The Agency’s Vision for Inclusive Education Systems

Access to an inclusive education changes lives. By providing an educational experience that is both equal and effective, we create opportunities to take part in society and ultimately grow as people. Not providing the chance to learn alongside others in their local communities, particularly in the early years of school life, can have a profound and lifelong effect. At the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education, we work with over 30 member countries throughout Europe to provide meaningful and high-quality educational opportunities that make sure every learner feels included in their local school alongside their friends and peers. From early childhood education through to teacher education and financing, we provide information and guidance in all areas of inclusive education. By identifying needs and raising the achievements of all learners, we can recognise and build on their knowledge and talents to effectively meet their individual learning requirements. To make our shared vision a reality, each country must commit to including every learner, no matter what their needs. An inclusive education system is the shared responsibility of all educators, leaders and decision-makers and so legislation and policy must clearly reflect this vision. The impact of an inclusive educational experience has far reaching and positive benefits for everyone, so the earlier this begins, the better. Working together throughout Europe, we know we can achieve high-quality, equitable educational opportunities for everyone.

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