The Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh While Teachers Cry

39 thoughts on “The Best Teacher Memes That Will Make You Laugh While Teachers Cry”

  1. So in my 3rd class we’re not allowed to ask to use the restroom, because right before that we get a 15 minute restroom break after lunch, and classes in my school are each 55 minutes long. So the other day o really had to use the restroom like only 15 minutes into the class. So I faced my fears, walked up to the teacher, and said ‘can I use the restroom? It’s an emergency.’ And she said to the whole class, ”NOW HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO USE THE RESTROOM IN THIS CLASS? GO SOT DOWN” so yeah I had to hold it for another 40 minutes…

  2. There is some bad grammar in teacher memes xD

    Just saying…. but they really are hilarious, I died laughing.

  3. Once my teacher was eating something in class not a candy bar and someone in my class yelled “Stop eating and go on a diet” something like that

  4. My favorite teacher ever is a really Savage dude. Maybe it's because he is Canadian. There was many categories for my classmates. He didn't really classify them, though.

    1. The "stupid" kids. The kids who are not actually dumb, but the teacher likes to pick on them
    2. The two girls who never got in trouble but were the most entertaining thing the whole year.
    3. The girls who never interacted with the teacher. Were they even in class?
    4. The boys who never interacted with the teacher. Personally, I am in number 5, but for some reason I got always put in groups with these kids.
    5. The kids who are in the middle. These were my main friends, along with 1 and 2 and where I belong.

  5. at 1:06, it says "When all 3trouble makers are absent on the same day" and it like the kid doing a yes type of this, but shouldn't you worry If all of them where gone on the SAME day, there is bound to be something bad….

  6. In 2:09 In the second one i don't believe it is teacher letter, the only thing i see there is DOCTOR letter.

  7. I stay after school a lot to help my teacher and my classmates’ handwriting is horrifying. I think my partner’s handwriting is the only writing that is neat by a male. 😑

  8. 4:41 i did that at the park cuz there were boys from my school and the one that WASNT in my class reconised me when i passed

  9. Teachers in elementary school be like:

    Me: Turns head 0.00000000000000001 degrees away from the teacher


  10. 2:05
    "If you can read this you probably are a teacher"
    Me, the first time I read it: but it looks correct

    "Ef you kan rid the yoo prbli ar a teecha"
    Me, the second time I read it: wtf, why does it look so weird?!

  11. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! Two-Forty: I understand that math problem, what I don't know is the name of that one rotund fellow who apparently works at my Power Plant.

  12. in class there is always this one kid who is kind to the teacher and loves the teacher.
    i am this kid in my WHOLE SCHOOL

  13. 11:56 This one is so easy. Besides, it would be awesome if speeding signs were like that. I would LOVE that.

  14. 1:04 thats me when my worst red- headed enemy hitch isnt there. hes really annoying and he doesnt listen to the teacher instead, he talks to the people around him that are his friends. hes super loud too.. but only sometimes when he says something funny i kinda smile but hes annoying most of the time. gosh, even my teacher said something mean to him- she said "and thats why nobdy likes you!"

  15. My history teacher has a lot of these memes on her classroom wall and they are very funny but distractive.She kind of hates kids (at least what her students think)

  16. Here's one

    Other teachers: I have to deal with the kids,but I get paid a lot

    Me as a teacher: you guys are getting paid?!

  17. #48 , actually since I was a good behaved student the teachers I told that I have a little brother weren't worried, especially since I told them he was quiet and well behaved like me.
    And we actually did have a few of the same teachers during jr high and high school.

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