The American Language Institute at San Francisco State University

The ALI has been on this campus since 1961. Hello, my name is Kathy Sherak and I am the Director of the American Language Institute at San Francisco State University. Our curriculum, or our English program, emphasizes university preparation. We want students to be successful in their university work and successful in reaching their future goals. Our teachers are fantastic. They all are trained in this university’s Masters program for teaching English to foreigners. The ALI at university prepared me a lot because now it’s very easy for me to take notes, listen to the lectures and write my essay. I highly recommend this school for everyone. The ALI is for the student who wants to improve his English and to prepare for the university. This university campus is one of the most interesting and vibrant campuses in the United States and the ALI is located right in the center of campus so you’ll have a real American university experience here. We also have a variety of services here that I’m really proud of. We have student advisors here for you, we have activities coordinators to take you around San Francisco and we have lots of opportunities for conversation practice. I really like ALI here and I learned a lot of academic study here and advisors will help me to apply to the university and a lot of activities help me to live in America better. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in America, in the world, really. So thank you for your interest in the American Language Institute at San Francisco State University and we look forward to receiving your application!

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