The Beginning of Everything — The Big Bang

The beginning of everything. The Big Bang. The idea that the universe was suddenly
born and is not infinite. Up to the middle of the 20th century,
most scientists thought of the universe as infinite and ageless. Until Einstein’s theory of relativity gave
us a better understanding of gravity, and Edwin Hubble discovered that galaxies
are moving apart from one another in a way that fits previous predictions. In 1964, by accident, cosmic background
radiation was discovered, a relic of the early universe, which, together with other observational
evidence, made the Big Bang the accepted theory in science. Since then, improved technology like the
Hubble telescope has given us a pretty good picture of the
Big Bang and the structure of the cosmos. Recent observations even seem to suggest
that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. But how did this Big Bang work? How can something come from nothing? Let’s explore what we know. We can ignore the beginning part
for now. First of all, the Big Bang was not
an explosion. It was all space stretching
everywhere all at once. The universe started
very, very, very small and quickly expanded to the
size of a football. The universe didn’t expand into anything,
space was just expanding into itself. The universe cannot expand into anything
because the universe has no borders; there is, by definition, no “outside”
the universe. The universe is all there is. In this hot, dense environment, energy
manifested itself in particles that existed only for the
tiniest glimpses of time.>From gluons, pairs of quarks were created,
which destroyed one another, perhaps after giving off more gluons. These found other short-lived quarks
to interact with, forming new quark pairs and
gluons again. Matter and energy were not just
theoretically equivalent, it was so hot they were practically
the same stuff. Somewhere around this time, matter
won over antimatter. Today, we’re left with almost all
matter and nearly no antimatter at all. Somehow, one billion and one matter
particles were formed for every one billion particles of
antimatter. Instead of one massive ultimate force
in the universe, there were now several refined versions
of it acting under different rules. By now the universe has stretched to a
billion kilometers in diameter, which leads to a decrease in temperature. The cycle of quarks being born and
converted back to energy suddenly stops.>From now on, we work with what we have. Quarks begin forming new particles,
hadrons, like protons and neutrons. There are many, many combinations of
quarks that can form all sorts of hadrons, but only very few are reasonably stable
for any length of time. Please take a moment to appreciate that
by now, only one second has passed since the beginning of everything. The universe, which has grown to one
hundred billion kilometers, is now cold enough to allow most of the
neutrons to decay into protons and form the first atom, hydrogen. Imagine the universe at this point as an
extremely hot soup, ten billion degrees Celsius, filled with
countless particles and energy. Over the next few minutes, things cooled
and settled down very fast. Atoms formed out of hadrons and electrons, making for a stable and electrically
neutral environment. Some call this period the Dark Age,
because there were no stars and the hydrogen gas didn’t allow visible
light to move around. But what’s the meaning of visible light,
anyway, when there’s nothing alive yet that could have eyes? When the hydrogen gas clumped together
after millions of years and gravity put it under great pressure, stars
and galaxies began to form. Their radiation dissolved the stable
hydrogen gas into a plasma that still permeates the universe today
and allows visible light to pass. Finally, there was light! Okay, but what about the part
we didn’t talk about? What happened right at the beginning? This part can be defined as the Big Bang. We don’t know at all what happened here. At this point, our tools break down. Natural laws stop making sense,
time itself becomes wibbly-wobbly. To understand what happened here,
we need a theory that unifies Einstein’s relativity and quantum
mechanics, something countless scientists are working on right now. But this leaves us with lots of
unanswered questions. Were there universes before our own? Is this the first and only universe? What started the Big Bang, or did it
just occur naturally, based on laws we don’t understand yet? We don’t know, and maybe we never will. But what we do know is that the universe
as we know it started here and gave birth to particles, galaxies,
stars, the Earth, and you. Since were ourselves are made of
dead stars, we are not separate from the universe; we are part of it. You could even say that we are the
universe’s way of experiencing itself. So, let’s keep on experiencing it, until
there are no more questions to ask. Subtitles by the community

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  1. The Big Bang Theory is not a theory about the beginning of the universe. It is a theory of how the universe came from a super dense state at 10 to the -34 seconds to what we can observe today.

