Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne And Today, I’m going to be talking about the 5 five types of art teachers that you meet at art school. So the first type of art teacher that i met was the super strict and super precise teacher. These types of teachers seem to have magical eyes that can detect even the smallest shifts in pigments, even the tiniest little mistakes in your art, and they’re generally pretty terrifying. They’re stern, strict and they never crack a smile. Almost never give out A’s. They’re usually dressed imaculitly with perfect hair and perfect clothes. And if you find their instagram, you might find many, many pictures of their desk, with every supply on their desk perfectly organized in a perfect row. And, the shocking part about that is that it’s not just for instagram, if you watch how they work, that just how they’re desk is. It’s crazy. These are usually teachers that most new students are most afraid of, but that’s actually a mistake because deep down, often, the teachers are the ones who care the most. Once you’ve spent some time with them They, often times, are super strict, and really harsh, because they are actually caring how you develop And, in their own way, they think that the best way to make sure that you strive to be better, so that you can actually get a job, is to be super strict and hard on you, and to nitpick every little thing. Now the pros of having this teacher that you’re going to improve faster in this class than you are in any of the other classes, because your just terrified to do anything less than your best because you know that no matter how small your mistake is, that you gotta fix it, because they will definitely see it The other pro is, like i said that these teachers actually seem to care alot. And, even though it comes off kinda harsh, and intense, that can actually be something that’s really comforting down the line later in your art career The cons are, of course, that your going to be probably pretty demoralized in these classes, the best critique you can get from these types of teachers are usually ones that are just short, because these types of teachers tend to see critique as a time to say things that need to be worked on, so the best critique that you can ever expect to get is one that is just very short. The next type of teacher is the ‘Bob Ross’ There’s alot of these, and I think that this is the stereotype that most people who aren’t super familiar with art school naturally tend to have. Um, these types of teachers are kind of space cadets. They think that experimentation is king, and everything else comes after. They are always covered in paint and they’re not really scared of the toxicity of paint I think that they actually consume paint because they paint so wildly and with such abandon. They also tend to run their classes very wildly. Sometimes they’ll cut classes, like hours and hours shorter than they’re supposed to be. Sometimes they’ll take you outside Just because it’s a nice day, even if it doesn’t make any sense for what your supposed to be learning that day And generally they just tell you advice like “Paint the music!” and “Do what you believe in your heart!” and that kinda thing. Which is, very interesting advice, and very different from the first teacher. The pros of this kind of teacher are varied. So, the first pro is that your probably gonna be taken out of your comfort zone in a good way. The class is going to probably feel very low stakes, and it’s usually very easy to get A’s in classes with these types of teachers because they see the journey as more important than the final product, which is great if you’re a newbie. Also, you, like I said, sometimes get to go outside. and just break up your routine, which can be really nice if your used to being stuck inside on long studio courses. These are usually the teachers who don’t really worry too much about that. The cons are that you’re probably not gonna learn anything technically in this class. You will probably learn more about yourself than you will about painting or drawing, or whatever it is that they’re supposed to be teaching you. Because, they’re kinda in they’re own zone over there, and, like I said, they’re probably more interested in having you fingerpaint, or do weird stuff, or, you know. Basically just experiments than they are actually having you learn some classical arts education. The next type of teacher is, definitely Lol there are no more now boys


  1. I got lucky. All my art teachers were a weird blend of the hidden gem and the Bob Ross – a little out there and interested in experimentation, but they were all actual selling painters/sculptures outside of school who knew about the real world.

  2. My art teachers at my school (high school. Not a special school for art…) are the most amazing people in the world! They are more like our friends than our teachers. One of them is really amazing and I absolutely love her. She's fun and focuses both about ourselves and our work and what we need to do in the class. She's that Bob Ross type but without the cons. I can talk to her about anything. in her class it's so fun because she lets us put music in the class's computer and we can talk about anything with each other and with her. We even celebrated her birthday in class and one student baked her a cake and I baked apple crumbles for her and the whole class and we just talked all of that class. From what she said at the end of our 12th year we're going to do a party at her house to celebrate our graduation.

    She's the teacher that has the most impact on me but the other two are also good.
    We also joke around with them sometimes! Two out of the three of them threatened (jokingly) they would kill me😂😂😂😂

  3. I've definitely had a couple of these professors (mostly just the good ones! I don't go to a dedicated "art school" I'm just getting an art degree at a local university which is a lot less stressful imo) but what you have failed to mention is

    90% of male art professors being bald. Even if they're like, 25. All but 1 male professor in our art department is bald lol

  4. The type of teacher I find a lot is the young female teacher who has no idea how to teach. Especially English teachers.

