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gross not trying to be controversial I have done the research this can't be what we talked about tonight 18 to 24 you know there used to be my favorite number range stage window I like to have sex at gross it takes 18 to 24 domestic cats or dogs to make a standard size fur coat who quoted ku Ella de Ville at 99 dogs for a single coat get a new coat thigh bra it's a kids movie I doubt anyone dug into how is this about hundred one Dalmatians Crowe wasn't trying to make a single coat she wanted to wait for the puppies to grow up to full eight so she had more fur four more coats but she felt the police closing in on her so she ordered Horace and Jasper to murder and skinned the puppies settling for what she estimated to be about half a dozen coats chrismation was off a little bit but still end of the day net net that's all profit because she didn't have to pay for the puppies cuz she stole the puppies get a different research guy Rock rose but that does remind me aside from the fact that Dan and Katie have clearly both independently been researching 101 Dalmatians and how much puppy fur it takes to make a coat there are some weird things happening in the Dalmatians universe the fact that dogs can talk the fact that Anita and COO Ella are supposed to be school mates even though Anita is a regular aged person and Ella is obviously a thousand year old mantis yeah I mean sort of I want to talk specifically about what the movie is saying to kids Annie didn't Cruella both went to the same school and had similar opportunities but true Ella became rich because apparently owning fur in that world makes you wealthy I mean while Roger is a feel song writer throughout most of the movie even was just the two of them and the two dogs they are porush and then they get 15 puppies and they even have a conversation about how they don't know how they're gonna deal with the added expense but then kuelap saunters on to the scene and she could solve all their problems right she offers to write a check for literally any amount of money to take those dogs off their hands but she's bad soren she's got a cruel right in the name we know the hand devil yeah we know that now but that's such a bizarre lesson to give to kids Anita and Roger take on the added responsibility of 15 dogs and they can barely afford to feed themselves because possibly phone to keep him you can scarcely afford to feed yourselves and they win and then the end of the movie you take on even more dogs and they still get a happily ever after I'm sure we'll get along what kind of lesson is that for children apart from don't trust people named cruel a devil 101 dalmatians teaches kids to ignore their fiduciary responsibilities I'm not saying the dog should have been skinned I'm just saying that the movie should have rewarded the parents for more than just blind luck its training an entire generation to believe that eventually their problems will just solve themselves Willa didn't lock into her fortune she worked hard and made sound investments but the movie is very adamant that that is the wrong approach and you think that's the worst lesson the children's movies teach us well Jones suggests that maybe I have something that trumps that so I refuse to say yes more points per story kids movies have been literally step parents for years like I think you mean figuratively hope they think you're talking about evil stepmothers that's the only kind we get Cinderella enchanted Snow White the antagonists oral indisputably evil stepmothers can anybody name one famous children's movie with an evil stepdad I can't that either means that one doesn't exist or my brain is too full of memories of my rich and active social life to make room for trivia it's probably in the first one Disney has taught generations of children that stepmothers are inherently evil any movie that has a stepdad in it any movie always has a scene at the beginning where the kids like you're not my real dad and then his scene at the end where he's like you know what I love you real dad but if it's a stepmom movie usually ends with boy I'm glad she's dead yeah well the stepmother sometimes end up being dragon monsters so that feels like a good lesson but why step parents at all we are living in a world with an increasing number of step families and to begin with we should be celebrating the idea of step families you know it's not easy to just slide into a pre-existing family with its own emotional it is hard and brave and every stepmom faces an uphill climb as new mom but see that's why it's a good lesson right it's preparing future stepmoms for the tough road ahead it's saying hey if you're gonna choose to be a stepparent it's probably gonna be really hard all the more reason to soften the blow no give us some examples of things working out I mean Amy one movie about a stepmom where at the end everything is alright for the stepmom alright I heard it as soon as it came out of my mouth fine but I stand by it the point of this was to point out harsh lessons in children's movies not wrong ones I just think it's weird that we're teaching kids that being a stepmom is a tough road but not the toughest the lessons contained in Looney Tunes are way worse than all of this I'm sure we all have our favorite Looney Tunes character yeah Marvin the Martian me watching the show when I was a kid wily coyote but that's not important even if we all have our favorites Bugs Bunny is the show's protagonist he is the face of the franchise he's the star who always comes out on top he is alluding to his version of a winner my version of the lair – he's the guy cuz he wins okay but what are his skills he's not a hard worker he's not a thinker he is just from jump the best with all the vagueness that that implies all of the winners in Looney Tunes all right I mean we never see the good guys work hard and yet they always come out ahead Sylvester is always planning these elaborate schemes and traps for Tweety and then they always magically backfire Elmer Fudd plays by the rules follows the frankly simplistic hunting laws and he still loses wily coyote is a super genius spends all this time building and working hard and innovating just to catch Roadrunner to eat to fulfill a basic instinctual need but he still loses every coyote verse rotary cartoon features two things coyote working elaborately and deliberately on some plan and thing he did backfiring so what's the lesson there don't work hard don't go after the thing you want don't try yeah it's kind of a bummer I mean all the Looney Tunes winners Road Runner bugs Speedy's they're just inherently lucky and the antagonists Sylvester and Fudd he dummies we're supposed to laugh at us they all got speech impediments looney tunes it's like a cyberbully but real no it teaches kids that no matter how hard you try it there's still the chance that you'll be up against somebody who is just naturally better than you that's just that's real life you can try all you want but you still might lose history is bloated with examples of people who tried really really hard and then lost out to somebody more magnetic no it's real do we actually need a show that teaches kids that yeah The Hunger Games Harry Potter's Star Wars all the major franchises are built around telling kids hey you want to hear secret you are the one you are the most special and important person in the universe you know I know he's just making a point but when he says it like that I really feel special movies tell kids that they're just magically gifted but the Looney Tunes they teach kids about the real world and the real world is not always fair you're not special you're not the one you can work hard and still lose and that's there that day that's all Marvin the Martian really I liked his tiny hat in his nothing face I was a really sharp move that they made him the referee in space gym cuz he's Looney tune he's also from outer space so he's got ties to both sides of his basketball game so he can trust that he's gonna be impartial it's a it's subtle but it's sharp how do you end up with a Spartan helmet in the first place I think he can sort of observe earth and pick and choose the fashion things that he likes and he picked metal kilt and Roman centurion helmet I'm assuming high tops and height I assume he knows something that we don't I 100 donations karela didn't want to make a single quote and they still get the happily ever after what about it well why would would you teach kids that Anita and Leonard okay and I'm not saying that the dogs should have been skinned I'm just saying should have okay do we really need a show that teaches kids that yes somebody

