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what is that sharp peculiar thing it almost looks just like her fin Oh mr. shark don't scare me so it isn't funny no no no we need to count your teeth okay one two three please go away what we need to count at least one more very well then three plus one makes four well what cheeky cheeky shark always snap snap snapping hello there mr. messy mole have you alone dug all these holes it's quite a lot of mess you've made oh boy here comes the gardener spade he's filling up holes 1 & 2 now 3 & 4 have been filling up to 5 & 6 he's nearly done now seven holes that leaves just one Oh No he's filled up number eight but look who's that up by the gate hooray it's mr. mole he's just not going to stop dig dig digging holes sweet mummy duck out on the lake that's such a lot of noise to make you're trying to call your baby's back well let us help you quack quack quack here they come one two three four was that it or are there more you have six ducklings all in all that means we've one to two more ducks to call here they are just by those sticks now we've got all one two three four five six yay hooray now you've helped the babies find their mum I'm Kirsty the chameleon and I've lost my colours maybe my friends at numbers who can help me find them have you met the animals there are quite a few let's look for my colours as we go round the zoo the Lions the king with a fine yellow coat and a roar that rumbles from the back of his throat the gorilla is strong and his fur is dark gray he might look quite scary but he just loves to play down in the deep lives Harry the whale his thick skin is blue from his nose to his tail alligator yawns his teeth look so mean his claws are quite sharp and his scales a dark green my friend the flamingo loves to stand and just think his feathers are soft and a lovely bright pink the ladybird has wings tucked into her back her color is red with a few spots of black the black-and-white panda is cheeky and funny she eats lots of bamboo and then rests when it's sunny coiled around the branch you cannot mistake the shiny green shape of Lucinda the snake with a shaggy brown coat the bear lives in a cave his claws may be sharp but he knows how to behave the orange striped tiger pads around on all fours she swishes her tail and she sharpens her claws the penguin looks smart in a black and white suit and his baby is soft and so fluffy and cute this elephant is one of the kindest you'll meet she's wrinkly in gray and she's got massive feet the monkey loves climbing and his fur is like brown from up in the tree he loves to swing down with a slimy red body and sticky wet toes how does newt do it nobody knows with a dusty grey hide and a halt on her nose the Rhino stands out wherever she goes it's Zoo closing time so we must say goodbye oh my colors back I'll give it a try look at my skin it's starting to glow shimmering and bright just like a rainbow my friend Henrietta you leave all the eggs but what is the right shape can anybody guess is it a square no that's not right here is it a circle close but I'm not ready to bite here comes max the monster truck and his friends heading for the stadium they're going to help us learn to count to ten today let's count them one say three full five six seven eight nine ten I'm so glad you could all make it today let's go inside the stadium and jump some vehicles max goes first he gets things done watch him jumping over one [Applause] here's a monster-truck sky-blue she doesn't jump just one but two and now what this we see amongst the truck jumping 1 2 3 can yellow truck do even more look at her go 1 2 3 4 [Applause] purple truck is ready to drive she jumps 1 2 3 4 & 5 [Applause] this next truck has got some tricks not one two three four five but six this really is monster-truck heaven one two three four five six seven these monster trucks are looking great pink truck just jumped over eight all the trucks are doing fine green truck easily clears nine [Applause] now it's time to count again watch our last truck jump all 10 fantastic jumping everyone are you ready to count them again one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten massive monster trucks thanks for helping us count today that was great fun we're playing a game here at number zoo the animals are hiding it's up to me and you to spot a nose a tail some ears a beak in this happy game of animal hide and seek now what are these lying here strewn all around and now could you please turn around it's a monkey oh look what's that now another banana but with green scaly spikes haha of course it's an iguana who's hiding now and what are those stripes what was that growling mouse get out of here yikes of course a tiger did you get that – you did wasn't he scary I hope we don't meet any more scary creatures now come on let's go somewhere less jungle II oh look we can cross on this log by this stream but wait but they claws surely logs aren't this green unless yes it is it's an alligator run phew that was close no more scares please just hiding okay let's sit for a while have a snack then we'll go hey that's not a hook it's a horn it's a