The Best End City Tips in Minecraft

– So you finally defeated the ender dragon and you went ahead into the End to find end cities for
that incredible loot. Here are some tips and tricks for you. (cheery 8-bit music) (creeper sizzling) So here we are inside of “Minecraft”, in the End, obviously. And I’ve just defeated the dragon, so I have an egg here and an end gateway. Now these portals can
be a little bit tricky. What you’re supposed to
do is take an ender pearl and toss it into the
middle of that portal. But there’s a better way to do it, which is my first tip. Which is you can just pillar up to it or create a stairway
up to the end gateway. So we’ll do that first. Here we go, we have a
little bit of a platform up. And when you get to the gateway, make sure that you place
blocks around the bottom of the bedrock. Don’t place them like down here where you’re kind of staring
at the block at head level. Make sure that the block is
at foot level, basically. And either you can grab ender pearls and just toss them into the
end gateway from this position, which is way easier to do, or you can do something, in my opinion, even better which is to get a trap door and use the crawling effect that is now in “Minecraft”, and you can crawl through the end gateway with no ender pearls needed. You walk into it and then, bam, you are teleported to
the output destination. Remember, whenever you
teleport with an end gateway, it will place you on the edge of a block. Like, no matter how, so if up here. Oh wow, that is darn convenient. There’s a end city right here. Now matter how you try to
make this as safe as you can, you will always end up
on the edge of a block near this end gateway. So even if you try to
make a 100 by 100 platform for you to easily and
safely teleport into, we’re gonna set this. By the way, you can do the same thing on the return trip. So we can just walk into here, and then bam, we’re back. So I’ve made that fancier, that nice place to land on. I’m on the edge. See how I’m on the edge? It will, no matter how big
you make this platform, it’ll always be on the edge. So be aware, don’t move once you teleport through the end gateway. So we’ve gone through the portal and we have found an end city. And most likely, you are
looking for an end city for elytra and shulkers. Those are the two reasons
that you’d most likely come to the End. And in order to do that, you need to fight an
awful lot of shulkers. So I have some tips for you when fighting these shulkers. And first off, is to always
make sure that you have food because they hit for quite a
lot every time they hit you and in the new “Minecraft” food system, you can regenerate your health much faster as long as you are full on food. And if for some reason, like I’ve gone through like a stack of pork chops in some of my adventures to the End. If you’re out of food, don’t forget that chorus fruit is the
food that is always available in the End. It doesn’t help much. It isn’t a great food, the
saturation isn’t very good and it doesn’t really recover a ton, but it is there and it can
get you back from low health, as long as you just keep eating it. Remember though, whenever
you eat chorus fruit, that you’ll be teleported somewhere else. So just keep that in mind,
that you’re gonna be teleported every which direction. Luckily, chorus fruit will always put you in a safe location. So as long as you’re not
in the middle of sprinting as you eat it, it will place you on a block. It’ll teleport you to a block. It will not accidentally
teleport you into the void or anything like that. But you can use it as your food. The other reason that
I suggest chorus fruit whenever fighting shulkers, is if you happen to be high, high, high up into the air, you’ve
been hit a few times by the levitation effect and you’re about ready to fall, you can always eat chorus fruit and it will teleport to you to the ground before you fall which
is super duper helpful. So remember to eat that chorus fruit, if you’re way up in the air, it’ll teleport you
somewhere to the ground. The other option is to use ender pearls. Ender pearls will cause
damage a little bit because of your fall damage, but you does exactly determine
where you’re going to land. Where sometimes if
you’re way up in the sky and you’ve been climbing
through this end city and you’ve got a little
bit too much levitation, you’re afraid you’re gonna die and you eat that chorus fruit, it may teleport you all
the way back down here, instead of up on top of a roof up there. So go ahead and use a
ender pearl in that case, if you know that you will
survive the ender pearl hit instead of just the chorus fruit hit. Now the other reason that
you’d be hitting to an end city is to collect some blocks. These purpur blocks are
pretty darn good looking. Also these end stone
brick blocks, I love ’em. But remember that if
you don’t actually want to hang around here, use up your pick durability, and break down all of these blocks. Uh oh, this enderman is mad at me and I’m not prepared. I am not prepared. If you want any of these blocks, and there are a ton, because remember, you have the pillars, you have the stairs, you
have the normal bricks. So there’s a lot of
different purple blocks, purpur blocks that you can get. Please don’t forget, that you
craft all of these blocks. These are all easily attainable
just with chorus fruit. So if you take some chorus fruit which you can grow in the Overworld, as long as you bring a
little bit of this end stone back with you. You throw that in a furnace, you will get popped chorus
fruit as the result. Popped chorus fruit can be
changed back into purpur blocks just by putting them in this four grid. Purpur blocks in exchange, can be changed into
all of the other blocks that you see. So purpur pillars into slabs, and then one slab on top of each other and you get the pillar. And then obviously, the stairs. So you can make all of
the various purpur blocks, including those guys right here, this light source, the end rod. The end rod can be made with popped chorus fruit on the bottom and a blaze rod on the top. And you get four end rods
for that crafting recipe. So you can create lots
and lots of end rods with just a few blaze rods. My next tip for you is whenever
you come across an end city and it has the elytra
and you’re super excited, don’t forget about the shulkers. And make sure you clear
out every end city you find to absolute zero with shulkers because you’re really
gonna regret it later on if you had found an end city, but you didn’t clear it
all the way of shulkers and you’ve forgotten which
areas you’ve gone into and which ones you’ve haven’t. So I use a rule of thumb, that anytime I find an end city, I am going to make sure to
kill every single shulker. That way, if I find another, if I find it again, say
