The City of UR | Miracles of Quran

you know people used to worship the Sun people used to worship the moon people usually used to worship that stars I’ll tell you something so cool it’s totally not related to this lecture it’s a complete tangent but I have to tell you because it’s that cool in about about five years ago they did an excavation of the city of old you are the city is spelled you are ancient Babylonia some parts of a doc outskirts of Iraq near Turkey somewhere and they found a city buried about 50 feet under the ground an ancient city and their Bible scholars actually now agree Jewish study scholars agree that was the village of Abraham Babylonia and they found in that village thousands of idols thousand small big action figure size you know regular size two-liter bottle size and then like you know mega size and then you have the super mega size etc all sides of idols every household different idols the Bible says they worshiped many idols the Bible says what they worshiped many idols the Bible never says he saw the Sun he saw the moon he saw the star he doesn’t he doesn’t the bible doesn’t say that by the way pelvic up phenomena coke oven coke oven arabic is actually Jupiter so the Quran mentions that the Ibrahim alayhi Salam pointed to the Sun he pointed to the moon and he pointed to Jupiter okay now when they dug these idols how many idols did they find what did I say thousands thousands but they only found three idols that were bigger than everybody else there were three guys three giant men idols one guy his head was shaped like Starbucks like the Sun one guy his head was a crescent moon and one guy was a planet with rings around it which is what Jupiter so they now think that the three main gods of that society were the Sun God and the moon God and Jew the Bible never said anything about this what did Quran did the quran ibraheem alehissalaam instead of attacking all the idols when he demonstrated the Sun the moon and the Jupiter he went after the biggest ones subhanAllah anyway that was the cool thing I wanted to share with you on the side you

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  2. This is Where Ibrahim AS was Born i learned this back when i was in 3rd or 4th grade, It was a book for children telling stories of the Prophets ( Peace Be Upon Them)

  3. This amazing this shows when it comes to subject of Archeology The Quran is way head and is a miracle of the miracle. SUBHANALLAH AND JAZAKALLAH KHAIRAN FOR SHARING THIS, IF Iraq does ever get stable and peace in future hopefully one day we'll all go there and visit these ruins and reflect.

  4. He's not even kidding about the three idols! Have a good look and read here:

  5. masha Allah l love Muslim my is zourkakalleini but l don't know meaning of my name please can you people help me

  6. BUT
    The Quran said فلمَّ افلَ "when they set" that mean they were actual sun, moon and star not those idols as idols can't set

  7. The purpose of the story was not Ibrahīm’s personal search for God, but rather his way of arguing with his people and showing them the futility of their worship of celestial objects.

     In other words, Prophet Ibrahīm alaihissaalam was not actually ascribing divinity to these celestial objects, but rather merely showing this people the error of their ways; this entire story is a debate tactic against his people.

    Prophet Ibrahim was showing his people the foolishness of worshiping created objects that disappear and be covered, instead of worshipping Allah alone, who is Ever-Present.

  8. You saw the moon crescent and the star ? The star is nimrud and the moon is his mother/wife. and the muslim world from today is using the star and cresent as islamic symbol. This why the prophet said Dont use symbols. Dont . these symbols have a pagan origin. Inshallah the ummah will stop using this symbol.

  9. السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ
    But I really dnt understand what was the moral of this video, i understood that there was a city buried down there, then the idols, but wht is the moral?

  10. It's really an informative video. The explanation amazes me and increase my imaan as well alhamdulillah.

    But I have a question, is there any explanation on why ustadh nouman said that kawkab means jupiter? Because I read an article on , the writer said that the translation of kawkab generally means something that shines on the sky, it can be stars or planets.

    But if we check the ayaat, prophet Ibrahim said that he didn't like something that dissapears as his god, as a reference to Venus (morning/evening star) instead of Jupiter. On that site, the writer also explained that there was a statue of venus goddess found in ur city.
    It kinda confuses me, but it still amazing wether it is venus or jupiter.
    Barakallah, jazakumullah khair

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