  2. Hah, i like it how you say that we might not know something, if enough time is alloted then theoretically pretty much anything can be learned

  3. I've been thinking about this for a long time.

    If the mass exceeds a certain value due to gravity, it may expand and consider it a big bang.

    I think the big bang could be many or circulating.

  4. "The universe isn't expanding into anything, it's just space expanding into itself" — my mind can't even wrap itself around that concept. 🤯

  5. Space is nothing space is just empty space space is nothing there for no beginning no end there for no creator

  6. I can’t believe people really fall for the Big Bang theory. Crazy to believe such perfect and amazingly beautifully creation came from nothing. If these scientist were doing their job right they would find God. They don’t know what happens there they are working on it. They’ll find it when they die and come face to face with the creator. Ready to be judge for deceiving millions into hades. There was a Big Bang don’t get me wrong, but it was God’s Big Bang. He is the one that made all that noise. He spoke and all nature and science follows. With his breath the planets were formed. Think about it. Sound is vibration. Our voices make sound. Our breath produces vapor in the cold. Every thing was dark and cold until God Spoke The Word and it is so!!!! Thank you Jesus for such beautiful planet you’ve given us. Although now it’s going nuts and out of order thanks to us humans polluting it with filth and sin. Wake up people!!! Stop letting the governments lie to you.

  7. Wow we religious people are mocked at when we say God created the universe! So i decided to come and take a look at what this whole big bang theory is all about and see that there are a whole lot of unsolved theories that you people bet on and question what's what God has created. Lol have a fun time in hell 👋

  8. I'll stick with what the bible says because it's the truth.

    God always existed and he created all that exists.

    Perhaps the video reveals the details of how God created everything I'll allow the possibility of that, but God was the force and power behind it all and he did it in six days as the bible states.

  9. to the little blackbird at 1.37 – I'm not sure our cognition developed in order to avoid having babies, although I'm pretty sure that it has hindered a lot of would-be sexual encounters 😛

  10. 1:34

    wait, is that avoid being killed by tigers AND making babies, or to avoid being eaten by a tiger to CONTINUE making babies?

    cus if its teh first one, we really stuffed that idea up…

  11. Also known as the limit of questions, a coined term in the AMAZING 2005/06 anime Eureka Seven. You want an anime to mind fuck you and make you cry? Boom. Thanks kurzgesagt!

  12. Heavy:I fear no man…but that thing…*Points at picture of NOTHING* it scares me….

    Imagine if our cosmos and universe is billions of light years in size (hard to even comprehend the numbers in scale) and imagine that there is border somewhere even bigger then universe…..welp no sleep tonight ;D

  13. The way the mind goes blank when thinking how it all began and whats outside of it. My brain is just like "nothing nothing" what a weird fucking feeling

  14. The universe is a living being. A child is conceived and its cells begin multiplying and it grows. So within that baby it would seem as though everything was moving away from each other. Thus it is finally solved. The universe is a living being and we’re the atoms and blood cells of it

  15. The thing is. Does the universe reset ever and repeat itself many times? We will never know I guess unless we find evidence of this. I am super eager to see if this is true.

  16. All I want to know is where everything came from. How did space come from the “nothing”?” Even if there are laws we can’t comprehend doesn’t there have to be something to cause the Big Bang? I believe in the Big Bang. It just makes me frustrated we don’t know how it came to be yet. Those who might counter with the higher power creating the universe…. my counter is how did the higher power come to be? God(s) are things too how did they get here?

  17. Food for thought the big bang could be a massive white hole. A black whole take in matter and sucks it in right, and in another video of yours that was talking about worms holes might help proves that. In that video you all did say a black hole and a white hole night be a worm hole, but it would be so far apart that it seems forever to get to the white hole, so by the time the universe dies the white hole are pushing out matter from our universe to another. Remember white holes pushes things out violently and hot, so it leads back to this video about the big bang. The same thing is going to happen to our universe when every star dies out. Idk I seen a lot of video about the universe dying had me thinking like a mad man especially when you all says the universe will be dead forever. I believe that if something dies something is born right behind that.