rhino what a good hiding place mr. rhino what a good place to hang a hat funny clever rhino who could be hiding now what's by that big rock look there are some feet and hmm what's that smell it's bra rotten meat ooh what animal would eat that a vulture of course who will we find next I wonder this sofa looks comfy love the warm fluffy back wait a second it's moved haha that's because it's a yak who else might be hiding do you think how strange how absurd one leg and no head hang on it's a rather sleepy flamingo bird that's a funny way to sleep now who'll be next who's hiding do you think I look a party with lots and lots of delicious looking food YUM cake on a plate jelly on a dish but wobbling that much hey wait that's not food it's a Wibbly wobbling jellyfish ha ha cheeky jellyfish were you pretending to be party food that could have been nasty you crazy wobbling jellyfish I wonder who's hiding now a penguin but you're not hiding are you mrs. penguin hey wait what are those underneath by your tummy for feet no that's a baby and you are it's mummy what a cute baby penguin that was I wonder who else might be hiding in the zoo hey stop what was that moving there in the leaves oh look it's a munching giraffe that's as tall as the trees time to go home now let's finish our game what's there by the tree claw now a mane of course it's a lion well done mr. lion I must say you've all hidden really well I've had a lot of fun have you so see you next time down at number zoo let's build a digger tracks undercarriage cappen levers engine counterweight hydraulic cylinder boom stick bucket we've built a digger look over there is a big hole in the ground that needs filling the driver controls the boom with the levers and empties the dirt from the bucket into the hole good job welcome back to numbers ooh do you want to help me feed the animals their meals all of the animals eat their meals at different times of the day and they all have their favorite food to eat look it's the special number zoo clock that tells us what time it is the little hand is pointing to number eight and a big hand is pointing straight up at number 12 that means it's eight o'clock time for a morning feed for Leon the lion lions are carnivores which means they mainly eat meat shall we feed Leon some meat gobble gobble it's now 10 o'clock look the small hand is now pointing at number 10 that means it's time for the penguins to have breakfast what the Penguins love to eat that's right fish luckily we have lots of fish in this bucket here let's throw the fish to the Penguins one two three four five six seven eight eight fish II should be enough for breakfast it's 12 o'clock also known as midday look at that midday means that both hands are pointing at number 12 and it means we need to go and feed the tallest animal in the zoo the giraffe unlike Leon the lion who is a carnivore jenny is a herbivore meaning she only eats plants – Raph's like to eat the best leaves and twigs from the top of the tree these leaves are nice and high so Jenny the giraffe gets to stretch that long neck of hers the time is now hot bus 1 look the small hand is pointing between 1 & 2 and the big hand is halfway around the clock wenting to the bottom that means were halfway between 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock plus 1 I think it's time to visit and Gary the gorilla we have some lovely fruit seeds and leaves here for you gorillas need lots of food so let's throw him all of this yummy stuff can you spot the big hand pointing down at the bottom of the clock this means it's hot bust again look the small hand is now between 2 & 3 which means it is hot bus to run to feed Benji the bear let's give him a treat today his favorite food is a certain type of fish a salmon there you go buddy Bon Appetit at three o'clock it's time to feed another animal here's Wally the Rhino and she's looking hungry she's another herbivore and enjoys eating grass and plants so let's put a nice fresh bag of grass and twigs out for her to munch on yum yum it's now quarter past four can you see the big hand is now in a different place it's a quarter of the way around the clock but the little hand is pointing just after 4:00 so it's quarter past four I think we should go and feed the flamingos oh look the flamingos pink colour is a bit faded let's feed them some yummy pink shrimp hat look when the flamingo eats the pink shrimp a feathers turn pink that's amazing at five o'clock it's time to give Billy the beaver some more food to eat he eats the bark and leaves off a tree watch him jump away is it it's six o'clock now and time to feed the Panda do you know what pandas love to eat well a panda is actually quite fussy they only eat leaves from the bamboo tree we have to search high and low here at the zoo but we've managed to find some lovely bamboo branches for Percy the Panda it's now getting late at the zoo but there's just enough time for a nighttime snack what time is it can you tell the time yes the small hand is pointing at the 8 and the big hand is pointing straight up to the top that means it's 8 o'clock let's give those cheeky monkeys a nighttime feast what the