The 9 Traits of Critical Thinking

at mentoring mines we believe that children taught to think critically will grow into adults prepare to face an uncertain future where advances in technology automation and artificial intelligence will drastically change the economic and job landscapes that's why we pride ourselves on being the authority on critical thinking not just by giving educators the definition but by empowering educators to teach critical thinking to their students our team of researchers and educators have collectively spent decades in the field as practitioners based on these experiences we have identified and developed a model to engage students with nine traits that are essential to building critical thinkers adapt examine create communicate collaborate inquire link reflect and strive we are committed to unleashing the power of critical thinking so we're offering you a free poster to model these nine traits in your school and classroom just go to mentoring Minds com enter your email and we'll send you a free download because these nine traits are the building blocks of tomorrow's leaders we created our model to engage your students with them today each trait is accompanied by a graphic designed to stimulate interest and learning and mastery of these traits is reinforced with language that tells students the desired trait behavior examine I use a variety of methods to explore and to analyze communicate I use clear language to express my ideas and share information adapt I adjust my actions and strategies to accomplish tasks collaborate I work with others to achieve better outcomes reflect I review my thoughts and experiences to guide my actions inquire I seek information that excites my curiosity and inspires my learning create use my knowledge and imagination to express new and innovative ideas link I apply knowledge to reach new understandings and strive I use effort and determination to focus on challenging tasks teachers tell us that by modeling and teaching these nine traits of critical thinking they're able to create a thinking culture that supports student growth and achievement across all subjects and with these nine traits you can empower your students to become critical thinkers who control their own destinies in an uncertain future I invite you to visit mentoring Minds calm to learn more about our products on our website you can also chat with one of our specialists and watch more informative videos on the 9 traits of critical thinking think of foundations team think up and our think up math think of science and think up ela our products in partnership mentoring Minds school leaders and educators will teach our next generation to think up you

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