  18. What if the universe never disappeared at all, what if exotic matter, the stuff that could hold open wormholes, won over the force of gravity, reopening the universe into the hot energy soup to "rebirth" it.

    How's that for a good theory?

  19. So matter or mass isn’t supposed to create more mass or matter but yet space expanded and planets were created? Created by what or WHO?
    Do I need to remind people this is a theory not fact

  20. I have a theory on what caused the big bang. A cosmic creator entity. (I try to think of it in other ways but no other theory makes sense to me.)

  21. if you cant have like 2x but x=infinity, yea so if that doesnt work than
    so a circle infonitley big would be a square cuz the distance between the oohhhh it doesnt have a center, but if it did the distance to all edges would be the same, like a circle but the universe could be a cube and a cricle ?????????

  22. Born too late to explore the new world, born too early to explore the universe but born just in time to explore the internet…

  23. So in others words, Vegeta's attack did not accurate portray the real thing?

    JK, anyway it's good to finally watch a video that won't send me screaming to a therapist.

  24. if there is nothing than the universe what was the universe inside of when it was the size of a football is this just the observable universe that we can see and beings that are in the fourth dimension can see more of the universe than us and are we considered a fourth or even an eighth dimension to lifeforms in a smaller dimensions than us and we are much more power full than we think we really are

  25. It still doesn't tell me how something comes from nothing. If so, then should we not be teaching this theory if we have not given any solid evedence, and why is it called a theory of no one has ever really proved the Big Bang exists?

  26. After years of contemplating this question "What started it all" i came to the conclusion wondering wont benefit anything because NO ONE will never know exactly how something comes from nothing. Sure we can attempt philosophize answers but then again, all of it will be a theory. Instead of worrying about all of this and having what I see in the comments "existential crisis" I realized that we're only hear for a limited amount of time and that wondering wont solve anything only enjoying the experience the present not the past nor future is what benefits us as a person, this experience of living is truely ONCE in a lifetime, and regardless if we found the answer to a question that cannot be answered enjoying the present is truely a gift. By all means if you want to keep questioning because that's just whats in you're nature go ahead! But this is what I stand by and potentially always will.

  27. I don't get it by what means thr is no outsized the universe that's like saying the is nothing but the universe but why the hack does the universe exists if the cannot be an outside the can clearly be no boundaries to the universe expansion so by that logic energy might have just jump started out of the blue into an size of an football for some crazy reason energy manifested itself into an particle eventually into matter so that's how our universe come to be seems so legit.

  28. But where did all this shit come from in the first place and why were there reactions to each other. Fuck this shit. Im goiing back to believing in God

  29. i may not know how everything began, but I have an idea of how we came to be, just hear me out. I'm not trying to copy anyone if this is already something someone has thought of, i'm just putting it out there.

    all actions require energy to perform right? well what if all of this had happened before, but on a much larger and slower scale. if the universe is currently expanding, wouldn't it retract due time? I think of the universe is kinda like a rubber band, where once it stretches to it's maximum, it comes back to its original state, and continues vibrating. with every retraction/expansion, it loses kinetic energy, and the scale of retractions/expansions becomes smaller.

    i'm not a scientist, just a 14 yr old in the 9th grade, so you don't have to believe me :/

  30. Hello, this is my way to explain it 😀

    everything what we know of our World is part of one big individual Universe,
    wich is a small part of a way bigger World that we can't even imagine.

    The big bang was only one part, a step of the prozess to what gave birth to our Universe…
    its what we like to miss : life is full of wonder and so is the big bang.
    we are somewhat in a nutshell, nothing new yey!

    TommyTarkov <3

  31. Imagine if I tell you that the Big Bang was precisely described in a book that’s 1440 years old, carried by an illiterate man. That book is called The Holy Quran and that illiterate man was Prophet Mohammed Peace be upon him, Riddle me that.

  32. Before big bang maybe there is any universe, The First Universe, Universe of 6 days Creation, Adam and Eve come back 6000 years ago from high dimension world Eden Garden with Time Skip Dilation Relativity einstein law, after 6000 years ago ice age really2x ends and high level of ocean really2x stable. And the big flood of noah maybe was the final end of ice age.
    And after end of the world the new universe will be created , The Third Universe, with new sky and new earth.

