The American dream: Is it still alive? | IN 60 SECONDS

People in the United States still want
to be part of the American Dream story of success. But what actually is the
American Dream, and is it still attainable? Traditionally, the dream has
been associated with a successful career, wealth, and homeownership. Popular
conceptions of the American Dream also focused on the ability to achieve more
success than one’s parents, causing some to believe that the opportunity to
realize the dream is declining. Yet the results of the AEI Survey on Community
and Society suggests something different. Significantly more people believe that
the freedom to live their lives as they choose, and the ability to have
fulfilling family lives are more essential to the dream than
homeownership, wealth, and having a better quality of life than their parents. We
found that about 8 in 10 Americans believe that they are living the dream
or are on their way to achieving it, and only 16% of people say that becoming
wealthy is essential to the American Dream.This is good news for Americans
today. Our results show that people still believe that family and community matter,
and that the majority of Americans believe that the American Dream is in
their reach. Is the American Dream still alive for you? Let us know in our poll.
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12 thoughts on “The American dream: Is it still alive? | IN 60 SECONDS”

  1. As an immigrant, I feel like the American dream still alive. People who live in the United States might not see it, but compared to the third world country that I came from, America is still great. So yes, it is still alive for me at least.

  2. Well, you can't get ahead anymore, because the elites keep flooding the place with immigrants that choke the system; and you can't have a family life anymore because the elites have torn down every wholesome family tradition, so I'd say 'no'. America doesn't really exist anymore. Elites who grew up watching too much Star Trek destroyed America because they really got off on this globalist idea of 'one world no borders'.

  3. This video doesn't tell us whether the American Dream is still alive, it simply tells us that most people believe that it is, because they've heard that it is from people in the media, including YouTube.

  4. Link to poll didn’t take me to a poll. The question was there and a vid but bigger where I assume the poll would/should be

  5. After reading some of the comments it seem like US gov is giving more assistance to Immigrants and robbing from its Gen 3+. If your not already wealthy, or just getting here, then the answer to this question its probably dead already.

  6. The American Dream was DOA in the 50s. It wasn't there for so many marginalized people. Why should it be now? I agree with the community overall, a better community, a better family, and a better government are what we need, not wealth, home ownership, and making sure we have more income than our parents made.

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