monkeys love to eat yes bananas but they also love all sorts of ripe fruits and vegetables so let's throw all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables in there for them it's closing time now at the zoo and all the animals are going to sleep thank you for helping us feed the animals today orange yellow green full of the colors of the rainbow and a go three more to make the full set so cool the rain because in between for all the collars of the rain you three more to make the full set so you can match the colors of the Ring amazing Oh what's a wonderful thing you can do hello everyone the mechanicals are helping out on the construction site today we're going to have a smashing time with Ryan the wrecking ball crane [Applause] there's lots of walls to build and the mechanicals are really good at it yellow mechanical slaps on the mortar which holds the blocks together lunch flat blue mechanical lays the next block on top well straight is Dylan with some more blocks said the skid loader is using his mixer attachment to churn up some more mortar to stick the blocks together he's working hard there's lots of walls to build today look at them go they're so quick they'll be finished in no time oh dear I've just spotted a problem can you see what's wrong yes that's it the mechanicals may be good at building walls but they've rushed the job and they've built the wrong shapes look at those funny shaped walls a circle a semicircle a triangle an oval a Pentagon a hexagon a star a crescent only two of the walls have been built properly a square and a rectangle I think we need someone to knock down the silly shaped walls and start again this looks like a job for Ryan the wrecking ball crane an enormous circle wool well that's certainly no good at all this semicircles half is bad but it's shape still makes me sad this triangle wool really isn't great it's fallen over under its own weight an oval wall is just insane smash it down and start again Pentagon and hexagon both are wrong we leave them strong you won't get very far with a wall shaped like a star that crescent wall looks like a frown swing that ball and knock it down but this wall you can leave right there it's great a perfect solid square and this one too is the correct angle build more walls that are rectangle while the mechanicals get on with building the new square and rectangle walls should we look at the shapes one more time circle semicircle triangle oval Pentagon hexagon star present square rectangle that's more like it fantastic job mechanicals we got there in the end thanks for helping out I'll see you again soon bye there's more animals hiding down at number zoo today shall we see who wants to come out and play Wow why did that pond go and who use that hose AHA now I guessed it an elephant's nose Hey another splash he made that under ball now why did that ball roll away from the wall ha ha I know that's a Dolphins nose good hiding place mr. dolphin but the ball gave you away I'm sure that small island just moved about and there did you see all that water shootout you did – its you well done mr. whale you're so big you nearly got away with that no look some zebras a dad and a mum but twelve legs between them well that must be wrong unless ah there is I thought so hello little zebra what a fantastic way to use your stripes hey what's that in there inside that bamboo one eye now another hey Panda it's you now what hit my head then a twig from a tree and that black shape their visitor hey it is it's a gorillas knee of course you love hiding in trees don't you now what else would be hiding so high in the sky someone who climbs or someone who flies and now you look tired mrs. owl have you been up all night chasing mice well no wonder you're tired are you having fun there kangaroo mummy in there in that pouch a real tummy ah hello little Joey were you hiding there all along what a warm safe place to hide great choice I don't think I've noticed this hose before with patterns all over curled up on the floor that's not a hose it's hissing too much I knew it it's a slithering hissing snake yikes what were they then somebody's toes somebody hiding oh look now a nose a newt nose we found you off you go then who newt have a nice swim hello mrs. quail what's that by your leg half buried in the sand is it an egg it is oh look now it's hatching you did hide your egg so very well mummy quail now what's this I see in the water right here – funny nostrils two eyes and two ears it's a huge hippopotamus Wow good hiding mr. happy hippo I've had so much fun again have you we'll see you next time for more numbers ooh let's build a fire engine wheels chassis cabin water tank water pump storage compartments hose ladder siren flashing lights we've built a fire engine look there's some smoke there must be a fire let's go and put out the fire the fireman uses a hose which is connected to the water tank puts out the fire well done can you sing with me sing with me jeepers gorilla H he's green and sleepy though okay I suppose snake can't eat food tiger you full budget it's like a spiky spine yeah ABC the animals are playing hide and seek down at number