23 thoughts on “The big debate: Education in India vs education in abroad”

  1. According to me both countries education system is good because I can't say education system of abroad is better than Indian education system because mostly student's succeed in India that's depend on student study and he is also knowledgeable all types of fields that's why I am so proud on Indian students

  2. To way my thinking Indian education was better than foreign education. The literacy rate of India was 99.99% in 1822 but today scinario is about 60 %. I think the reason is that some foreigner came in India and ruined education system. After that they implemented their education system which is not good for India. Thanks…….

  3. According to me both are best at their respective places. But,as I am an integral part of our Indian Education system so, I would like to suggest some changes in it. System should emphasize more on practical studies rather in theoretical parts. Children should learn some ethics morals and values as our country is considered as a holy place. Our children should meant to learn our glorious history instead of focusing about British and Mughal empires. We should enhance their imagination, creative , exploring and thinking skills. There should be overall development.

  4. Today’s education system is seriously flawed — it focuses on teaching rather than learning. Why should children — or adults — be asked to do something computers and related equipment can do much better than they can?  Our system gives more importance to MEMORIZATION than understanding and LEARNING.

  5. But Indian education system provide platform to all kinds of students whether they are poor or from village…all type of students can survive in Indian education system but it's difficult for a middle class or a student who does not know proper English to survive in foreign and adopt their education system.

  6. It's a shame that we are not believing in our education system now we are gradually improving in this field

  7. Yes its true….. but infrastructure of indian is developing day by day and connected through facility is really different …..
    But indian students are hardworking as compare to other ….
    Indian students competitive as compare to other countries students because competition is hard……
    Syllabus is also improving

  8. I think…when we are able to writing,reading and understanding from that time we want to get education what is need for today's generation jobs…but here we are studying that is not important in our jobs..so if is anyone interested in any way.so that want take that education and practical also….sorry my english is poor….we are wasting our time to getting degrees and more…

  9. Its not the Education System, it's the people.
    The Indian Education System is literally free, you can download the NCERT books (http://ncert.nic.in/textbook/textbook.htm), and read it on a phone
    The Affordable Access to internet over the last few years has made it possible for anyone with a phone to be able to study and pursue any subject. And nowadays nearly everyone has a phone.
    The people on the other hand would Use internet for "other purpose".
    Any education system gives you the basics, researching and curiosity is ones own.

  10. The education system is so bad in India that universities are giving degrees without joining the university……corrupted person……this thing has down the education quality……shameful.

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  12. Indian education system is fully complex because mother tongue medium,English medium ,private school ,govt school .these are all have their own rules .govt should remove first then we can see change

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