  33. Plot Twist: The Big Bang was one of the outcomes Doctor Strange saw in Infinity War. With 2014 Thanos successfully snapping with the Nano Gauntlet, thus creating a new universe.

  34. The Universe Is Infinite. We can only see 14.5 billion light-years away coz that is how Long the Universe has existed. Thus we recognize ourselves at the center of an observable universe. If we were to be 13 billion light-years away from our current location we would still observe ourselves at the center of a 14.5 billion light-year wide universe. Thus the Universe is Infinite.

  35. we observe the Universe is expanding but this is an illusion. The further distances we observe from Earth the further in the past we observe. IE it takes light ( observable images to reach our eyes) sometimes hundreds or thousands or even million 7 billions of years to reach our place of observation on Earth( we get how far light can travel in a year recorded as a distance). In the past matter was changing faster than the present even to defy current laws of comprehensible physics to know today( CE). 14.5 billion years ago in the universe 14.5 billion years away, the Universe is traveling faster appearing to expand.

  36. the universe was expanding faster 14.5 billion years ago & prior to that faster than the light of physics can math today. Today it exists as we see it today 14.5 billion light-years old. The observable Universe is only 15.5 billion years old and this is all we can observe.

  37. In this video, we are told to ignore the beginning part. But at the big bang, in the beginning, things moved faster than light. And there was no matter kind of the same description of what we find in a blackhole.

  38. Nice Theory.. too bad it's just a story about what could have happened 800 trillion billion years ago.. and not FACT

  39. "Lets explore more till there are no more questions to ask." But i got a question.When will u be doing a face reveal?

  40. But the main question still exists, how can something become from nothing??? Its impossible in any ways, why people tryin to explain us what happened after, why is nobody thinking that if something cannot happen from nothing (which is true) that whole theory is wrong

  41. How can something come from nothing? The same way you get nothing from something, you can look up to the night sky and see universes blowing up and bursting into flames several times, they had something and it's all nothing now.

  42. Universe: expanding into itself.
    Me: "Doesn't look like anything to me."
    Dolores: “These violent delights have violent ends.”
    Me: Still "doesn't look like anything to me."

  43. Good day. I am a graduate student of Bicol University (Philippines) and I am currently writing my thesis on the use of flipped classroom in teaching Modern Physics. Your video is very informative and is suited to the level of my learners. Please allow me to use it in my study. Thank you very much.

  44. I believe both bible and sains to , there is 3 universe :
    1. Universe 6 days Instant Creation
    –Time Skip Dilation Time Quantum physic law albert einstein, adam and eve comeback 6000 years ago from high dimention eden garden when ice age really really end and sea level really really stable. And maybe The Noah Big Flood was the final end of ice age.

    2. Universe Big Bang , Universe Recovery Evolution million years process, The Universe that we live today.

    3. Universe Imortal, universe with new sky and new earth, after the end of the world.

    And I believe universe will Restore look like first universe with holy, serenity, and freedom from sin, freedom from darkness,freedom from sadness,freedom from dead, and freedom from pain.
    -And evil will erase forever-

  45. Don't throw Einstein's name in here within the first 20 sec as if he supported the Big Bang Theory. He didn't believe in it…at all.

  46. This is a theory that Albert Einstein didn't believe in…at all. This video doesn't cover a LOT of details. We've been told in schools that this IS how the universe was created (in school systems that are said to not teach religion….religion=beliefs. And, now people believe in Big Bang Theory)…..When watching this video, did you question if you believe in this, or did you watch it with the mindset "This is True!"??…Levels of certainty in this theory are what I find to be most concerning.

  47. What if every black hole creates a smaller universe? Is that possible? Am I just too stupid to come up with these ideas?

  48. What was before that singularity? What happens at the end? Then what?

    Pffft…so the singularity was everything but nothing?

  49. "Today a young man on acid discovered that all matter is simply energy condensed to a slower vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there's no osuch thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imaginations of ourselves. Here's Tom with the weather."
    -Bill Hicks

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