The Check In: Betsy DeVos’ Rollback of Civil Rights

It is important to note that while the media focuses on
Trump’s daily tweets and scandals,
outbursts and distractions, the government he installed is
hard at work making policy that affects our lives. And one of those installations, Secretary of Education
Betsy DeVos, has been quietly overseeing
a massive rollback of civil rights regulations
in her department. For more,
this is “The Check In.” [ Cheers and applause ] So, within
the Department of Education, there is an important office called
the Office for Civil Rights. Now, for people
who can’t afford a lawyer, appealing to this office is
often the only way they can seek justice if they feel a civil rights
violation has occurred. The problem is,
it doesn’t seem like Betsy DeVos knows much about it,
at least based on this exchange. -The Office for Civil Rights
is committed to protecting the civil rights as determined
under the law of this land. -That’s not
the mission statement. Do you know what it is? -Perhaps you can share that.
-That’s — That’s okay. -I have not memorized
the mission statement. -No, that’s okay. Please explain for me
what you would believe to be vigorous enforcement
of civil rights in the context of schools today? -It would be following the law
and enforcing the law as stated. -Okay. [ Laughter ] -She just fully gave up. [ Laughter ] That’s how I sound when I’m stuck on the phone with
Time Warner. “I want an operator.
No, operator! Okay.” [ Laughter ] FiOS it is. So, DeVos claims to respect
the mission statement, but the reality is, she’s been
dismantling and defunding the civil rights office. In fact,
shortly after that exchange, three civil rights
organizations, including the NAACP,
which, incidentally, is how Betsy DeVos
spells knee cap… [ Laughter ] …sued the
Department of Education over new procedures that allow
its Office for Civil Rights to dismiss complaints that it
determines to be burdensome. Before DeVos,
the office was obligated to review any complaint in which
a civil rights violation may have occurred. But now, DeVos is using
the Office for Civil Rights to investigate complaints
like whether programs supporting women
at Yale University and the University of Southern
California violate federal law by discriminating against men. That’s right, the civil rights
office is taking up the cause of white guys
trying to get into Yale. [ Laughter ] Because I believe it was
Martin Luther King who said, “I have a dream
that my bro, Chad, could be accepted to Yale
with a 2.6 GPA and a letter from his dad
and not — not be tossed aside into Dartmouth or,
God forbid, Cornell. [ Laughter ] Making matters even worse,
the Trump administration recently announced
they’ll be reversing yet another Obama-era policy
meant to protect minority students
and promote diversity. -The push to promote diversity
in college admissions is being rescinded. -Critics say the reversal is
a politically motivated attack on affirmative action. -The Trump administration
discouraging the use of race to achieve diversity
in college admissions. -So, you don’t want to use race
to achieve diversity. What you are going to use? The different spellings of
Caitlyn? [ Laughter and applause ] Now, DeVos has also been
propping up and promoting voucher schools. You could think of voucher
schools like a gift certificate for parents who,
instead of sending their kids to a public school,
can use taxpayer money to send their kids
to a private school. It doesn’t sound so bad
on the surface. I mean, after all, Betsy DeVos
went to a private school and she turned out. [ Laughter ] The problem is,
according to reports, many of these schools
are run by Christian churches and have been known to
discriminate against LGBTQ students. Some lawmakers were alarmed at
these reports and tried to get DeVos
to go on record to say that federal aid
would not go to any school that doesn’t comply with our national
anti-discriminating laws. And it was a painful process to
get her to finally admit that. -Will you guarantee
as Secretary of Education that that money is included with
nondiscrimination policies for those private schools? -As I said, federal dollars —
-Is that a yes or no? -Federal dollars going to pro–
any program requires federal — -So what is your interpretation
of federal law? -I think I’ve —
I think I’ve made this clear. -Then just say yes or no. -Federal dollars
going anywhere for education, federal laws are adhered to. -So — So you would not be able
to send federal dollars to a private school that did not
adhere to the full panoply of civil rights laws
in this country? -Federal law must be — -Is that a yes or no?
Just say yes or no. Yes or no? -Federal law must be followed
when federal money is involved. -Is there some problem? Yes or no?
Will you guarantee — -I think I’ve been clear. -Then be — Say yes or no. -Yes.
-Okay. Great. Thank you.
Whew. Wow. Took a year. -Yeah. And a year — a year
is a very long time. Eighth grade took Betsy DeVos
two years. [ Laughter ] Fortunately, it’s taken DeVos
even less time to systematically dismantle
civil rights protections, and this administration
is telling us that she is the most qualified
person to lead that agency. And I — all I can say
to that is… -Okay. [ Laughter ] -This has been “The Check In.”

