The 10 Best Places To Live In New Jersey | For 2018

New Jersey is a beautiful state with plenty
of shore towns and beloved diners. It is often associated with a lot of bad things,
but every place has its own ups and downs. It is a state famous for high-performing public
schools, with one of the highest high school graduation rates in the country. Here are the 10 best places to live in New
Jersey for 2018: 1. North Arlington. North Arlington, a suburb of 15,800 residents
located in Bergen County, the most populous county in the state. The beauty of North Arlington is that it offers
a small-town feel yet promises all the perks you would expect while living in the city. In this case, that city happens to be arguably
the world’s most famous: New York City. North Arlington is only 15 miles from the
Big Apple’s financial district, the world’s most prominent financial district. Residents have access to an excellent school
district, and the area has a low crime rate; 2. Princeton. Princeton’s location is almost exactly between
New York and Philadelphia, making it a perfect launchpad for anyone who might be making frequent
trips to either or both cities. Princeton University is one of the best universities
in the country. It may be the most famous address in the town
of just under 30,000, but there is a lot it has to offer. The cost of living can be a bit steep in the
Mercer County town, with median home value sitting at $780,000. But the residents also bank handsome figures
in the range of $115,000 per household. If you can afford it, few places in the state
can promise you a better place to call home. 3. Saddle Brook. If your job involves lots of time on the road,
one of the first places you should consider settling down in New Jersey is Saddle Brook,
a small town in Bergen County that is home to 14,000 residents. The area is crisscrossed by multiple major
highways like the Interstate 80, the Garden State Parkway and Route 17. In fact, this is considered one of the best
places for commuters, and the fact that New York City is just minutes away really says
it all. As far as recreation goes, there is plenty
in Saddle Brook to keep you occupied, with numerous community events that include baseball
game outings, community movie nights and even walks with
the mayor. 4. Concordia. Concordia warrants a mention on the list of
best places to live in New Jersey for its invitingly low cost of living, first and foremost. Then again, this is a neighbourhood best suited
for retirees and anyone who fancies a low-key, low cost of living. There are some great schools in the area,
with plenty of outdoor activities that range from tennis courts to golf. The residents also enjoy an almost non-existent
crime rate, and while the area may be a little dull when it comes to nightlife, so happens
that some of us just prefer it this way. 5. Clifton. Clifton also offers a winning mix of affordability
and access. With New York City roughly 20 miles away,
Clifton boasts relatively modest home sale prices, along with proximity to the city’s
resources. Average commute time for residents is 24 minutes,
and the town also has modest crime rates. The town’s recreational offerings include
events and facilities in over 30 parks. Among them is Main Memorial Park, which features
a large lake and is adjacent to the Clifton Stadium, site of the town’s annual Fourth
of July fireworks. 6. Oradell. It is a small town in Bergen County that is
home to some 8,000 residents. Oradell’s unemployment rates are some of
the lowest in the state and the median income is the 12th highest,
making Oradell a great place to work and settle down if you’re look for a stable job with
a stable income. A large majority of its residents are well
educated, with almost 80% of them having a minimum of a college degree. This is one of the safest places in New Jersey,
a tranquil town that is ideal for strolling around with family, with the Little Firehouse
Theater one of the major entertainment spots. 7. Ridgewood. Ridgewood is another suburb from this county,
a suburb characterised by an eye-popping mix of Victorian homes and turn-of-the-century
farmhouses. The houses in this area are postcard material,
and it shouldn’t be astonishing to know the average home value in the area stands
at an enormous $716,000, with rental prices averaging $2,000 a month. Ridgewood is a great place for families with
children to consider, many other families with children live here. Its kids have access to some highly rated
schools, and the village offers access to plenty of parks, a thriving downtown and other
family-friendly activities. 8. Collingswood. Collingswood is a hidden gem in the bustling
Philadelphia metropolitan area. The borough boasts world-class cuisine and
puts an emphasis on community events to celebrate the best of art, music and culture. Only five miles from Philadelphia, and an
hour or so from the sun and fun at the Jersey Shore, Collingswood is conveniently located
for endless activities. Collingswood offers excellent parks and opportunities
to get outside. Cooper River Park runs throughout the surrounding
area and flaunts bike paths, sports facilities and even a Sculpture Garden. Collingswood offers the best of nature, community
entertainment and shopping, but most of all, it is a wonderful town to call home. 9. Chatham. Chatham has a population of 9,000, with an
adult population that holds a minimum of a college degree. The children of these residents get to be
schooled with some of the brightest tools in the box. The area has a high per capita income, outperforming
the national average by a massive 139%. Families take home $140,000 on average, which
is a good thing considering the high cost of living in the area where home values average
$700,000. Nightlife is a little wanting, but this is
negated by other perks that include a short commute time, many outdoor activities and
low crime rate. If a neighbourhood populated by smart, affluent
folks sounds appealing, Chatham may just be the place for you. 10. Haddonfield. Haddonfield is one of the best places to live
in New Jersey thanks to a strong showing in unemployment rate, and things to do. Haddonfield’s residents boast of excellent
public schools, proximity to Philly and a bounty of fantastic eateries, shopping and
cultural fun, not to mention its picturesque setting. Haddonfield offers plenty of opportunities
to get outdoors. The plethora of parks offers several sunny
spots to exercise, meet with friends and watch the world go by. The park features the Cooper River, Hopkins
Pond and Driscoll Pond, providing hours of entertainment in boating, fishing and exploring
the nature of South Jersey. Haddonfield’s matchless mix of education,
nature and shopping render the town one of the best places to raise a family.

