The Best Tips for Successful Language Learning for Serbian language learners – The Broadcast EP. 17

welcome to the broadcast here's some tips I want to give you on how to become a successful language learner and how to equip yourself with the right psychology to embark on that pursuit today we're going to talk about how to have the right psychology as a language learner to begin with it's important to remember that everyone is an individual so this is not to say that this is going to be the right psychology for every single individual however there are some commonalities that we can glean from successful language learners and the whole point of this broadcast is to help you understand what those are remember success starts in one place and that's the mind so you have to have the right psychology in order to be best positioned to be a successful language learner so here's some tips I want to give you on how to become a successful language learner and how to equip yourself with the right psychology to embark on that pursuit tip number one be a learner now that sounds so Elementary but a lot of people think they're learners and they're actually not I don't say that as a dis or to speak poorly about people but it is to acknowledge the difference between being a learner and being the dabbler someone who just kind of plays around with the language I've spoken about this at length before and one of my previous broadcasts where I talked about the difference between playing versus assembling so you have to be a learner what does it actually mean to be a learner to be a learner of a language means you're going deep into the structure of the language that you can create your own sentences so that you can actually manipulate the language in a way that enables you to convey different meanings across various tenses and various circumstances this is what it means to be a learner remember if you're just learning words and phrases you're not actually language learning what you're doing is you are a freeze and word learner and this is beneficial if you just want to order food or ask someone a very basic question during your travels but this is not rewiring your brain architecture again remember when you're a learner you're putting your brain in a position to synthesize what it's learning and empowering it to now work for you and this is the goal and the only way your brain can synthesize is if it's being introduced to structures that it can then begin to draw from this is the reason why we learn mathematics the way that we do we learn our times tables first and we learn them in order we say what's two times zero what's two times one was two times two we don't start by saying what's two times 36 right that would not really put your brain in a position to acknowledge the flow and the patterns associated with mathematics and in mathematics we call this numeracy well when it comes to languages we call this really fluency in proficiency across the multiple aspects and dimensions of the language and you can only do that and get there if you are in fact a learner so please be a learner and know what that means it means you're going deep into the structures of the language and putting yourself in a position where you can make your own sentences this is the goal this is the the hallmark of what it means the hallmark of achievement of being proficient in a language you can navigate through it you don't have to memorize phrases or words that anyone gave you you are free to create your own method of speech and it's a beautiful thing I recall having my very first conversation in Serbian language and I can tell you if you've ever had a conversation in your second or third or fourth language it is a beautiful thing to watch your mind at work and to watch your hard work at work during a conversation I made some mistakes during that very first conversation for sure but the best part about it is I've already redefined my understanding and my definition of failure see failure is not making mistakes when your language learning not at all failure is not trying your successes are the product of multiple failed attempts and that's a beautiful thing so give yourself credit pat yourself on the back when you make a mistake because when you make a mistake it's proof that you're learning and you're putting yourself in a position to learn so I made some mistakes during my very first conversation proficient conversation in Serbian and that's okay so if you're making some mistakes that's okay too but I can tell you when you walk away from that conversation after having expressed yourself and also understood the expressions of others and foreign language there's just nothing quite like it it's kind of like going to the moon and your mind has really kind of left a sphere of comfort and it's now starting to make a difference fear of comfort home and that's the beautiful thing about language learning is that inside your mind the activity of the mind you are bringing new information and new opportunities in that allow you to be a cultural navigator tip number two learn how you learn again some people are audio learners some are audio visual everybody is a little bit different with their learning style the best part about language learning is that it introduces you to yourself you don't know who you are until you've really been tested and challenged language learning is a challenging pursuit but it's a positive challenge and it's going to constantly help you understand who you are and how you learn and help you navigate across your areas of strength as well as your areas of growth you want to learn how you learn and make sure you get a resource really going to complement your learning style but also challenge your areas of growth tip number three invest in a resource invest in a resource take your goal seriously I'm gonna say this all the time and a lot of people say yeah but I have resourcing I do highly advocate for Serbian language podcast because it's assembled all that you need to go from beginners to advanced it has lesson videos on all the topics related to Serbian grammar so that you can really speak Serbian style and here's what I'm gonna say when I say invest in a resource I bring it up because a lot of people think that the resource they have because they have a resource it's adequate but you have to vent resources to see if they're adequate that's what you do for food right like in the United States of America in a lots of other countries there are free meals given out every single day do you go shopping and looking for the free meals is that what you do in your spare time you start driving to the local church driving to the local soup kitchen so you can get a free meal of course not because you want a balanced diet and you want to have some control over what you put inside your body and you can only get that if you go to a grocery store and do some shopping okay so much in the same way you want to invest in a resource because you're going to have all that you need you can vet that resource and ensure it's given you all it's required to become what a language learner what something else to consider is that the free resources that are out there a lot of them are wildly incomplete and it makes sense and it's not – again to diss the resources that people are creating but remember free resources require less investment to create and the resources that actually do require to spend a little bit of money they require that amount of money because those resources are investing back in you that's why you want to invest into a resource you don't have to hunter and gather and this is why you want to get in the mindset of I need to invest in a resource but get a resource that you do like and one that is wildly comprehensive that teaches you how to read how to write how to navigate across the tenses and explain to the why behind the language and provide you with study practice so you can progress monitor along the way get a resource tip number four you have a growth mindset a growth mindset just means that you understand that your current capabilities are not reflective of your future capabilities when you have a fixed mindset you say things to yourself like I'm not good at Serbian and that's not true what is true is perhaps that you're not good at Serbian yet so please remember the power of yet add that to your sentences when you're engaging in self-talk don't tell yourself you're not good at something don't tell yourself that something so hard you can't do it tell yourself that perhaps you're not good at it yet and that you have the ability to do so in the future this is what it means to possess a growth mindset tip number five make your goal a priority in your life learning the language is not just important because of what enables you to do it's really important because of who it requires you to become to be a language learner you're going to have to get rid of instant gratification because it's not going to happen overnight you're going to have to be disciplined be compassionate I have humility because we're going to make mistakes and these are all attributes and characteristics that the world needs more of so just be inspired make it a priority in your life set aside the time required to achieve your goal and do so in the spirit of knowing that you're becoming a different person a better person who's more open-minded who's open to new challenges in navigate with resilience and not get bogged down by the instant gratification of I want to be able to achieve my goal tomorrow kind of mentality that's very common in today's society and finally tip number six having no excuses philosophy do not let life get in the way of you achieving your goal there's a motivational speaker his name is les Brown and he made a very great point he said the wealthiest place in the world is the graveyard Wow that's so deep right everybody's hopes and dreams all those hopes and dreams and goals are buried in the graveyard because people just either give up or they don't pursue them in the correct way and as a result they die with those hopes and dreams don't let that happen to you right carpe diem seize the day you have the opportunity right now to engage and a wonderful journey of learning Serbian you're interested in it accomplish your goal and you're going to be blown away about how the skill sets you acquire and the achievement of that goal also position you and push you forward in other areas of your life because once you get to mastery and get to discipline in one discipline you're able to extend that to other disciplines so please stay engaged in the pursuit and do not give up on your Serbian language learning journey I hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please give us a big thumbs up let us know what you think in the comments and what are you working on what area of that do you have fluent in your mind or do you have a growth mindset do you have a resource it's not what are you shooting for what are your goals and names please let us know to think in the comments can't wait to engage with you and have a wonderful day and thanks for tuning in jobs

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