100 thoughts on “The Check In: Betsy DeVos’ Rollback of Civil Rights”

  1. It's interesting watching Betty's shitty plastic facade cracking under the relentless pressure of someone who won't take bullshit for an answer.

  2. I think racists, fascists, marxists like Seth Meyers should start their own country if they are so pissed with the rest of us. I really don't want to be with people like him anyway.

  3. DEVOS…….is seriously seriously….seriously….possessed by DEMONIC evil……and she is….intent… being a psychotic nut job to………MUELLER NEEDS TO ARREST HER TO….AND LEGALLY EXECUTE HER(FOR ALL FORMS OF TREASON).

  4. Gotta love how she tried to pull a Kellyann Conway with her evasive non-answers and the congresswomen were NOT HAVING IT.
    "I haven't memorized…"
    Congresswoman's face: "Are you kidding me, right now?"

  5. This awful AWFUL woman…her and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, using their money like a weapon and then hide behind their religion- it's disgusting…Betsy being doubly devious, using this ditsy blonde persona whilst socially engineering a new caste system right under our noses- she gives the best argument for "eat the rich" since David Cameron fucked a pig

  6. DeVos— another one of trumps best of the best lmfao but she is so damaging just for her fucking yachts

  7. It looks like what you have in America is a clown called Trump put up to draw the fire and outrage by being an obvious idiot sexist racist, while behind him the real people get on with dismantling all the advances in your country of the last 100 years.

  8. Out of everyone in trump admin i think devos is the only one who actually makes me mad every time i see her

  9. betsy devos a empty body without a soul.She talks but says nothing .She moves but goes nowhere.She smiles but its an automatic reaction to sound and lights.When no one is looking or talking or pointing a mic and camera in her direction she goes to a corner and dissapears until its time once more to steal oxygen from childrens lungs

  10. does saying the word yes hurt besty devos.Does it damage her physically .She seemed to wince when she finally managed to say yes.Or is it being clear and honest thats the problem?Do factually true statements leave welts on her body?Do facts fry her brain?

  11. I'd guess she was a robot, but she's too dumb. Why does this DeVos "woman" smile like an imbecile? Because she is an imbecile.

  12. DeVos is so disgusting, it is laughable. Betsy knows what her agenda is. As a disruptor, she's pleased that she has succeeded in frustrating the Congress. What an extremist who has no prior association with public schools, and has never been a teacher in a classroom. She acknowledged not knowing the Dept. Of Education mission statement bc she didn't memorize it! Instead DeVos memorized "The Federal law…" phrase to chant whenever she wanted to seemingly provoke or enrage and resist committing to a yes or no answer. Total failure on the job. 😰 Ya gotta go. Good bye!

  13. Civil Rights was to ensure minority students, not a bunch of white guys who discriminated against minorities are protected. This is the symptom white nationalism. The villian is not the victim. DeVos has been doing things to destroy Civil Rights. Supporting private schools who discriminate with our money is wrong. It will take decades to clean up her mess, not to mention the rest of the administration.

  14. 3:00 we now know that the entire Republican party is racist and not just Trump.