  5. My art teacher last year was the type of teacher who tells you to be creative and messy and then leaves 10-15 minutes at the end of class to wipe down the tables. Also the teacher who puts Beyonce on during class

  6. I had a teacher who's cool, he would wear a spiderman mask one of the design and technology teachers made for him. And use a rope to fling across the classroom to intimate webs.

    He would also play the guitar when we where doing our work which was really nice and calming❤️

  7. This one art teacher I had was basically the school therapist .She was as soft and sweet as a marshmallow and everyone loved her. (Except the other teachers obviously.) She was the only teacher who listened to both sides of the story when people would accuse me, or fight me or in general bother me. (The other teachers would assume it was my fault and tell me of because I had bad reputations with other teachers.)

  8. And then we have the "Butthole" teachers.

    The teachers who wouldn't let you draw cartoons or anime because it's not "art"

  9. I had teacher 1 and on the next year I got teacher 2 and the classes were supposed to be harder then the other classes at the end it was the easiest.
    Also my teacher 2 loved manga/anime

  10. My favourite art teacher was my 9th grade art teacher. He was always so sarcastic but he liked joking around with my group. He was also easy to talk to when I was dealing with inner conflict about which career I wanna go into and he said theres already a lot of doctors and lawyers and he was just super cool and chill. Loved him. I hope he’s doing well.

    He makes comics outside of teaching 😀
    @nelson_caetano on twitter lmfao. I started making comics because I used to see him drawing them in class and ended up finding his works online.

  11. I wouldn’t be able to handle the strict teacher. I had a teacher who was only semi strict and I almost gave up on art and I only tried on some of her projects and I found myself just getting as much as I can without any thought put into it because of the deadlines.

  12. 2 types that were forgotten.

    1 the teacher that isn’t actually an art teacher but is forced to be one by the school.

    2. The teacher who has favorited students who always get great grades even if they’re art sucks and is worse than everyone else’s art. They might also have least favorite students (who, funnily enough, I’ve seen a lot of become successful YouTubers) who get bad grades even if their art is amazing and better than everyone else.

    These people can have these favorites for different reasons. Could be because their favorite is a family member or is someone they know or could be because their art sucks and people that are better at drawing than the teacher theirself makes them jealous

  13. My art teacher is a mix between strict teacher and Bob Ross teacher, but she was as good as the hidden gem teacher

  14. I practice all forms of art, but my favorite is cartooning. My anime improved after I got further in realism, but it lost it's charm to draw. Most people just want sexy or cute things. It shows how our culture has changed. Better or worse, it's not my call. Or yours.

    But my point is this: leave your comfort zone. You may find it actually helps your artwork improve. Learn real human anatomy and dynamic poses. I guarantee your characters will look more natural or fluid.

    Most art I see has stiff poses.

  15. Honestly, the order of these teachers should be the Bob Ross, so that you get an understanding of what you wanna do, then the strict teacher so that you get an idea of anatomy and all the basics and so you get a thicker skin, then finally the disheveled one so that you get an idea of the workforce

    be wary of one of the types not mentioned here, the ones who do projects that have you making a thing for one of THEIR work projects. I had a teacher in a digital media course who made us make posters for movies that they worked on, and I'm honestly not sure whether they decided to use a students work as their own, it may not quite be illegal but it's shady as hell

  16. Why do you think a high school art teacher didn't submit one Asian international student's self-portrait done on campus for an art award competition while submitting other students' works? Why do you think her husband art teacher suddenly remembered the student's self-portrait and submitted to Scholastic Arts 2 years later( and saw it won the state and national award)?

  17. I also had an art teacher I hated, she said "do you best in every art project" and then she says "get it done fast" and if your best means taking your time, how do we do our best?

  18. I had the bob ross/ professional teacher all through high school.
    He was cool about what the students wanted to draw ( realistic things tho ), and want to help students succeed in their art project.

  19. I’m still in high school I just started Gr 12 and I wanna get into art school. One of my art teachers I had and have again this year is the Bob Ross art teacher. In fact, she dressed up as Bob Ross for Halloween. My other teacher who I love is more like the last one but she doesn’t really look too dishevelled. She works with clients for graphic design and is the digital art photography teacher. I had her in photography and I have her in digital art this year. And another art teacher I had was like the strict one but slightly nicer. Like she could point out all the flaws in your art. ALL. but I think I had an ok relationship with her, in Gr 10 I helped her write these write ups about some students art for some competition.

