what's up everybody welcome back to another episode on keeping it real with credit my name is Ray and I'm with justo yes those were strategies once again and again today we was just talking about you know the topic on credit and maybe what videos we should do next or what topics we should touch on and based on a lot of you guys's comments we decided to do something maybe no other credit restoration company would probably do and that's uncovering the true cost of credit repair and we're gonna go over some of the costs that justo as a company incurs to justify why he charges what he charges but at the same time we will also want you know the true cost to do it the right way even if you're gonna do it on your own so nowadays you know everybody drives around and there's different costs different companies that charge differently for credit repair we've seen signs that say as low as $20 a month credit repair crazy we've seen mortgage companies that have credit restoration in their company and they charge like a one-time fee of 700 bucks yeah other companies charge months a month but we want you to get an idea as to what is the true cost of credit repair and how much your dollar is going whether you do it yourself or you hire somebody else to do it now can you do credit restoration on your own hell yeah you can anybody can just like you can do your own nails just like you can cut your own grass change your own oil and cut your own hair what we hire the professionals to do it because it just takes the guessing we're not the way we don't have time for that so with that being said we wanted to kind of uncover the steps and the cost that we can expect you to pay either for a company or not so one of the first things we want to talk about the first steps and you should take on credit repair is credit monitoring credit monitoring obtaining a copy of your credit repair what you do for free – yep you can do for free through annual credit for those who want to do it themselves but again there's something really important about monitoring your credit because you need something that's gonna help you to gauge four months a month what's going so having something put in plate something as important as a tool that's going to help you to do that it's gonna be one of the first cost alright what do we say forget about cost it's an investment yeah it's an investment so again making sure that you get a credit report that has full account numbers yeah not Credit Karma all three credit reports all three credit reports with full account numbers because you're gonna need it through the dispute process or else how the hell is anybody gonna know where you're asking for what account you're referring to right so Credit Karma does not give you that information so you need to go to a third party upgrade upgrade through credit a privacy crime private cyber and also credit check toilets just a little bit and if you haven't used it yet the free one that's given to us about the federal government is that annual credit yes right this only gives you one free credit report a year now once you get that information you need to comb through all three credit bureau accounts i'm sorry our reports and basically what you're looking for in those reports is anything that is hurting your score anything that's categorized as negative now credit reports has made it easy by identifying a section that says negative account derogatory accounts and good standing right off like that so those are where your collection accounts are gonna be your you know default but now here's the thing there's also a good standing section and accounts that are actually active that you are paying and there are reporting for whatever reason but you maybe have some late payments but you may have some late payments there's some late payments that you may have done three or four months ago so everything is green and all of a sudden there's like a little red square those that's a negative account and that should be disputed specifically that late payment so you can dispute a specific as a late payment or the whole account in general right and again as we know the FCRA say states if anything is unverifiable inaccurate or incomplete and must be removed or corrected or corrected now you also have within the FCRA that agencies or collection agencies or the credit bureaus need to respond to you and give you some type of response within 30 days from the date that your dispute yep the only way that you can validate and hold them accountable is by sending a certified mail so your dispute letters first off need to be written the right way I suggest not to get a template online because that margin people millions of people have probably used that before you and I guarantee you that these agencies are receiving billions millions of disputes on a month-to-month basis so please believe that they have a machine scanning relegating everything mandating anything making sure that something is not like generic generic or is very specific yeah here are BW s we tailor they tailor like let me tell you something what they've done they splint disputes which have a lot of companies send disputes that sounds like an attorney roadie and I'm going to tell you right now that that does not work no at all whatsoever we've sent dispute letters on notebook paper with misspellings stickers on them highlighted things you gotta get really tailored they gotta give you that I know like that's you and I'm telling you right now there's people out there that maybe don't spell right you know so they have to know that yeah agency they have to know that I'm telling you right now like you don't understand how much of an effect when you throw a little oddball there it's very strategic it's very strategic so that's for another video but again they're combing through these things so you got to be specific and creative – ASAP Pete what you're disputing and would outcome you're trying to defeat sending it by certified mail read receipt holds them accountable if they pass one day after that 30 day marked 30 business days they're in violation of this your a and here a B WS we're equipped with referring you to the right attorneys that's gonna hook you through the most bang for your book absolutely um so again