farm today what's that behind the hay bales swishy tail small pawns and a sound that goes cow yuck who loves Roebling is wishy slimy mud this animal does all we can see is a pink curly tailed look the mud is sliding off oh hello it's a pink pig there's something under the water in the pond look there swimming behind that we'd get shiny scaly and has a fin it's a fish I can see it nose look it's twitching and there's two big 20 fluffy ears come on out of your hole it's a rabbit oh hello rabbit there's something pecking at that grain pepper noises it making cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck it's a chicken this animal has beautiful brown fur and very sprung antlers on its head what sort of animal do they belong to I wonder it's a deer this animal is very fluffy lovely warm warm it's not a sheep no no it has a longer neck than that do you know it's an alpaca what's this animal trotting so quickly Wow follow me Jorge is even riding on it back can you see it's very men it's a horse is that's asleep behind the bush no it can't be snakes are scaling not furry and listen can you hear that purring sound oh it's the orange cat we're under the water again there's something floating above us on the surface of the water look at his webbed feet paddling away let's go on and take a look it's a duck what fun we've had playing hide and seek today we'll see you again soon down at number farm bye Bobby the bus is visiting us today so we can learn what makes him special great to see you shall we go inside and put Bobby on the turntable so that we can take a closer look at him let's all see what we can learn as we make Bobby turn bobby's wheels he wouldn't take his passengers very far without these they go round and round just like in the wheels on the bus song Bobby sign Bobby has a sign that can change to tell passengers where he's going it helps passengers catch the right bus Bobby's wipers these keep his windscreen clear of rain and dirt and bugs so he's driving and see where they're going Bobby's headlights Bobby needs powerful lights for driving at nighttime they help him see the road and help other vehicles to see him Bobby's horn Bobby's horn is very loud he can sound his horn in an emergency to make sure other vehicles know he's there Bobby's doors Bobby has a special set of doors for his passengers so that they can get on and off the bus easily Barbies engine buses are heavy and need a powerful engine to turn the wheels Bobby's rear lights Bobby has red lights at the back so that other vehicles can see him in the dark and also to let them know when he's slowing down to stop thanks to Bobby for helping us today I hope you enjoyed finding out about what makes a bus special we'll see you again soon bye there's lots of animals to meet today there's mummies daddies and babies who play animals on land and animals in the air let's start by looking over there hello daddy lion where's your baby there she is your baby is called a cub hello mummy alligator where's your baby hello your baby is called a hatchling hello mummy elephant where's your baby your baby is called a calf hello mummy hummingbird where's your baby your baby is called a chick hello daddy frog where's your baby oh look your babies are called tadpoles they'll grow arms and legs soon and grow into frogs hello mummy kangaroo where's your baby there she is in your cozy pouch your baby is called the Joey hello daddy seahorse where are your babies here they come your baby is called a fry hello mummy zebra where's your baby your baby is called a foal hello mummy Swan where's your baby your baby is called a signet hello daddy seal why is your baby your baby is called a pup what wonderful animal families we've met today see you all again soon bye a a is for Alligator B B is for bear C C is for camel D D is the dolphin e e is for elephant F F is for farming go G G is for gorilla h h is for hippo I I is for iguana j j is for jellyfish hey hey is for kangaroo L L is the lion M M is the monkey n n is the newt Oh o is for owl P P is for penguin q q is for quail ah ah is for rhino s s is the snake tea tea is for tiger you you is the urge in the B is for vulture w w is the whale x x is for x-ray fish y y is for yak and Zed Zed is for zebra thanks for learning animal ABC with us see you again next time think my biggest friends they're going to help us learn to count attempted a let's count them one take three whole five six seven eight 9 ten can you help me count the trucks whilst they do their important jobs Oscar the old bus is number one slow and steady but he gets the job done Larry the lorry is number two perhaps he's got a parcel for you the owner the firetruck is number three rain water on a flaming tree celia a cement mixer is number four she churns and churns and churn some more five is Dylan with a heavy load helping to build this tarmac Road sex is Bobby she's doing fine dropping off passengers rain or shine seven is Helen with her rotor blades turning what a long list of numbers we're learning giant George is number eight he's a real heavyweight Caroline the crane is number nine swinging the hook at the end of her line Rebecca