  20. I have a mixture of a strict teacher and a disheveled professional teacher. He loves to help the students learn and grow, but every other kid I've talked to takes his input as a personal attack or insult. When I first came in, I was a high school freshman who heard horrible things about how the teacher would rip up your work or just take the project from you if it wasn't "good enough." Considering I was going into AP art at age 13, I was so anxious. But when I met him, we was a super chill and kind old man, he always wears a Marvel t-shirt and the background to his website is him photoshoped into the Iron Man suit.
    I was probably most anxious about the fact that I had a very cartoony (one might say anime but no) style back then (still do, it's more semi realistic now though) and I had heard so many horror stories about how art teachers HATE anime styles. But when I made my first sketch for a project, I got a compliment on my style and my use of perspective. It really helped settle my worries, which in hindsight where kinda dumb cause he has a large acrylic painting on the wall drawn by a student with an art style close to my own. I still love that painting.
    Even to this day I still hear horrible things about him, which sucks cause I know he's just there to help people be better artists. Hell, the teacher even got me to take a step into some realism, something I'm super uncomfortable with. This teacher helped me grow so much, but many people never took the class because of the bad things they heard about him or they heard horror stories. Which sucks because the middle school's art teacher was a Bob Ross, so I didn't learn too much from that class.
    So, if somehow, Mr. Goldson, if you're reading this. Thank you for all you've taught me.

  21. I have that one “trying to be cool teacher” but he is absolutely AMAZING! So we can never have phones out unless it’s for a circumstance when a teacher tells us to, but we can go to his class during, lunch, play on our phone, watch a movie, and play on a computer! He also runs the school LGBTQ+ club and I saw him last year at the Pride Parade. He also has a tiktok account and has one tiktok but it’s amazing and he’s my favorite teacher in the whole school except for my individuals and society’s class ( history )

    my 2D design basics professor was JUST like your painting professor. We literally were not allowed to paint any sort of representational art. We were Not. Allowed.

  23. I had a really lazy art teacher. Project? 4+ "Forgot to write your name", turns paper over "my name". Tell her, get one point "This isn't going to change your grade.". I ask my friend how many points he got, he had as many as me but a better grade, went back to her and she also gave me the grade.

    Had to draw comics about who we see as heroes. I made a Comic about medical staff in WW1 and WW2 "No heroes", 6. Great… And I actually went through the hassle to make the WW1 Medic British and the WW2 Medic German (I translated into both languages).

  24. My art teacher was exactly like the first one.
    She was my KINDERGARTEN art teacher.

    Once, we had to draw a fruit bowl, using brown construction paper to create the bowl. “IT’S NOT SYMMETRICAL!” She screamed at five-year-old me, as the whole class stared…I couldn’t even tell. I was five.
    Another time, we were drawing butterflies (still age five). She got mad at me because I had stars on one wing, and hearts on others. “BUTTERFLY WINGS ARE SYMMETRICAL!” She yelled, as the whole class stared.

    She hated me lol now it’s just funny because she was yelling at a five year old kiddo with butterfly hair clips who was half her size…

  25. Is it still an art school experience if I only do community college? My parents would kill me if I did art school because it's expensive and they think my art is just a simple hobby that wastes my time.

  26. My art teacher is very fun, mainly because she is so chill but interesting. She is fairly cool, so it's difficult to categorize her.

  27. @LavenderTowne Hi!! I doubt you'll see this, but if you do, I'd like to say that I LOVE your style!!! I was curious as to where you get your inspiration for your art style? I would eventually be able to draw in a similar style to yours. Also, how long has it taken you to get to your level of skill of art? I've been consistently drawing for about 2 years. Again, I love your work!! Have a great day!

  28. My first art teacher absolutely HATED me. She just did not like me at all. I had her for science as well, and she just did not like me. She hated that I was good at science, and so she ripped apart my art work. She slammed my class with realism, and because I actually picked it up quickly, she changed it. Because of me. So I would fail. She went for any and every little thing and honestly just wanted me to fail, and she’s the reason I stopped drawing, and why I hate my art so much now

  29. Not at art school, but my art teacher is DEFINITELY the strict one, except we never learn anything from her because shes always yelling at us. ;-;

  30. The disheveled professional! I've had that! And you're totally right! She was the best teacher I ever had. Not too strict but not too soft, and she was great at gauging how comfortable you were with criticism, and giving you just the right amount (but with a little push if she saw potential). I had her for Creative Writing and Figure Drawing. She was working towards getting her own novel published at the time, and had spent hundreds of dollars getting classes to improve her writing. She still shared all that information with us, helping each one of us improve our extremely diverse story ideas. I learned more in that class than any other class I took at that school.

