36 thoughts on “Thabo Qalinge's outrageous skill vs Polokwane City ⚽πŸ”₯”

  1. eish bhubesi
    Someone needs to send this to Ronaldo, messi, and Sean garnier.
    That skill is on another level.
    I'll claim this one proudly South African.

  2. When your team is up 3-0 and starts taking the piss just to rub it in the other team’s face πŸ˜‚

  3. What's going on.he has not even go pased one player.it's all well and good but at the end of the day your just a showoff

  4. 😒😒Yoh bafwethu!!! Thought I should impress my friends with that skill…. Now I'm at hospital😭😭😭😭

  5. Somehow he'll still have 3* skills on FIFA; Neymar doesn't even do such kodwa une5*…bas'jwayela'Gabi; all South African players need 5* skills in FIFA; once

  6. I must admit, that was as clumsy a 'trick' as I've seen in a long time. Pointless and completely without class.

  7. I really hope Pirates will keep him… Apart from his showboating he's a real game changer each time he's introduced as a sub!

  8. pirates has been having players like this , long time ago , Steve , Cylor tshabalala , lebohang mokeona, Makhanya jst to name the few and the most recently, so I see no flop from what Qalinge did , it the teams culture.

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