The 2018 Game Changer Challenge pitch session – Lidcombe Public School

Let’s admit going to school
isn’t that much fun. The issue is we’re uninspired. We’re stuck with the same
boring notebooks every day, boring pencils every day. We’re unengaged. We all want to go up to the classroom
and scream and show everyone what we can really do. And knowledge and learning,
it just stops. As we step out of that classroom,
we slack off. We have the perfect solution. Using technology, we can inspire
and engage students to become lifelong learners. Enter the dynamic new school and experience learning
from your own perspective. Transform your learning
into real-life experience, anytime, anywhere. Learn new things
and experience them firsthand. Anything’s possible.
There is no limit to learning. I want to learn about dinosaurs! -Where am I?
-STUDENT ON VIDEO: Whoosh! What was that noise? Wow, ‘Jurassic World’?! Now I want to learn about space. Houston, we have a problem. Wow! So this is space?! I can see the moon. Oh, the moon and the stars,
they shine so bright. (LAUGHTER) One small step for a kid,
one giant leap for…for… -Kid-kind!
-(LAUGHTER) Moonwalk! (LAUGHTER) Learning never stops. (DRUM ROLL) -The future of school is…
-Inspiring. -Powerful.
-Limitless. This is just the beginning. -Are you ready for the change?
-Because we sure are. We will change the world. ALL: We are the game changers! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) So, thanks for doing that.
That was really, really impressive. Love the energy. Can you tell me a little bit more about, like, how the students
would interact with virtual reality environments? Like, how do you access that? So, it’s like, when you’re walking,
if you, like, open a book, and it’s like you’re controlling
the character yourself, so you’re experiencing it all. Like, you can go from non-fictional
books to fictional books. Hey, guys, that was fantastic. This week, you know,
when you were in those… You obviously were in
those mixed reality worlds. What was your favourite world? It looked like space was pretty good,
but what was your favourite? I think it was space either way, because it was, like… It was, like… So it’s kind of just a way… Like, you’ll never go there,
probably, because in a lifetime, most people
don’t get to experience that. So it’s taking you to geo…
geological places that you could never be to, and fictional places
that would never probably exist. PANELLIST: Great answer.
Thanks, team. Congratulations. (APPLAUSE)

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