The 2018 Game Changer Challenge pitch session – Menindee Central School

At Menindee Central School,
we value meaningful real-world problems. Thank you. We travel to other countries
on school excursions. We are developing
our own community garden and outdoor learning spaces through project-based learning, and with our super learning interface and virtual Library of the World we can take our learning
to the next level. Why choose Menindee? Well, we love testing out
new technologies and are open in learning new
and interesting ways. Through using
the super learning interface, our learning will be tailored
to our needs with the use
of artificial intelligence. We will be able to connect
to global classrooms and communities, developing international partnerships
to help solve real-world problems. With our solution,
students will log onto super learning where they access their personalised
learning journey. Facial recognition technology allows quick access
to virtual Library of the World. It is here
students will be able to browse local, national
and international stories, virtual reality experiences, workshops and networks,
to name a few. Through accessing
the virtual library, students will connect through
learning-building global classrooms. They will develop global partnerships for more meaningful learning
experiences through shared projects. Communication will be streamlined
through real-time translation using a modified version of Alexa. The connections and communities
that are built through super learning will create amazing
learning experiences. For example,
we can experience the Big Bang! Phew, we’re back in Menindee. (LAUGHTER) MAN ON VIDEO: Question time. Is there anywhere else in the world that is experiencing similar issues
with water? Let’s find out. STUDENT ON VIDEO: Through our
virtual Library of the World, we can go anywhere. STUDENT ON VIDEO: We can work
together across the globe to find solutions
for local communities. STUDENTS ON VIDEO: Building
a local network from NSW schools! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) So are you convinced? Virtual reality is the future, and we would love
to create the opportunity for you to experience
our part of the world. Our super learning solution
will not only do this, but we will open the door
to the world for us and NSW schools. -One team…
-OTHERS: One dream! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Guys, well done.
Amazing idea. You only had one day
to pull that together. What was your hardest challenge to get to the solution
you came up with? STUDENT: Putting everything together. Yeah, like when you have the ideas, and also fully practising the words. -MAN: Great. Well done.
-Thank you, team.

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