just know even if you're doing it on yourself if they pass one day from responding to you then they're in violation and you can sue and obtain some money each certified mail read receipt it cost us about 395 you go to the USPS on average you know on average 395 per account so we're talking about 7 items 7 to 10 is what we see so we're talking about a couple couple dollars out there not only that if you have to go straight to the creditors that's additional that's if you have to take an additional Avenue maybe to the FTC right CFPB right we've even done one to escalate it to the state attorney general's office right which again that could get a little expensive but we do it as part of the program we do it as part of a package we do a very cost effective though right so it's basically three ninety five four dollars per account per credit bureau right yeah that you're disputing so there you go that gets it now other companies what they're gonna do is like Lexington law it's very known for this is they're a great company don't get me wrong but they don't dispute like BWS they do not dispute all three agencies all at once what they're gonna do is to keep you longer into the program because it benefits them yeah go ahead they're gonna dispute one credit bureau yeah and then go to the next credit bureau or still tack what comp like they don't do it all at once I don't want to kill my suggestion is just acts the right questions if you want them to dispute all of them they could but it's gonna be very costly it's not probably not gonna be on their website it's probably I'm gonna be that you know entice of initial payment of ninety nine dollars or 49 a month it's probably gonna be a little bit more expensive because obviously there's more information more things I have to get you know equipped with but at the end yes it can be very costly to an extent but this is what you have to do your homework have to do your research and just acts all right questions really again so yeah if you're gonna do your own do it on your own do get your research done there's a lot of free information yes you can do it on your own but just know what you're doing if not you're gonna end up taking a lot longer than necessary because you didn't know something or the other another thing we have to worry about is when you get those responses back the credit reporting agencies are gonna send you the results this item has been deleted this item has been verified now a lot of people give up when they see updated or verified what's the next time what's the next step they're gonna assume whoa that's it has been verified I have no other choice than to pay this collection agency or anything else there's an extra step that you do from there which is called the method of verification basically what you're asking for is say okay I see that you've verified it but give me the documents or they give me the documentation that proves to me how you verified it the specifics which is tying dates yeah they're companies people you spoken to its how did you get this information so there's an extra step that's you should send that between 15 days from the moment you receive your your your results absolutely I do it right away yeah basically right away right away and it has to be sent certified mail read receipt per agency per account once again so again it's like three ninety five four dollars just look at your pull a local postal agency for more information another thing to look forward to is you know over here this build work strategies is they have a team a whole process in deployment we have we have cycle and FCRA certified advisors people who are knowledgeable people who have experienced situations similar to probably like yours that we're pretty much equipped with what the next step is what the next strategy is how to maybe overcome that obstacle so we do have people that really just sit down and analyze your situation specifically and we tailor the next letter equipped with the information needed in order for us to have that success we're running out of 78% success again we're not guessing you know what we've already encountered sharing things again my personal experience is I've had a little bit over 7,000 types of cases that I've been part of and again it's you pay for the knowledge yeah you pay for what you're good for so if what you get next time you hear somebody charging you $400 one-time fee and you're an individual that has like about 10 negative items on each credit bureau you should really question that pass you know you're already knowing that it's gonna cost to send certified mail ask them the question are you saying are you sending certified mail ready receipt are you gonna give me access to a portal somewhere I could see what you're doing right can I have a copy if I need a question something of exactly what you're sending how you're sending it why is it that you're sending it are they telling you that you know credit restoration is going to be the only way you can repair your credit there's a restoring aspect but on the other end you need to do your part you know like the rebuilding part they're rebuilding part like asking for you know secured credit cards or maybe identifying who's the best person to add you as a authorized users right authorized user you know how do you identify that specific person how is that gonna help you strategically you know I think it's looking at all aspects of where really credit is credit to a formula it's a combination of things right so I'm always telling people man if you if you know some money maybe a family or friend someone that's willing to obviously help you who has a really good account maybe like a credit card that has a really good limit low balance they could put your non-throw eyes user you could take advantage of two phases right there you could take thirty five thirty percent which is based on the debt ratio and also the fifteen percent which is based on history right that helps out a tremendous amount and also knowing where to apply I come from banking I was banking more I was a business back in for Bank of America for six years people will come to me a who solicit and I got a thousand I got two thousand and the bank will still reject them right so going straight to your