The Best App for Scanning Books – Scouting $500 profit in 1 hour thrifting haul

(music) (Gary V) I sold $650,000 in
used books on Amazon in 2015. You see that? That’s hustle. What’s up guys, I’m
in my natural habitat and we’re going to get some money here. See the money, here’s the money,
all you got to do is get it. Got my phone ready with FBA scan,
can’t really see it that much. This is FBA scan, the best app to use
for scanning, scouting, whatever it is. Don’t let anyone tell you any
different, this is what the pros use. One handed scanning solution got my
opticon velcro to the back of my phone so I can scan beep,
beep, beep one hand. It’s time to get money
guys, let’s do this. (music) Cart filled up super fast, going to
have to go get another cart guys. So the cart has grown, we got a
little over 30 books in the cart and another 30 right here so about 60
books with a average sell price of $10. We got about $600 in revenue
here that took me about 1 hour and now I’m going to fill this one up,
as I go through the biography section so should be some good money here guys.
Wish me luck. What’s up guys, just finished
getting $1,200 of revenue in books and then everyone got
jambas, it’s reward time. What you’re looking at
guys is $1,200 of revenue in used books in these four bags. Approximately $300 revenue per
bag, 30 books in each bag with the average value of $10. Now the actual revenue
is way higher than that but I’m just telling
you from experience, I sell books worth $100, $200,
$300 and I sell books and for $7. Our average sale price is just
over $10 so that’s the deal guys, $1,200 revenue. See you next time. Hey guys, thanks for watching my video. Please remember to
subscribe to my channel and if you like the video
give us a thumbs up. Put some comments down below.
Peace out.

100 thoughts on “The Best App for Scanning Books – Scouting $500 profit in 1 hour thrifting haul”

  1. Just getting started. Shipped 14 books to FBA. Is the Opticon just a tool to make scanning faster? Also, do you list textbooks as you get them or hold off until a certain date such as late summer?

  2. Hello Reezy, I've starting looking at scouting books. Do you bother with craigslist at all for your inventory? I'm trying to understand do you sell books to Amazon? Or do you have a website were you sell the books that is linked on amazon as a seller? I plan on watching more videos at a later point.

  3. What do you mean? I dont understand what you did. I thought you was going to open the books and scan page by page to create pdf and sell it. But not, can you explain?

  4. Hello,
    Many thanks for all your helpful videos, I really like them all 🙂
    I have a question : what is the catch of selling a used book for $0.01 ???

  5. What is the best app for me? I use to use Profit Bandit when it was free. Now I use the ebay app only for pricing, I want to start sell some books on ebay but where I go their inventory is max 1000 book including vhs and dvds and I might run into some books at a yard sale or estate sale. I sell on ebay only not FBA what free app can I was besides ebay app or should I just make a Amazon sellers account to use the free FBA apps this is part time only that's why I i do not do amazon since I do not know about selling on amazon. or should I just go back to profit bandit and pay $10 a month? Sorry if I'm just all over the board.

  6. Hey Reezy, When you use the FBA scan app. Do you value (charge more) the book higher if there are only merchant fulfilled and no FBA selections?

  7. hey! i just went thrifting-but my apps wouldnt scan because "no wifi"? i have the amazon seller app–what is the point of going anywhere if you cant scan if store doesnt have wifi or wifi is blocked (which i think was this case becsuse out in the parking lot it worked fine)-grrr–anyway–have you ever run into this and if so what apps work for amazon fba without wifi? id really really appreciateyour help–thanks!!

  8. thanks! does amazon seller app have a database mode? if so i cant find it-if not–what app does for amazon fba? thanks a mil-youre great!! are there any that do db mode free? im just starting

  9. AMAZON sucks…… cool you're ruining DIY bookstores and people who actually like books. They should kick you out.

  10. just like thrift stores have increased their prices in cities to discourage flipping, just watch thrift store prices going up too because of people like you

  11. Hey Reezy, are you still using eFlip ~ 1 year later from this post? It seems like some clown has been listing practically every other book on amazon for $1 but selling a Chinese language version of the every single query is pulling in false positives. Think there's still some good finds in that service?

  12. Pretty basic question: A book like 'The Big Short' you can find used on Amazon for $0.01 (plus $3.99 shipping) so $4 all in (seller fulfilled). I see the FBA prices are around $9. Do books like this really sell much better through FBA? I know it's only one example but do people routinely pay 2x to get the prime shipping? If you got the book for $1, it would seem like a seller fulfilled order doesn't make any money but FBA you can make something.

    Does that make sense?

  13. Excellent video and I appreciate the full list in the description of all the hardware etc that you use…I wish more people made videos like you!