24 thoughts on “The 3 Worst Lessons Hiding In Children's Movies – After Hours”

  1. Working your way to your dreams is bad. If you’re not special you’ll never be special.
    The Incredibles

  2. The Looney toons depeicted many forms of suicide showing of life gets gets tough all you gotta do is commit suicide

  3. 101 Dalmatians: teaching children to be dog hoarders.
    Seriously — 101 large breed dogs in a small inner-city apartment?!

  4. She was rich because she stayed single and Croney not wasting time or money on Pursuits of love and life like her schoolmate her lack of Scruples and the popularity of the fur industry of the time couldn't have hurt her either.
    Or she black widowed someone I could definitely see that

  5. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare portrayed Alice Cooper as Freddy's evil stepdad who used to beat him with a belt

  6. Also — Bugs' powers are entirely defensive. The few times he tries to attack someone, he generally winds up getting his ass kicked.

  7. I know this is years old at this point, but according to Wikipedia, Cruella was a heiress to begin with. She didn't work for her money. She got lucky.

  8. I always thought Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny were more of tricksters that win through sly, underhanded tactics.

  9. Step-dad is a trick question. Because the point of the movie is usually to save the mom from marrying a potentially evil step-dad

  10. Many of the Loonie Tunes cartoons were not made for kids. They were shorts shown before regular movies.

  11. In real life, all of the Looney Toons winners (Bugs Bunny, Tweety, roadrunner) would have been losers, just prey for the predators. We get to see some cosmic justice for all those underdogs who never get a chance in the real world.

  12. 6:18 that's just art imitating life. iRL, sure hard work CAN get you places sometimes, but for the most part the most successful people in the world got there via a combination of inherent skills, luck and working smart instead of hard.

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