bank to establish in your account you have to take into consideration that if your score is really low you might not be eligible for it so you're gonna run a high risk of being decline we take all that out of the guesswork we help them to go exactly where they need to and everything is of phase and regardless and here's the thing a lot of people ask well how much does it cost for credit period nobody here can tell you that there is no one set price I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna tell you what because bws does not know how much work has to go into a particular account one account we're not gonna charge somebody the same as we do that has one negative account then somebody that has ten seven seventeen twenty thirteen egative a class and sometimes that one negative account may require a little bit more work and a little bit more specific as I would say and strategy on that particular account because maybe it's not just the whole account maybe it's just one particular thing that leads to another thing and you know again that's why the re-evaluation of your evaluation free evaluation just know that whatever it is that you're gonna pay for the credit restoration services whether you do it on your own or not just know that the monies that you're paying towards this is microscopic compared to the value so what banks are gonna offer you just because you have better credit we're talking about a person that you know went from having a four hundred credit score to a matter of maybe we've seen it like in a month two months three months six months was you know before they couldn't get approved for two hundred dollars secured loan credit and now they're getting approved for a three hundred thousand dollar loan to buy their own home and how much would it how much did it cost them everyone is contingent to different everyone's in different stages of credit right get the free evaluation if you're gonna do it on your own make sure maybe get some information prior do your research before taking that next step make sure that you know you feel good about what you're doing and if you don't then consult with someone who you think that does and in this case that's why we offer that evaluation you know right compare apples to apples always maybe Lexington law has a certain way of doing things that we don't maybe we do that they don't but at the end they're not a bad company we're not saying that right and at the end you know it's I've gone through my own Lexington long experience because I was a client of theirs you know you as well and I've done my own credit repair here so you know yeah that's that's one thing that I've noticed you know they're known don't get me wrong the one thing look in my opinion I didn't like the fact that when I would wanted to find out more information about my credit or the situation that you know there was a new paralegal answering the phone and I had to like really myself over and over what my particular situation was and what I was trying to verify here because we're kind of little bit more smaller it's home base and saying well more like a it's like a unit yeah once you're in the program yeah you say your name and they know exactly what's going on with your file you don't have to reacquaint yourself they go straight to the point yep another thing I didn't like is that dating I was under the impression of that they weren't disputing all my accounts all at once they were just focusing on Equifax one particular month and then TransUnion literally like it would have taken me a long time if I were to stay with them paying a month a month here bws when I first started here I was wondering like why don't why don't they do that like doesn't it benefit them but we're talking about people has been here one month two months and they're done and check out the testimonials check out Google reviews you know other companies like asset doesn't it benefit you to keep me in the program longer no like they're more excited about the results they can get you as soon as possible yeah and they know that you're you're just gonna recommend them at the end of the day and again look look what we're doing with our videos we're basically opening the playbook we're just showing you guys showing you guys exactly what goes on whether you go with BW s or know somewhere else it doesn't matter just it's more valuable to us that you know the information and it really sucks the bank's big corporations even the government themselves are not pushing this in schools they're not showing nobody this why is it that we we care about this now after we defaulted after our car has been repossessed after our home has been foreclosed was what I always tell people it's the credit agencies is the bureau's against us so why don't we all come together why don't we all work together and that's why we feel that we have to share this information guys it's them against us why don't we all come together and just just use that knowledge use use whatever resources necessary to be able to combat them you know it's um we have a lot of Rights that are 42 us that for some reason or another or not they're not being exercised they're not being exercised or taught to us to benefit the bigger guys so you know it is what it is I mean I don't claim to know everything you know what we always suggest to do your research don't take our word for it yep get a free evaluation compared to the next company to the next company to the next company research challenge what we're seeing on Google and hopefully with these videos they get to spark enough curiosity that's gonna make you on the other end just do your own research and maybe help yourself out the next person out there's a lot of rights and regulations that is free information out there you know other than that I'm good good luck on everything that you do again we're here to help and obviously Rey does this because he's just compassionate he's driven just to help out other people because he never wants anyone to be in that same situation where he was at a few years ago so I'm thank you so much for always tuning in um thank you good luck that's pretty much it good luck and until next time on keeping it real go Kings


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