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  1. Robo woman's wack yo.LMFAO! North Jersey born & bred with much love and mad respect ta my Jersey peeps! We are cut from a different cloth and every other state knows this!!!!!!!!! Where's my Italians @! Jersey Boy in tha house yo 1OO!

  2. Ha done field, Coe lings wood? Come to NJ one day to teach your dumb ass computer how at least pronounce the names before you pronounce what's the best place to live.

  3. Lol…this is actually a list? The state is great geographically. But we have a police state government with a psychotic communist governor at the helm…i can't wait to get out of here

  4. Haha!! These comments are hilarious and the video is a joke!!! Im from Passaic NJ since 1969! Its a shithole now!! NJ is WAY too expensive and over populated!!!

  5. Moved out 5 years ago and don't plan on moving back. Bad weather, high rents, high property prices, high taxes, bad governors, nepotism and corruption laden towns.

  6. New Jersey definitely ranks among the worst states in the union. I surprised the flag has not been redesigned to depict a giant trash heap. The state is largely crap with a couple decent areas, which still fall far below other parts of the country.

  7. 10 best places to live in NJ…… how about nowhere in NJ – Cali is the best, despite the over population. We have the best weather and the best prices on weed.

  8. I lived in Marlton for 39 years. What a town to grow up in . Still have all my childhood friends. But I'd never move back

  9. NJ is a great place to live for anyone who wants to see their kids suffer financially and perhaps with drug addiction as well.

  10. I live in South Jersey. Never heard anyone pronounce Collingswood and Haddonfield like this roboperson. Besides that this treats NJ as if it were North Jersey. Didn't like it.

  11. I was excited about this video as I was doing some research. Until I noticed the video doesn't match the audio. Maybe you shouldn't show clips of West New York and the NYC skyline from Blvd. East while talking about Oradell.

  12. Only town … on this list … that is worth while is Princeton

    There are fabulous towns in South Jersey and along the Shore.

  13. I can't wait to get out of new Jersey, how about Camden, Newark, Salem, Trenton, Bridgeton, Jersey City, East Orange, Patterson, and so on, these are all great places to live as well….

  14. Wait, they put Clifton on the list but not Lawrenceville? Clifton is not the town to live in. Lawrenceville is a suburb of Princeton, that is somewhat affordable, and the schools are top notch. I live in Lawrenceville for 30 years, and we are very happy here. People move here to L’ville because they cannot afford Princeton and this town is the next best thing. Not to mention we hold name to Lawrenceville Prep, best school in the country. The only draw back from living in Jersey are the taxes. We pay the highest in property taxes and this is one reason we are all moving out of Jersey. The governor in Jersey is the worst and is bad for this state. Enough said.

  15. I’ve lived in Bergen County my whole life. It’s over priced and the only “good” thing is being close to NYC. There is nothing remotely fun or interesting about it.

  16. I’ll tell u where to live in North NJ:
    Highbridge (more affordable)
    Denville (good area)
    Bernardsville (pronounced burn•nerds•vil)
    Chester (diverse and suburban)
    Long Valley (good schools and safe)
    Warren (uneventful and closer to NYC)

    Where not to live (out of the whole state):
    Newark: (trashy)
    Camden (unsafe)
    Roselle (high crime rates)
    Orange (gangs and crimes)
    Seaside heights (ghetto)

    I mean NJ is so expensive so don’t move here unless u have some money. Over all, New Jersey is a great place to raise kids and start a life just stay in good areas

  17. I live in New Jersey, one thing I know is that Princeton is way too low on the list right here! Princeton should have been in the top three easily

  18. How the hell is Moorestown New Jersey, Medford Mount Laurel and Marlton aren't on this list! Those are some of the best Southern New Jersey towns! don't forget Voorhees also! I didn't even mention places like Longport New Jersey, that has very old money and a lot of millionaires live in there! Perfectly manicured Lawns down the shore, and those houses that were Millions! A lot of those houses in Longport aren't even very new, some of them are like 56 years old and still look immaculate

  19. I've lived in Lyndhurst for 14 years and that's the neighboring town of North Arlington
    #1: There was literally 1 actual photo from North Arlington
    #2: It is a terrible town with major property tax, and a terrible education
    North Arlington was actually named "THE BEST TOWN TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY" from a Forbes article…who in the living fuck is making these fucking lists????!

  20. This has got to be a complete put on. You might as well include Camden and Newark on your list if you are going to include Clifton. And HadDONfield as Ms. Roboto pronounces it is so far south that Delaware, the land that time forgot, could claim it.

  21. Am working bread delivery since 15 years,, I know newjersey every where,, newjersey is best state but only paterson is bad because am leaving paterson 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Newjersey in the best town is cedar grove and rumson….

  22. North Arlington at 1st??????? And Clifton at 3rd???????? They shouldn't even be in top 50!! Even Montclair is better than these two

  23. I'm not upset that women don't like me. I'm upset Because my reaction to them wouldn't go so well. I don't understand their mentality. It's strange to me how they think they can bother someone all day and not expect to get f*cked up.

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