wow yes hey Lexi Lexi look well you thought you had it I just want to tell you something don't don't be upset just Stuart just practice it that's all sit up oh no she didn't say those words you made up those words she said you don't you too silly to know how to do a face didn't say anything about you not being good you are pretty goofy you laughing hey oz with me I'll go I'm goofy you definitely are so Lexi can we see you hit the hit the serious pose one two three well if I don't know what face you just did ready one two three Alexei you need some practice funny child oh we don't do that though hey nobody know when you're 15 you can know how to do dishes tie your mouth and we don't do that so I don't care if you can do that we don't do that pose at all people want to see that you know how to model because you girls and the recent pictures have been snapping it yes like this mainly okay well Alexa could give you time to get it let's talk really quick how do you did you girls like you guys like Lexie okay do you girls like modeling it every day you need to remember the same modeling you get to real close guys so sometimes you get to keep those pose that is true what I don't like about it like what hairstyles goes first let's do regular smile and I'll close looking at the camera not me regular smile you can get the camera not me when you're posting Kings pole with your face your body looks like the beginning yes exactly now let me see she's smile big smile like you making yourself [Applause] how about the serious face that just Lex I gotta do it right let me see ready um any mouth closed Alexi so guys there's a little trick I taught the girls it helps them relax their mouths because sometimes when you're modeling like the girls like Lexi just did she tightened her whole mouth no not you know that that's not what it is Lexi out really relaxed could you tighten in your mouth well you are squirming looks like you know you're just smiling sit NORML Lexi let me see you do it ah good Lexi you don't like this though look part of modeling your posture doesn't look like you're graceful and tall Wow love it that was weird that was was weird definitely not a love paper Alexis and you look your chin doesn't go in right your chin is out like your look you know how Swan looks no not like that didn't you know how to swap in a song or like this Bruce wannabes neck nice and tall Lexi you look like you deaf daggers we go it is shout out Jen named Jen jeans Jane Oh slumped in and said sorry let's say that you hid your face last time while we're doing the twin talk things when we were trying to do the dance it out you hit your face with the chair it's okay and they'll clock so storm Jennings thank you and Lexi's okay guys I'm honey I hope that you can see that the girls could model I don't know what if they showed you but they're pretty good at modeling where they take it seriously okay so girls I don't know can we dance it out yeah [Applause] all right you just be happy with that yes yeah laughing you okay baby boy laughing


  1. These 2 young ladies are smashing pretty.Their level of beauty drives me crazy.Anyone else out there plz?

  2. Omg!!! Too freakin cute!!!! Absolutely Love! Love you guys!!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  3. This most beautiful video with they little brother Jersey!!!! Y'all are so cute soo keep up the good work!!!! AwesomeπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ‘

  4. Beautiful kids. Love the hairstyle ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  5. They are so beautiful and talented. I Love the way their braids look β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ. May God bless them always.


    *Correct her and move on just as you did with Eva

    I was that kid that my parents would ignore and appreciate my siblings. I never knew that was a damaging me but I sure knew it hurt me. I later grew to be rebellious and wanted to do my things without involving my family since I knew the answer anyway.

    I beg you, she might respond by a cry they you tease her and make her laugh but something is being planted in the inside that will explored one day. When I look at her I see myself back then.

    I’m 25yrs old now and at a better place.

    *This is from a point of deep love, I love your channel and I’ve subscribe to all of them and watch the ad to the end(even though they are annoying)
    * I’m a big fan of your family

    God Bless

  7. They are all natural models!!! ❀❀❀… " Michael Jackson would not be happy with that"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. I'm just smiling through out this video. What a beautiful kids. Jersey can't just stop saying cheers lol

  9. Jersey joins twin talk Tuesday… Ahh mahn he's grown so much and it's been a joy watching the kids grow so fast

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