42 thoughts on “The 5 Etiquette Rules To Teach Your Woman”

  1. 48 and still learning. So true young playa she will never know what she's doing wrong unless you teach her the ways of true respect for her man. God bless your game young Fews

  2. My mum listened to this video she agrees and practices this. Shes got them african values. This society and some of the women in it will make you feel its wrong to have these values, dont pay any mind to that. This is the only standard i will accept from any woman i allow in my life

  3. Man I'm really happy to see your following growing Eddie… It is well deserved and for the betterment of men and the world at Large. Peace and prosperity my people!

  4. funny thing is Muslims got it right yet feminism keep painting them as bad guys. whats even funnier is, statistically Muslims females are more happier than females in the united states

  5. If a female can perform these 5 rules, it means shes perfect. And I've never met a female thats capable of that

  6. @ 8:30, I was literally having a conversation with my son about this topic this morning, according to him this is a topic that is currently being debated on Twitter by young people.

  7. @ 18:30, my mother taught me when I was growing up that if a woman was walking on the outside of you close to the curb that it was a sign that she was a prostitute and available to be bought so I always have women walk on the inside of me

  8. its not being insecure its being territorial. When a man invests his time energy money and attention into a relationship and he allows the dark side of female nature to ruin what they built together, that is HIS fault. Rights and responsibilities always go hand in hand.

  9. And as if men don't lack integrity with porn and all kinds of crap behavior. Just saying. There needs to be a class in reverse on how to teach man to behave… Woman need to teach men too… Cuz woman are NOT the only ones with shit behavior with absolutely NO charactor. There are many rules need to follow and don't. Like no porn.. cuz it will destroy a relationship or marriage. But do men know that rule no… They demand more porn and the porn industry thrives…

  10. Peace and Prosperity to the god, Eddie Fews!!πŸ”₯πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯

  11. I’m so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in enormous quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis. P and P fam.

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