Thank you, teachers! – Teacher Appreciation Week 2019

My favorite memory with my teacher is
Mrs. Prince. She was like a mom to me sometimes. I want to thank my teachers
for being a teacher and if they weren’t a teacher right now, I don’t know where I
would be. Mrs. Morales, Mrs. Haith, and Mrs. Joanna
They love me and they like they teach me stuff that I love.
I want to thank my teachers for supporting me and like helping me and
making me feel comfortable in the school. Mrs. Walker’s my favorite teacher because she gives us really good books
to read. I wanted a great thank my teachers for helping me get a better
education and help me with reading and reading and math and thank you to my teachers for Peeps. They’re so good! My teacher has helped me not go too hard on myself and my teacher has helped me like have a positive attitude. I want to thank my teachers for all the good learning they helped me with. I want to thank Mrs. Loughead for being there for me at all times for when I was having my struggles. Mrs. Dawkins and Mrs. Fraizer. They give us hugs after class. Mr. Levin is my favorite teacher because
he helps me in a lot of stuff and like if I’m struggling with something he’ll
like give me a hint and I’ll understand it. I want to thank my teachers for teaching
me how to read and write. I love them so much. Why do you love them so much? because…because they love me too.

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