The Allen Adventure

[Music.] Chapter 1: The new kid Narrator: One day a new kid named Allen came to school. Allen was an exchange student from another planet. Allen had some photos. He showed them to his new friends and told
them all about his home planet Goopitor. It was the best show and tell the children had ever seen! [Beeping and dog barking.] [School bell rings.] Narrator: When the bell rang, everyone went outside to play. Some children were playing on swings and some were skipping. Allen really wanted to have a turn skipping. He hovered around but no matter how much he tried,
his friends didn’t realise he wanted to join in. It was so frustrating. Allen: Hup-boo, Hup-boo Narrator: Allen was sad. Narrator: Allen was sad. He wanted to play too, but he didn’t
know how to join in the fun. One of the children saw that Allen was
sad and asked if she could help. Girl: Hey Allen, you look sad, what’s wrong? Allen: I want to hup-boo, hup-boo. Girl: Oh, you want to skip. That’s not a problem. You
just have to ask ‘Can I have a turn?’ Allen went back to the skipping. This time his new buddy
came with him. What do you think Allen should say? Allen: Me! Me! Me! [incorrect tone] Allen: I wanna Hup-Boo [incorrect tone] Allen: Can I have a turn? [correct tone] Kids: “Of course you can join in!” Narrator: …they said. Allen was so happy, he wanted to jump
for joy, but thought he might skip for joy instead. Chapter 2 – The Rocket Narrator: At the school there was a sandpit. Narrator: At the school there was a sandpit. It’s just like the beach, but without the ocean. The sandpit was definitely the cool place to be. Allen had never seen sand before so he was very excited. [Sound of Allen diving into sandpit.] Allen found a toy rocket. He decided he didn’t need any other toys. It was his favourite and he wanted to
play with it all the time. Allen: Ah, rocket. Other children liked the rocket too. But Allen loved the rocket and never let it out his sight. [Allen giggling.] Allen didn’t understand how keeping the rocket all to
himself made the other children feel. He knew how to read books. But he didn’t
know how to read faces, until… [Game show music and drum role] Games show host: Aliens and gentlemen, welcome to I GET THE FEELING! Okay, what I’m going to do is show you three kids
and you have to guess how they’re feeling. The first feeling we’re looking for is frustrated. Don’t forget
to check the clue if you’re not sure. The first feeling we’re looking for is frustrated. Don’t forget
to check the clue if you’re not sure. Your time starts now. [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Whose body looks tense? Well done! Right, the next feeling is – disappointed. So, are you ready? Well let’s see how quickly you can spot disappointed… [Clock ticking] [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Who’s got droopy shoulders? Okay, question number three. One of these children is angry.
I bet you know which one it is. [Clock ticking] [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Whose mouth is shut tight? Well done! That’s three questions down. Are you getting excited because
that’s the next one we’re looking for – excited! [Clock ticking] [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Who’s got big eyes? Brilliant work. Just a couple more to go. This time we want to identify the person who looks scared. Woohooo. Scared! [Clock ticking] [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Whose body is hunched over? Excellent. And now, it’s time for the last question. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is
to find someone who looks – proud. [Clock ticking] [When clue button pressed] Games how host: Who’s smiling with a closed mouth? And that’s the right answer! Give yourself a pat on the back
and we’ll see you next time on I GET THE FEELING! [Kids cheering and clapping.] Narrator: Allen realised that his friends were upset. He decided it was about time he gave someone else a go. He could
see his friends were happy and that made Allen feel good. Chapter 3 – Kinda mean Narrator: It was snack time at the school and all of
the children were lining up for some grapes. Allen jumped to the front of the queue and
started munching on all of the grapes. He had never tried grapes before, and he thought they were delicious. [Slurpy eating.] Allen loved the grapes so much that he didn’t know when to stop. Girl: Allen, stop! That’s really mean. Allen wasn’t trying to be mean, he just didn’t know
the dos and don’ts of living on Earth. [Slurpy eating.] The teacher came to see what was going on. Teacher: Allen, I hear you’ve taken all the grapes for
yourself. Don’t you think that’s a bit mean? Allen: Mean? What does ‘mean’ mean? Teacher: It’s when you do something that makes other people feel bad. [Kinda Mean song plays.] When you share with me, that’s kind. When you lend a hand, well that’s kind too. But when you pull my shirt, laugh at me when I’m hurt. That’s kinda mean. Don’t be mean, mean, don’t be mean. (Repeat) I wanna be your friend, can this meanness end? Don’t be mean, mean, don’t be mean. (Repeat.) Narrator: The girl had done the right thing and
the teacher was very happy with her class. Teacher: Well done children. When someone is mean to you
and you can’t sort it out yourself, you should… 4 children and teacher: Tell them to stop,
walk away and tell the teacher. Allen: I’m sorry everyone. I didn’t know that
was mean. Would you like some grapes? Chapter 4 – Earth to Allen Narrator: Sometimes Allen wasn’t quite himself. When he won an award he was so excited that he
became Look At Me Allen who couldn’t stop being silly. [Trumpets.] Allen: I’m the best! Look at me! I’m king of the world! Allen: I’m the best! Look at me! I’m king of the world! Narrator: Allen loved writing in his book – and illustrating his stories too. But if someone took his special pen without asking, he’d
turn into Steamhead Allen and he’d get very loud. [Yelling and sound of steam.] Allen was very good at maths. But sometimes
things didn’t quite turn out right. That’s when he’d turn into Spikey Allen and everyone knew to stay out
of his way until he was a little less prickly. [Sound of blocks falling and frustration.] One day Allen was so excited that he turned into Windup Allen. He was wound up so tight that he couldn’t stop spinning. He went around and around and he knocked over somebody’s science project. [Silly noises and sound of the project breaking.] Allen didn’t mean to do it, but he was
so wound up that he lost control. Even though he was disappointed, the boy didn’t get cross. He just took a deep breath and said, ‘Allen,
you need to find your Calm Space.’ Calm space instructor: Greetings non-earthling and welcome to Finding your Calm Space. [Calming meditation music] Just relax, close your eyes. Just relax, close your eyes. Let’s start by taking some deep, slow breaths. Breathe in. Breathe out. Very good. Now think about something else. Maybe another place. What are you thinking about Allen? Oh I see, this is your Calm Space. While your mind is floating up through the universe,
imagine there are lots of shooting stars. Can you count them? There’s one. And that’s two. Keep going. Counting can help you to bring your feelings back down to earth. Now, your mind is calm, your heart is beating slower. Well done Allen. You now know how to find your Calm Space. And remember, your mind is a powerful force. Narrator: Just a few slow, deep breaths had
really helped Allen to calm down. His heart wasn’t racing and his head wasn’t spinning any more. He thanked his friend for his help and they
started putting the galaxy back together again. [Bell ringing.] Just when they finished the school bell rang. It was the end of the day. The end of the week. Time to blast off and fly back home to Goopitor. Allen waved goodbye and headed home. As he took off, he decided that one of these days he would
invite all of his new friends back to his place. Maybe, they could even have a sleepover. [spaceship taking off.] The End. [Music.]

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