    Sorry America, but can you tell me how a country as democratic and progressive as yours can allow a party from the middle ages to run your country.

    If I didn't know any better, I would say ISIS has infiltrated America and is currently running your country, that's the only other group where these out dated, discriminative ideas exist.

  15. Very few private or Christian schools in the 60s. They opened up to resegregate after desegregation. These Christian schools are doing for our population Wahabi schools Have done for islamic nations.

  16. When most of your family fortune comes from creating scAmway, your morality bar isn't set that high to begin with. Betsy was absolutely perfect for this administration: unqualified, unjust, unbelievable.

  17. How can this fake. Plastic, ignorant woman allow herself to speak in any public forum? Does she realize what a disgrace she is? I would be mortified to be such a laughing stock!! Her answers to ALL questions are totally absurd!!
    She is the NUMBER ONE LOSER in tRump's losing cabinet!!

  18. Makes fun of white guy named Chad for wanting to go to college with his friends – yet supports affirmative action.

    You can get into college solely based on the fact you're black….but white? No that's racism.

  19. Whenever Betsey is interviewed it takes forever to get an answer out of her, and it always seems as if she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about. And what I consider worse is that no matter how sad and inhumane the circumstances, no matter that everyone knows she is either completely unaware of the facts or she is lying, she continues to smile. I keep hoping that one day she’ll lose it and start screaming at her questioners, throw the microphone, and storm out, because that would, I believe, show exactly who she really is.

  20. FANTASTIC!!!
    A politician actually recorded on video giving a yes or no question a single word, yes or no, answer.
    Admittedly, that politician was asked the question several times and ordered to give a yes or no answer, which it seemed impossible for her to do, but I'm putting that down to political training on how to give a reply to a question without giving an answer.

  21. She should have had to have passed the Civil Rights Test that all of us teachers had to pass to become teachers. It’s only right. It’s outrageous.

  22. DeVos is another STUPID Donnie appointee who doesn't know the FUCKING job she is in. She just wants to destroy, and in the process of destroying, all of the progress that women and minorities have made over the DECADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The is just EVIL and should be held accountable for her crimes just like the rest of them.

  23. Devil Devos and her satanic brother Eric Prince are American mobster oligarchs and should both be in prison.

  24. It is BEYOND CLEAR – that betsy devos was hired to destroy your public school system – and that is exactly what she is doing! As if your education system isn't deplorable now – she has made it her mission (with trump & gop backing) to further lower your educational standards around the world! Within a year – although I think MUCH sooner – those "sh thole" countries idiot trump yapped about – will have FAR SURPASSED any kind of education that your kids will be taught in school. NOT because of teachers – but with lack of funding, civil rights, etc. etc. – and IF you are not white – your situation will be even worse! Currently – you live in a failed, racist, third-world republic – even US citizens DO NOT live in any form of democracy – the world watches as you imitate the failed country that was once powerful Rome. God help your children. God help you all.

  25. The education secretary seems to have no idea about her job, the laws and or the implementation of them. That should be really embarrassing but for some strange reason not know anything about your job seems to be a plus lately?

  26. Do we have to wait for a bloody revolution, or can we just retroactively abort religious/republican monsters? Every time DeVos smiles uncomfortably should be a capital crime.

  27. This is not the first time I've seen DeVos make such blunders. She is incompetent at an astonishing level.

  28. Betsy DeVos obviously didn't become secretary for competence, but because of being one of Trump's wealthy friends.

  29. Betsy DeVos hasn't got any education that would qualify her for her job. Obviously she also hasn't done her homework after she started her job, like learning what her department actually does.

  30. Betsy DeVos is simply an incompetent billionaire who knew Trump.
    It is a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich.

  31. How come DeVos, or anyone else who does that during a federal inquiry, cant be held in contempt and locked up when they are choosing to not direct answer the question dorectly?

