37 thoughts on “Thank You for your service Mr. Sark! (Worms W.M.D)”

  1. Can we get a percentage of how many turns APL hasn't managed to hurt himself? I'm trying to gage how he scores on the "masochist" scale here

  2. How is Sark and APL still this god damn aweful at this game?! How many hours do they have, and they still don't seem capable of anything! Don't even know what a blowtorch is for FFS…

  3. these comment are here for you chilled, for months ppl have been telling you that the boat floats and the sub missile dd's vehicles and you say you have only learned about the missile a couple weeks ago. CHECK.YOUR.COMMENTS.and learn something.

  4. poor chilled not knowing the vehicle his last worm was next to is both a drill and a boat and it floats in the water

  5. Censoring Sark is the worst decision you’ve ever made when “editing” these videos. (I use the term ‘edit’ loosely because you can tell little to no effort goes into these in post)

  6. Chilled is very skilled in these turned based 2-D games. That or I like to imagine that he's sitting in front of the camera and Galm is below him playing his game for him on his keyboard.

  7. It's nice to see Adam still playing but I think a lot of us miss him doing videos for his channel. Kinda sucks he got tired of making them.

  8. Does Chilled not know that the sawboat floats and can drive on the water? all he needed to do was get back in it after using the airstrike and he would of lived.

  9. If chilled had gotten back into the digger, would be have lived? It was floating on the water at the end.

  10. 28:15 You know that the drillboat can float on water right? If you stayed in it you could have survived

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