The Components of Balanced Literacy

farm dogs help around up sheep and cattle okay let's go back and just read that one more time farm dogs help round up let's round up mean they round up sheet what does that mean mmm guided reading guided reading is reading instruction that is explicit and direct it is instruction that a teacher provides to a small group of students guided reading is a form of instruction used to assist children in learning better fluency decoding skills and comprehension skills obviously in most places in the world so I will talk about my two cats named Dexter and Charlie are we still focusing on your animals past and now good so Dexter was a calico collar fish marble and my fish were marble is Annie okay so let's stop so let's say we went to the first and we're talking about our animals and you know what because you have such a big story we could put this into smaller paragraphs guided writing the teacher works with a small group or individual students with similar writing needs and abilities to reinforce and introduce skills engage students in questioning and discussion provide practice with specific writing skills and phonemic awareness provide explicit instruction based on student needs and build independence when you think about this whole story and you think about everything that you wrote about them what are you thinking about after their very special coolant excellent lowercase R capital I is it is it izybelle so we can say its name I work and make the short big silly Rick and pink wing is a word work is an important element to balanced literacy this is an opportunity for students to practice and work with letter sounds names and patterns students learn spelling patterns by manipulating letters younger children benefit from working or manipulating letters it provides active exploration that teaches students to examine words and discover regularities patterns and conventions of English orthography needed to read and spell alright so in my story I'm talking about Sheila and her new cowboy hat and she's wearing her new cowboy hat to school hey and this is the first time she's going to school with it on alright so I'm going to start now I'm going to make sure I'm going to indent because this is a new paragraph so modeled writing the teacher introduces the students to writing text by using think aloud with the whole class to expose students to writing beyond their skill levels ok on Monday morning Sheila was gonna wear her new cowboy hat to school so how am I going to write that on Monday morning she led decided exposing students to a variety of purposes for and forms of writing and to demonstrate proficient writing as children watch you write they observed that you always start in a certain place go in certain directions and leave spaces between words in addition to these print conventions they observe that writing is talk written down courtesy of Ellington and Cunningham 2007 partner reading students read together listening to each other and following along partner reading allows students to listen and hear the printed word as partners read it also allows students to listen to fluency and decoding skills is a safe reading experience then they looked out over the mounds of dug up graves that the boys sweaty and smudged with dirt read Aloud's teacher read aloud has been shown to be one of the major motivators for childrens desire to read often when students are asked why they are reading particular books they will comment that their teacher read it to the class reading aloud to children is a simple research proven way to motivate children of all ages to become readers reading aloud is important modeling for struggling readers demonstrating and modeling the reading simple books motivate struggling readers and reinforces that it doesn't matter how hard or simple a book is reading is important reading aloud to students is more common in primary grades than upper grades even though it might be even more important for teachers of older children to read aloud reading aloud to older students provides the motivation for them to read at the critical point when they have the literacy skills to take advantage of that motivation intermediate teachers need to make a special effort to read books from all different sections of the bookstore but not now they parted arranging to meet again early the next morning penguin I know a bird that cannot fly Halen is its name shared reading shared reading is a process whereby the teacher and the children read together usually the book or poem is read repeatedly several times shared reading of books such as predictable books or poems allows children to move successfully into the acquisition of literacy to develop some reading and prints concepts to learn some words to develop fluency and most importantly to develop confidence in their ability to learn to read as handsome as good job give yourselves around you you

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  1. The basic components of balanced literacy are consistent from PK-12. The workshop model increases engagement. @drkendrastrange

  2. hi I am interested in using this video in an online course I'm developing for teachers. Do you know who the original creator of this video is so I can seek proper permission?

  3. I really enjoyed this video. You kept it simple and your video served as a learning tool for me when I was researching balanced literacy.

  4. This method of teaching addresses all components of a reading and language program. Really great. We need to throw out those expensive canned programs and teach this way.

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