The Best Teacher I Never Had

Richard Feynman was an incredible scientist. He spent most of his time at Caltech the idea of quantum physics, where all these particles are interacting
in mysterious ways he came up with a thing called Feynman
diagrams that he won the Nobel Prize for. Perhaps even more importantly he was an amazing teacher. He did a series of lectures which were for people who didn't specialize in physics. It’s such a great example of how he could explain things in a fun and interesting way to anyone. And he was very funny. Incidently at the time of Kepler, the problem of what drove the planets around the sun was answered by some people by saying that there were angels behind here, beating their wings and pushing the planet along around in orbit. As we’ll see that answer is not very far from the truth, the only difference is that the angels sit in a different direction and their wings go… Dr. Feynman used a tough process on himself, where if he didn't really understand something, he would push himself: "Do I understand this boundary case?" "Do I understand why we don't do it this other way?" "Do I really understand this?" And because he had pushed himself to have such a deep understanding, his ability to take you through the path of the different possibilities– was incredible. Oxygen for instance in the air, would like to be next to carbon and if they get near each other they’ll snap together. If you can get it faster, by heating it up somehow, some way, they come close enough to the carbon and snap in, and that gives it a lot of jiggly motion. Which might hit some other atoms making those go faster so they can climb up and bump against other carbon atoms and they jiggle and make others jiggle and you get a terrible catastrophe. That catastrophe is a fire. He's taking something that is a little mysterious to most people and using very simple concepts to explain how it works. He doesn’t even tell you he’s talking about fire until the very end and you feel like you’re kinda figuring it out together with him. Feynman made science so fascinating, he reminded us how much fun it is and everybody can have a pretty full understanding, So he's such a joyful example of how we'd all like to learn and think about things.

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  2. But I realized now Feynman was developing on Einstein's work. Now think about the excitement Albert had when he realized his theory

  3. The collective scientific knowledge of humanity can be greatly expanded if everyone becomes a scientist, whereby everyone acquires, discovers and contributes knowledge. I am really hopeful that one day humanity becomes a space travelling species.

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  6. His biggest contributions to Physics was the path integral formulation of Quantum Electro Dynamics. The Feynman Diagrams were just part of making sense out of the mathematics.

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  8. I was so frustrated in college,,,just couldn't understand calculus even though I was A student in all math and physics besides calculus. My professor got upset because I kept reading other books on calculus hoping it would finally sink in. When I found Feynman's big red books on Calculus, he made it perfectly clear and I challenged calculus 3 with no problem after that. If someone really understands something, they can find a way to get it to you…

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