The 2018 Game Changer Challenge pitch session – Cudgegong Valley Public School

WOMAN: There’s one natural disaster
that’s a little different, and that’s drought. Rather than hitting quickly,
with a huge amount of force, droughts come on slowly and they can take years to have
a big impact on people, which means even though
they can be devastating, droughts don’t get the same attention
other natural disasters do. And those suffering through them
often don’t get the same help. Drought. It has the biggest impact
on Australian lives. Scientific analysis of Australia’s
drought extremes has shown the current crisis is likely
to be the worst in 400 years. Our school, in the central west, is just one of the many
affected areas in NSW. Have you ever experienced play areas
that are just dust? Trees dying, shade disappearing, eating areas stifling hot and dry? We’re not the only school or country
who has problems with drought. Recently, cities in South Africa
were affected to such an extent they were queuing for drinking water and restricted to 15 litres per day. “So, what can be done?” you ask. We have the solution. (LAUGHTER) We are going to help
create the future by designing a solution
for tomorrow’s schools that addresses how you can become
more environmentally conscious and protect your environment
and help your community. We have developed
a school-wide water system to ensure our most precious resource is used effectively. Water is collected from downpipes,
taps, bubblers and the nearby creek. It is filtered using charcoal pools that also double as
mindfulness zones. Sensors determine the best place
to distribute the water. The drip sensor uses small filaments to detect moisture in the soil as well as moisture depth. Tough case to protect the sensor
with a cage. Blades spread out
when put in the ground to create a web of sensors
that cover a large area. The sensor collects the information and using strong wi-fi to send the information
to be collected by Alexa. AI’s interpret this data and make decisions about where
and how the water is to be used. As you can see by the model, schools and communities will be able
to transform their environment through the precise
application of water, preventing evaporation and waste. Electronic monitors are used to signal and record
current water levels. This device uses laser technology sent from individual drip sensors to record the overall water saved. So it’s got two buttons on it which if you push the one on top, the wheel goes up and the one on the bottom
makes it go down. (DEVICE BEEPS) (DEVICE CLICKS) (DEVICE WHIRRS) Alexa, open water data. ALEXA: Welcome, Cudgie Group. Which part of the school
would you like me to check? The field. ALEXA: OK. The water percentage
of the field is at 50%. Would you like me to water
the plants and field? Hmm, yes, please! ALEXA: OK. Turning on the sprinkler. This data is shared with
the global community enabling leaders to drive
drought and water solutions and solve one of ours – and the
world’s – most pressing issues. (APPLAUSE) MAN: That was awesome!
So come together, come together. Couldn’t get anything more topical. And the nation really
feels this at the moment. It’s just awesome. And using all the technology. Man, there must be a lot of
happy sponsors here. -(LAUGHTER)
-Plugging… We’ve got Alexa. You know, obviously Microsoft is
well and truly in there as well with ‘Minecraft’. It’s just awesome. Guys, that was incredibly well
thought through. And what I love was you showed
something really working. And did you make that…that thing
this week? STUDENT: Yeah. Ben did it. Ben, that’s amazing! You know,
like, how long did that take you? BEN: Three hours. Three hours?!
That’d take me four weeks! How long did it take you, mate? -Three and a half hours?
-BEN: Two and a half. (LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Does the rest of Cudgegong
know you’re here and solving their problems? -STUDENTS: Yeah.
-Fantastic. Oh, great. And, Ross,
did you have one more? I was just gonna say
I’ve got Amazon beside me who you could possibly
speak afterwards for a partnership opportunity. (LAUGHTER) Bear with us!

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