The Criminal History of DaBaby

DaBaby may just be the hottest new rapper
in the game right now. DaBaby’s song “Suge”
has almost 60 million plays on YouTube and peaked at number 16 on the Billboard charts. But
DaBaby’s music isn’t the only reason why his name is all over social media, but rather
because of the insane win streak he is on right now. Like seriously, DaBaby just can’t seem to
take an L. Ever since his recent success in the hip hop industry, DaBaby has been pressed
by several clout chasers and every single time, DaBaby came out on top. But DaBaby wasn’t always winning like he
is now, especially when it comes to the legal system. Don’t believe me, well Here is an exclusive
inside look at the Criminal History of DaBaby. DaBaby’s first arrest occurred on June 15th
2013. The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
allegedly caught DaBaby in possession of a half ounce of marijuana and for carrying a
concealed weapon, which are both misdemeanours in North Carolina. DaBaby was held on a $500 bond and was released
later that day. The final outcome of the case is undocumented
but we could most likely assume he got probation since this was apparently DaBaby’s first
arrest. DaBaby’s second arrest happened on December
16th 2013. Details are once again scarce on this arrest
but online records show that DaBaby was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. That is literally all I could find. The Mecklenburg police department didn’t
even publish his bond so maybe DaBaby just got cited and never even went to jail and
just got a court date instead. The lack of records on this arrest makes me
think that it wasn’t that serious. DaBaby’s third arrest was made once again
by the Mecklenburg police department but the charges were a little bit more serious compared
to his others. DaBaby’s charge for this arrest was a felony…
a felony for possession of marijuana. Yup, a simple marijuana possession for over
a half ounce is somehow a felony in the state of north carolina. Regardless, DaBaby was taken to jail and later
released on a $5000 bond. I couldn’t find the outcome of this arrest
as well but let’s hope the charges were at least reduced down to a misdemeanor. DaBaby didn’t have any other public records
for any other arrests for a solid 4 years other than an alleged arrest in 2016 for possession
of a firearm on city property. I couldn’t even find the most basic details
for this arrest so I’m not even going to count it. I can only assume that it was either A. Fake. B. all the charges got dropped. Or C. he got the charges expunged off his
record. But that’s only an assumption. The 4 year hot streak of no legal troubles
came to a end on July 22nd, 2018 when DaBaby was arrested in Raleigh North Carolina. Sources say that DaBaby was in Raleigh to
perform for his Baby Talk 5 tour. Upon arrival, the Raleigh Police allegedly
caught DaBaby with a firearm that wasn’t registered in his name. The Raleigh police then proceeded to book
DaBaby on 1 charge of possession of a stolen firearm. No updates on the case were made public. Now this next arrest is probably the one that
DaBaby is most known for and that is the arrest that involved DaBaby, a walmart, and a gun. According to multiple reports, DaBaby, his
2 children, and his baby mama were out shopping for winter clothes in a Huntersville Walmart. While browsing the winter coats, 19 year old
Jalyn Craig and some other unidentified person, approached DaBaby. The two began to threaten DaBaby and after
a few minutes of yelling back and forth, Jalyn Craig pulled a gun out on DaBaby. DaBaby then quickly pulled his weapon of choice
out as well and shot and killed Jalyn Craig. Right in the middle of the Walmart. Police then showed up on the scene moments
later and took 4 total people into custody for questioning. After interrogating everyone, DaBaby was ultimately
the only one of the 4 to get charged. But he didn’t get charged with murder like
you may think, instead he was charged with carrying a concealed gun and nothing more. This most likely happened due to his story
lining up with the walmart security footage. Just months later, on March 28th 2019 during
the height of his career, all charges against DaBaby were dropped due to self defense. Ever since then DaBaby has stayed out of trouble
but I’m going to be honest he has had some close calls. Just a few weeks ago, DaBaby was seen on camera
observing his security brutally beating someone who couldn’t seem to take no for an answer
when asking DaBaby for a picture. TMZ reported that the beating put the victim
in a coma and his mother was worried that he wouldn’t make it. Still no charges were filed at the time of
this recording. Another wild incident occurred just a day
or two ago when a rival rapper “Cam ColdHeart” pressed DaBaby in the Louis Vuitton store. All of which was recorded on Instagram. From the video, you can see Cam ColdHeart
taunt DaBaby and after a few moments of that, DaBaby then went up to Cam and told him to
mind his own business. Cam ColdHeart didn’t seem to like this and
threw a weak little punch at DaBaby. The camera then fell down while the two are
heard fighting in the background. DaBaby then resumes documenting the situation
on his instagram moments later showing Cam Coldheart knocked out outside the Louis Vuitton
store with his pants down. This fight went viral and now has everyone
convinced that if you ever try to mess with DaBaby that you will always lose. It is impossible for DaBaby to take an L at
this point. Well there you have it. The Criminal History of DaBaby. If you enjoyed this video then make sure to
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  1. You just set that man up by saying he hasn't took an L and really pressing that he hasn't took a L yet somebody out there going to try to get him and make him take that L because you're taunting everybody out there to get on him because he hasn't had a L yet.

  2. 19 year old punk got smoked!
    Man white people have no idea about the law. It's called 3 strikes. That's why the 3rd weed charge was a felony. Fuck white privilage!

  3. This fool just really likes weed and wants to keep him and his own safe. Completely reasonable guy, he deserves to be topping the charts

  4. More people should be like this guy . This is how you handle business. Dont start shit but when it comes at you, you handle that shit like a boss💯💯💯

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  6. Every topic/video is about a blck person to make them look bad you low life racit.. What was the point of this video I swear people like you love to make a black man look bad when they are trying to do right. Ya'll try to dig and dig to fund something to make them look bad. People like you disgust me. Get a life.

  7. NC, VA, TN, KY still have draconian drug sentencing laws. Mandatory minimums like it ain't shit. Take it from a victim of this archaic, hillbilly bullshit.

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  18. Given his criminal history I think its safe to Assume the might be sometype of cooperation with Authorities. cant find the verdict to any cases. hmmm.

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