  32. 1. Surely civil rights are for everybody, regardless of what the colour of your skin is. 2. Why as an LGBTIQA+ Would you Want to go to a Christian school? Their god's teaching are discriminating against their sexualality.

  33. Whoops i promised to make private schools lgbt friendly, maybe i should have been paying attention to what my base was screaming

  34. this woman should sell 8 of her 9 yachts give it to the Public school system for rural & innercity school improvements. Really, she has no business in this position. The Parents of school-aged children should sue the crap out of these con artists. You cannot buy your way into ivy league schools As they have proven with Aunt Becky, this C word paid for this job she is highly unqualified for. I would if I had the means issue a class action lawsuit against this woman & the Department of Education. we decided over 100 years ago to make America Great we had to Feed, House, Educate & provide healthcare for our Children. This woman benefitted from that policy. yet, she turns around & denied the same for all of your children. If I had a child in school for the last two & a half years. I would be so far passed pissed off. Why aren't you folks?

  35. Betsy DeVos is an extremely bad advert for sending your child to a private school. This woman is as dumb as you can get. She is clearly DeVosed from any brain cell.

  36. you have 10 yachts, why not donate 9 to the education fund, but the witch said, no i have to keep my skin fresh my doctor is waiting, god i hope that he can fix my face this time.

  37. and if you dont know , California has much more charter schools than any other state in the nation. And Cory Booker went to DeVos' foundation and thanked her for giving a "choice" , how you called choice ? yes , right , corruption. Democrats in bed with DeVos.

  38. Fuuuuuuhhhh. This was super frustrating. Can’t stand people like her. Yes or no, spit it out!!!!

  39. She paid VP Pence big $$$$$ to get this "position" to clear the way for white supremacist to stomp on all of us who aren't the 1% .

  40. A professional lesson can be taught here. When you bullshit people for a living, just smile. It works for the Joker !!

  41. Mission
    The U.S. Department of Education's official department mission statement is as follows:

    “ ED's mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access.
    Congress established the U.S. Department of Education (ED) on May 4, 1980, in the Department of Education Organization Act (Public Law 96-88 of October 1979). Under this law, ED's mission is to:

    Strengthen the Federal commitment to assuring access to equal educational opportunity for every individual;
    Supplement and complement the efforts of states, the local school systems and other instrumentalities of the states, the private sector, public and private nonprofit educational research institutions, community-based organizations, parents, and students to improve the quality of education;
    Encourage the increased involvement of the public, parents, and students in Federal education programs;
    Promote improvements in the quality and usefulness of education through Federally supported research, evaluation, and sharing of information;
    Improve the coordination of Federal education programs;
    Improve the management of Federal education activities; and
    Increase the accountability of Federal education programs to the President, the Congress, and the public.[13]

    —Department of Education[14]

  42. De Vos is put in place to Privatize $$$ education. De Vos is a private corporation competing for a slice of Education money. Her brother founder of "Black water" a private military outfit got contracts in Iraq and could do things real US sanctioned military Soldiers can't do. Against civil rights of of Iraqis. Basically a legal soldier of fortune private contractor. He has also been hired for an oversight job in the Trump admin.

  43. Is this seriously what late night comedy has become – sardonic opinions about politics??

    Yes, I know that there's always been political jokes on late night comedy but hosts like Carson & Leno & Letterman weren't so obviously bias & no one political party was safe from ribbing. It was done in a manner where you couldn't tell what side of the political aisle the host was personally leaning towards – the way it should be!

    But now EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. it's the same joke over & over & over&over&over, again, "ORANGE MAN BAD!".

    Gets old after awhile & tedious.

    “Why do they think since you have a ‘Tonight Show,’ you will deal with serious issues? That’s a danger. That’s a real danger. Once you start that, you start to get that self important feeling, that what you say has great import. And you know, strangely enough, you could use that show as a forum, you could sway people. And I don’t think you should as an entertainer.”
    – Johnny Carson

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