The Boondocks’ Reboot Gets 2-Season Order By HBO Max

so it looks like we’re getting some more exciting news and who would have known that the boondocks would have been coming back it was a minute I would have been it has been a while since we’ve had or seen any new boondocks content so this is pretty awesome news so this is all so thanks to Warner Media so thank you very much thank you thank you so HBO max has given a two season 24 episode order to put back the anime series The Boondocks from creator Aaron McGruder and Sony Pictures animation so the new boondocks will launch fall 2020 with a 15 minutes special and all previous episodes of a total of 55 episodes of the original will be available on loan or media direct-to-consumer platform at launch so they’re gonna give us the original so if you haven’t seen their original this is now your chance if you want to get the new HBO max if you want to or I think it’s also available on Netflix you can double check with me I may be wrong but I do remember seeing boondocks on Netflix a couple of months ago so you keep death yes number two number three you could get it on blue DVD the collection is for a season one and two are on DVD and I got those for long time ago so they should be crazy cheap right now so those are your ways to do it right so here’s the interesting question here how is this going to compete with the other streaming services because you have prime we have enough folks we got Hulu we have HBO the other HBO we have Disney Plus coming out this year so we have a lot of options which is great for us right the more options the better but pricing how is this gonna compete with those other services you and sling TVs becoming a competition so it’s definite going to be interesting when this comes out so it says the new boondocks follows the adventures of self-proclaimed silver rights legend Robert granddad Freeman and his two grandsons who II and Riley the family has moved to a community in Maryland only to see it taken over by the crazy uncle ruckus and it’s bizarre regime life under Rutgers turns out to be a everyday struggle to survive so this is great I’m glad that the original characters are coming back to this new continuation of the boondocks and I’m pretty sure as we do know how sequels usually work we will see new characters and new voice acting in this series I’m guaranteed are gonna do that because you’re not gonna just you know it’s a new show it’s basically a new show you gotta have new new material so that’s gonna be awesome and remember did boondocks is more of a it’s got comedy but it’s also a satire so you shouldn’t take it too seriously but there are some very dark subjects so I’m pretty sure for people eighteen and older this is you’re gonna love it don’t take it too seriously it is funny there’s there’s action there’s comedy it’s a classic I mean I just think boondocks is a classic show and it’s gonna be really refreshing to have it back so miss Gruder or Magruder sorry returns si showing a Runner and will serve as a executive producer along with Norm a gene for mainstay entertainment as well as swollen Kim and Megan Collins Robertson Sony Pictures animation will produce the series in a partnership with Sony Pictures Television so like I said we got to thank Sony for this and Sony did good with the spider-verse which was pretty successful as well which if you haven’t seen that go ahead and check it out on HBO Mac’s original programming slate The Boondocks joins another upcoming series with gremlins the circus of maguey and a prequel to the gremlin movies Sony TV has been very active mining is library for revivals and reboots it has one day at a time on pop firmly on Netflix the live in front of a studio audience franchise at ABC based on Norman Lee’s titles and the upcoming Mad About You limited series revival on spectrum originals among others so this is coming out next year we’re getting a 50-minute special also you can check it out on their original on HBO when it max when it launches and we’re gonna have original characters I’m probably going to get more acting different actors in there we’re gonna have a continuation of the series it’s gonna be kind of cool to see Huey and Riley I guess be older I don’t know how I forgot how old they were in the last one the last two seasons so we’ll see what the difference is there but definitely check it out guys you haven’t seen boondocks I would recommend it it’s funny hilarious and also what are your thoughts about this new news are you excited for the new boondocks what are your thoughts on the previous boondocks and if you like the boondocks let me know why or if you disliked it let me know why I loved it I didn’t really have anything against boondocks but if you want to get more involved on videos and content you can email me at sole provider files at you can email me and I’ll be sure to reply to your messages as usual if you have any articles that might be interesting don’t forget to like the video and subscribe now for more content on the channel anyway guys peace out and have a good day

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  1. I Don't Really Like The New Animation They Going To Be Using But I Will Give It A Chance To See How It Will Hold Up In Today Society.

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