11 thoughts on “The Critical Thinker 002: Self-Defense”

  1. Dear Kevin, I think you have just hit the nail on the head here– I realised that might be the fundamental pitfall for the Chinese education. And I would like to have your permission to translate your lectures into Chinese and put it forth to my Chinese students, who are struggling with academic writing bit time. They find it hard to argue. Thank you for sharing! Really. Kind regards, Merry

  2. Kevin, you are the first professor to completely and accurately explain what is critical thinking and why should we learn how to use it. I just got here but I think I'm going to stick around. Thank you.

  3. Thanks again gjsterp. Sexy pictures hmm. I think my religious homeschooling moms who use my tutorials to help teach their teen kids critical thinking might have something to say about that :). But I'll work on the Controversial Video idea. (The problem is that I'm not really interested in picking fights or referring flame wars, and that's always a risk …)

  4. Damn good vids.
    We need to get you more of an audience.
    Ever think of adding sexy pictures?
    Just kidding. Men would be looking at the pictures and miss the message, but sex sells.
    You Need to Make a Controversial Video, with a Controversial Title.
    Make people mad, you'll get more response.
    These vids are important.

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