  31. If I was an art teacher:
    “Hello class, today we are going to do free drawing. Make sure it’s not to gory, now I’m to go to sleep. Goodnight!”

  32. The "Bob Ross" teacher is my 6th grade math teacher he made us a cooking class and parody class (aka making music parodys) and all of our like work (was on shapes and numbers) we just had to draw he was super funny.

    Thanks Ellison for making math class fun and cool

  33. Did anyone see that the third teacher has weird cap when you look at it for awhile you'll know

    Did you see it?

  34. Back in high school I had the strict art teacher. She was a NIGHTMARE on what was passable art 😅 she gave me a hard time because I was one of the few students that took her class seriously so because of that she was constantly breathing down in my neck, nitpicking EVERY tiny flaw she could see… it was driving me CRAZY! I used to be so mad at her because I thought she was exagerating how severe she was with me. (Though it changed when she admitted to my mom that she was harsh with me because she saw potential). Up to this day, I still super grateful I had this teacher for 2 years, she helped me improve much faster than what i would have done without her nitpickiness/advices.

  35. Everybody at my school says my art teacher is mean, but I think she is the nicest teacher in the school. I think I am her favorite student. She even sent my mom a voicemail about how much she appreciated me being in her class. Help?

  36. Im never gona take art classes cuz i want to inprove by mayself and ppl are always asking me if im in art class in school and then i tell them i never took art clases in my life and no one believes me

  37. I’m studying acting and there’s an acting teacher in my school who’s the fourth type- she literally tells the women students that they’re her future competition.

  38. I had the hidden gem teacher then she left to further pursue her career. But I was going to an art class not art school

  39. Lol I have an amazing teacher that is kind of like the want to be cool teacher but not to the point it's like bad, he knows when to have fun but if something needs to get done he'll let you know

    Like on the first day of school we did a quiz asking stupid questions that were just ridiculous and fun and we spent the first few days being quirky wierd and we'll just being ourselves and I didn't realize this at the time but this was his way of really getting to know the students on a friend leval

    However we still have to do assignments and things and we of course have to get them turned in on time and stuff but if we need help on something we don't understand he doesn't hesitate to step in , but if he ever feels that we are stressed out or many class is going a little too slow he will have us take a break or do some fun activity such as play cow with a paper ball and a trash can in order to get extra test points. All in all he is super fun and a great teacher. If you made it through my full overly complicated rant comment "hotdogs are just wierd tacos"

  40. TwT I'm new to my wacom uno (one) and my photoshop skills are garbage ;-; can you make a tutorial for twerps like me? :'3

  41. Im not even in art school yet I have a art class and my art teacher only wants us to copy her and if we did different colors we get an E ((it's an F in my school))… I learn nothing in her class everytime

  42. my art teacher is like half narcissist half strict, she is only interested in certain projects that usually involve tracing paper and acrylic paint, and it has to be in such an exact way that its like its not even our project anymore

  43. I have the kind of teacher that isn't a complete perfectionist, but she would always push a very realistic style onto the students, and would generally demoralize students if you were to draw anything with a hint of cartoon or anime…let's just lay no one really liked her.

  44. Me: Draws
    Art teacher: you're good at the anime style but try cartoon
    Me: anime is cartoon and I dont draw anime, its semi realistic
    Art teacher: scoffs
    Peer: sees my art haha furry

  45. My previous art teacher was also the school's basketball coach and a fairly good artist. She had that sort of coach attitude (she was patient and would give constructive criticism). I learned a lot from her class. Now I'm at a new school and the art teacher is a coach who doesn't know anything about how to teach an art class. I've only relied on what I learned from my previous art teacher for assignments since he hasn't taught us anything. I hope eventually have a better teacher, in the meantime I'm going try to learn by reading online and listening to experienced artists.

  46. Well my type of teacher wasn't there, i guess?
    Well my teacher is one of the best teachers that i've ever have.She's so kind, she likes almost everything you draw, but only if theres a big mistake she'll tell you to fix it, or she'll fix it herself❤️❤️her drawings are totally amazing, we can do experiment and she will like it tho. She's really, REALLY kind and i haven't seen her yelling at someone a long time, and also she cares about her students ALOT and when someone is hurt, she'll totally fix it, she'll give you bandaid and give you a drink (yes she really did that :'} )
    Everybody loves her,
    BUT when we make a lot of noise she just try to hit us with a shoe xd
    And she's funny tho!

  47. I only met two: the annoying ass one that somehow thinks there's only one firm of art,
    And the super laid back teacher who you could seriously watch an NBA game with

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