  14. I have a question. What is the difference between using your own phone as a scanner versus using something like the Opticon OPN-2002?? Is there any real difference?

  15. I can easily search and read books I wanted to. And that was all possible because of this website “fetching lobon only” (Google it). This site provides good collections and kinds of books. I do most of my reading on this site. I love love love it!!

  16. I have not shut up about this book subscription “fetching lobon only” (Google it) since I have first subscribed, a lot of great books in the genres I just read and listen to most that I have not found in my other subscription service. The portal is filled with topic relevant to novels, study, and many others. Browsing the books and documents I need is not hard and hassle-free.

  17. 2 Questions:

    Which version of FBAScan do you use?
    Do you use Amazon's FBA non-professional, $0.99/item option, or do you pay the monthly fee to be "professional."


  18. when I went to amazon to sign up for selling books the only option I saw was trading them in for gift cards. Can you make money instead? How? thank-you

  19. New fees have changed our book buying/selling models and FBAscan is about to be one upped by a new app ScoutIQ IMHO. Still in beta though.

  20. I sold books for 3 years but my scanner and sourcing was very different. I did fba when it was called easy sell and then did fba and merchant fulfilled. I still have my amazon account and want to get back into it again. I'm really confuzzeled on what exactly to buy to get going, I don't have money to waste on experimenting with tools. My amazon account is free. I have amazon seller app on my phone but it takes too long and doesn't show the rank. To use any of the apps, I would need amazon pro seller account $40 per month…a bit scary as I keep my bills low. If anyone can tell me what exactly I need to get going asap, and exactly the cost, I'd appreciate it.

  21. What happens if the book u have doesn't have a isbn number. The books that came out in the beginning of the century don't have that number.

  22. Does the Amazon Free App tell you the books ranking? I have an older phone that doesn't scan. If I attatch the Opticon to it and use Amazons free app that will work? Or Do I need jungle scout to get the rank and more detailed info?

  23. Love your vids Reezy. Any chance you will post more tutorials of the Bluetooth scanner troubleshooting? My OPN2002 keeps dropping and then also beeps really loud when I step out of the apartment and wakes up my girlfriend. It also seems to read barcodes a little slower than yours.

  24. Hi Reezy, do you only go to the clearance section or do you go to all the sections at the bookstore? Thank you

  25. Thanks Reezy for the video, what scanner would you recommend for seller's on a budget? I currently use Amazon Sellers app and wanted to find any alternatives to the FBAScan app…thanks

  26. How about using your brain and knowing what you are buying? Yep my mother needed a book on what she needed to know recently finding out what she could and couldn't eat,a guy just like you bought each and every book,it got so bad that I had to eventually get someone to tell him yes you want to make money but it came at my moms expense,the seller was allowed to buy his books but was told flat out he was interfering with other customers and it would not be allowed anymore…….

  27. Win win win situation. Used bookstores get profit, people who want the books find what they're looking for, bright capitalists like you also profit.

  28. how is that Dancing in Limbo book on top of the stack a good buy? Sure, it might be scarce and some sellers WANT 50.00 + for it but actual completed Ebay sales put it sold for under 4.50 with Free Shipping + Fees = 0 Profit.

  29. after you purchase these books. How long till you send it into FBA to have it listed? how long till you start to see the profits for these?

  30. When I tried to get the Episode Details using the link above it took me to a screen that tried for force a sub to your channel. I am not cool with that.

  31. Can someone link to where you set up an account to sell on amazon and how you ship to them and all that?

  32. $500 profit in one hour? I've been a bookseller for over 20 years. I've attended thousands of library, yard, estate and thrift sales, and this kind of take-home is not common. I sell online and in my store. There are profitable books out there, but $500 worth in an hour is highly, highly unlikely. If you're extraordinarily lucky and at just the right venue and first in line, that is OCCASIONALLY possible. I know because I've done it. But on a consistent basis? Please. There are simply too many others out there doing this and quite often they'll beat you to the punch. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  33. Now could you sell your books on eBay too or do you focus solely on Amazon? Any info is appreciated.

  34. If you went out just twice a month with $150 to spend how many books should you get and would $150 be enough to make a $1000 profit a month?

  35. $1,200 revenue? So how much was your profit on that? You know revenue and profit are two entirely different things right?

    Just for your reference:

  36. Teach me your ways. I have lived in thrift stores for over 30 and rehab furniture to flip. Books would be so much easier. What is the device you use and where can I get mine?

  37. yeah, we're waiting for the video where you show those books have actually sold. so far we know you're down some hundreads bucks

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