a month or two later, I know if I don’t see any shulkers, then I’ve gotten all of them from the area and I’ve looted everything
in the end city. I would suggest don’t go halfway
when looting your end city. Loot all of it and
specifically, the shulkers because those are not
really a renewable resource. You can’t breed shulkers. And so if you lose all
of your shulker boxes, you have to come back
to the End to get them. And if you come across an end city that you know the elytra’s looted, but you don’t know if all
the shulkers are looted and you’re looking
around, trying to find out which ones you did kill, which ones you didn’t kill, it can be a real pain in the butt. So make sure that you loot everything. Next, some of these end city rooms will have probably the most valuable thing to bring to the end which is the ender chest. Your ender chest is super valuable when you’re going other the end, way more so than I would
say in the Overworld because everything in your ender chest will transfer to the Overworld if you die which is really, really important because you can die in
the void in the End, where none of your items are coming back. It’s just like falling into lava and having all your items
be destroyed in lava. If you fall into the void, none of your items are coming back. So I would suggest either come to the End with an ender chest already, or the first ender chest you see, make sure you pick up. You do need the Silk Touch enchantment in order to pick up the ender chest, but make sure that you
have one in your inventory. And that way, when you’re done exploring, when you have explored all of the End and you’re super happy with
how much loot you have, instead of finding another end gateway to get back, which they will randomly sort of pop up throughout the land, and then
you can either ender pearl or use the technique
that I mentioned earlier, which is to use the trap
door to walk through it to get back home to back
to the central island. If you can’t find one of those and you’re super worried, there happens to be one right
over here, look at that. If you can’t find one
of these end gateways, then you can just jump into the void, as long as have placed all of your items into the ender chest. So what I like to do is
after I’m done looting, use the shulkers that I’ve
hopefully gathered as well, put all of my inventory into the shulkers and then throw all that
into an ender chest. And then I’ll completely
empty of any items, including armor or elytra. And then you just jump into the void. And you’ll die. And then you’ll respond back
at your bed in the Overworld. And hopefully, you have an ender chest somewhere in the Overworld and you’ll be able to
have all of the items that you looted from the End. And my final tip for you is a checklist of all the things that
you need to make sure that you’re bringing to the End whenever you finally defeat the dragon and want to start
searching for end cities. Number one is obviously
like the basic stuff, like armor, pickaxes, you know,
swords, that sort of thing. But on top of that, make
sure that your pickax has the Silk Touch enchantment
to get the ender chest off of the ground. Also make sure that you have wood with you or a ton of chests because as you kill the shulkers, you’ll probably want to
use their shulkers shells immediately to make the shulker boxes which will hold your inventory, which will hold a whole
bunch more inventory. So make sure you bring
wood or chests with you. And then also, make sure you bring food. I always forget this this one. This is the tip that I always
forget the most, is food, is because you’re getting hit so often with the shulker projectiles, then you’re gonna take a lot of damage and you’re going to need
to refill your food supply. So make sure you bring more
food than you would expect. Also, if this is your absolute first time heading into the End, I would also bring along
with me some enchanted books, a Unbreaking III enchanted book and a Mending enchanted book, and then along with an
anvil and enough levels to enchant your first pair
of elytra that you find. You also name it at that time too. It’ll only cost one level
whenever you name it and enchant it at the same time. So your first elytra can
be used right off the bat. Also, don’t forget your rockets. You’ll need rockets in
order to power yourself through the end. Those are very simple with just gunpowder and a piece of paper
in your crafting table, and then bam, you’ll have a level I rocket which in my opinion, is
the better one to use whenever you are using elytra. Level III or level II, they
just fire for far too long and level I tends be just great and is very efficient in my opinion. So make sure you bring rockets, Mending, and Unbreaking books, as well as an anvil to put those enchantments on
your elytra when you get them. And finally, to round
out what you should bring to the End on your trips, as I would say, ender pearls, a lot of times, I will
wait until I’m in the End to get them, but that’ll
be one of the first things that I get, is to set
up a little hidey-hole. Remember that endermen
are three blocks tall, so they will not be able to
fit in a two-block space. So this is normally the
type of kill chamber that I will create is down here. Also, make sure you leave
at least a full block so that they can’t reach you. ‘Cause if you’re hanging out here and they’re right there,
they’ll go ahead and hit ya. So this is the type of kill
chamber that I normally create. It has opening that is three
tall for the enderman to stand. It has an opening that is
two tall for me to stand. I come out here. I take a look at an enderman
that happens to be around, look him dead in the eye. Here, I can switch into Survival, even though like, I’m almost dead. He’ll run at ya because he noticed you looking. You can hide in your hidey-hole and then you can kill them. Obviously, you would have weapons, even though here, I don’t. But you would kill them and
then get the ender pearls. So do this before you
really head into the End searching for end cities. I hope you enjoyed my compilation, my list of things that you should
remember when heading to the end cities to find
those elytra and shulkers, and even the chests filled
with tons and tons of loot. If you enjoyed this episode, please give it a Like. Also let me know your thoughts
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  3. Why not also bring slow falling potions and shields? Shields will block Shulker projectiles, and slow falling potions prevent fall damage when the levitation runs out. Plus, if you strategically let Shulkers hit you in combination with slow falling, reaching higher areas of end cities, including the ships, is much easier

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