25 thoughts on “Tharoor Accuses Govt of Slashing Budget on Social Welfare Schemes”

  1. Stop insulting the present govt. congress never did anything for India only sold it to foreign Italian companies.
    Shut up you ignorant idiot

  2. Arun Jaitley looks like a villain of horror movies. Disease is cutting him out and soon his account will be taken.

  3. I hope sashi will melo down ,otherwise if Sonia sense if he is going to be a threat to rahul,she may curb his raise to power,since everyone see if as a prime minster material from Congress.

  4. Congress has some really good and well educated people in their party. Mr. Sashi Tharoor ji is one of them, undoubtedly.

  5. the intellect of this man is awesome….n his speeches are just ❤…truly an intellectual parliamentarian…we need these kind of MPs in LS n RS

  6. I think when congress was in powers common man have never faced any difficulties even the economy was downtrodden they found alternatives to that but they didn't pass the pass burden to a common man

  7. I assume 70% of those present in the Parliament could understand what Shri.Tharoor said hahaha look at Jaitley's face.

  8. You are the only one ..the only Gold who qualifies to be the India Prime Minister…only Shashi Tharoor ……

  9. Mr. Tharoor should be PM condidate from UPA, energetic dynamic and well educated representative India need now.. Congress must think about it……

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