the recycling truck is number ten collecting old things to use again are you ready to count them one more time one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten big trucks thanks for watching we'll see you again soon bye I see you you're hiding right under my nose haha there I found you now where did he go oh you cheeky cheating cheater you are simply too fast to see odd looking shape in fact what is that ah it's an upside down turnaround hanging down bat Wow those wings make a very good cloak for hiding in don't they mr. bat come on let's sit down and rest over there hey it's not a rug it's a furry bear Wow mrs. bear you were so still you really fooled me how strange some sand just moved a big lump aha that's not sand it's a camel's hump great hiding place but your hump gave you away didn't it mr. camel what's hiding there by that rock in the pool don't tread on it no no don't act like a fool ouch it's an urchin of course just look at those spiky spikes yikes I just saw something out for a feed an x-ray fish hiding in the seaweed wow what a very see-through fish you are mr. x-ray why is that moving that lily pad leaf aha now I've guessed it someone's underneath it's a beaver wow you must have held your breath for a very long time to hide that well hey what moved just then down there on the road is it somebody hiding ha ha it's a toad mrs. toad what a fantastic camouflage oh look an adorable tablecloth pattern just moved or is it a moth no no no that's not a moth why it's a colorful fluttering butterfly I've had so much fun again have you we'll see you next time down at number zoo hello and welcome back to number zoo if you look closely the babies will come out for you hello daddy dear where's your baby oh there you are your baby is called a Ford hello mummy bat where's your baby hello little one your baby is called a pup hello daddy bear where's your baby your baby is called a cub hello mummy camel where's your baby hello baby camel your baby is called a calf hello mummy flamingo where's your baby your baby is called a chick and flamingo chicks are born white and will turn pink as they grow up and eat more pink shrimp like their mummies and daddies hello daddy gorilla where's your baby your baby is called an infant hello mummy Hedgehog where's your baby oh here she comes now your baby is called a hoglet hello mummy butterfly where's your baby your baby is called the caterpillar soon your caterpillar baby will go into a cocoon and turn into a beautiful butterfly just like you hello mummy owl where's your baby your baby is called an owl let hello daddy spider where's your baby your baby is called a spiderling Thanks for meeting all of the new mummies daddies and babies with us today see you again soon bye here come our construction truck friends heading to the construction site they're going to help us learn to count to 10 today let's count them 1 tape three Oh by six seven eight sad come on team let's get to work do you help me count the trucks whilst they're doing their important jobs this vehicle number one it's Celia with her churning drum Lawrence's vehicle number two she's got a very important job to do danny is vehicle number three he's digging a hole to plant a tree and here comes vehicle number four mia helps Danny to dig some more Rick the road roller is number five flattening out that tarmac drive Delon the dump truck is number six he's loaded up with tons of bricks his giant brother George is the number seven truck hauling an enormous load of muck Ryan is vehicle number eight smashing down walls with his heavy weight [Applause] carol-anne the crane is number nine lifting up our geckos garage sign said the skid loader is number 10 always ready to help his friends are you ready to count them one more time 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 10 helpful construction trucks thanks for helping us count today that was great fun see you again soon bye hello it's great to see you back down at number zoo let's meet some new babies and their mummies and daddies too hello mummy dolphin where's your baby oh there she is your baby is called a puck hello mummy penguin where's your baby your baby is called the chick and is very fluffy hello mr. hippopotamus where's your baby your baby is called a calf hello Queen bumblebee where are your babies baby bumblebees are called larvae did you know there are over 250 species of bumble bees that's a lot hello mummy tiger where's your baby your baby is called a cub hello mummy zebra where's your baby your baby is called a foal hello mummy and daddy meerkat where are your babies oh hello your babies are called Kitt's hello daddy giraffe where's your baby your baby is called a calf hello mummy turtle where's your baby your baby is called a hatchling oh hello little hatchling hello mummy eagle where's your baby your baby is called a fledgling we've really enjoyed meeting all the new babies today thank you for joining us for more videos like this you can download the toddler fun learning app by tapping here we look forward to seeing you again next time down at number Zoo bye

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