Thank you for investing in my education – WSU Vancouver

[upbeat percussive music plays] My name is Ousmane Traore. I’m a finance major and U.S. Army veteran. My name is Andrea Castillo and I am a junior
majoring in elementary education. I am currently involved as a peer mentor and
a member of the Crimson Group. My name is Andrew Nevue and I am senior at
WSU Vancouver, majoring in digital technology and culture, with a minor in communication. I am also involved with the Digital Design
Club on campus, as well as being a student ambassador. I am. I am. I am. A Washington State University Vancouver
scholarship recipient. Being a VanCoug means being a part of an awesome
community on campus, and that community extends off campus as well. We’re all involved in the community, whether
that’s through research, Cougs in the Community, just getting together with
friends in the community. We have an awesome atmosphere. We all care about each other and we all support
each other to become better people. This scholarship that I received is gonna
help me obtain my graduation goal by allowing me to graduate on time and not have to work
multiple jobs, because as a student it’s very hard to balance working multiple jobs and
going to school when you have a lot of homework also. This scholarship means to me and my family,
that I will have more possibilities open to me because of my education. I’ll be able to not worry about school expenses,
and actually improve on my GPA because I won’t have to work an extra shift to pay for education. This scholarship will help me in the future
by allowing me to currently be financially stable and focus on my grades and my classes,
and on learning how to become a great teacher, because I want to be the best teacher that
I can be, especially since I want to give back to the Vancouver community, because it
has been able to open many doors for me. In the future, upon graduation, I hope to
become a scholarship donor myself. Whether I’m only able to donate $50 or if
I can donate a few hundred dollars, any little bit of money can make a big difference in
someone attending college. I’m extremely thankful for their
generous support. I’m happy that they invested in my education. It motivated me to be more involved on campus
and to invest more in my learning, and actually to know that
somebody else believed in me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For investing in my education. [upbeat music continues]

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