what's kind of on work about to our YouTube channel my name is James and I'm Kimmy and today I'm gonna be testing James's knowledge on black hair you've been there for me through my big chop you me going natural through the braids everything else so I'm just gonna test you on the terminology and what things are and what things mean and little methods that I use when I'm looking after my own hair you're in it well I'm as ready as I'll ever be okay where's my phone alright some ideas questions and I'm gonna show you pictures I've got this up front here is my new speciality okay that's what yeah what are these sort of braids called easy box braids so what am I got there box place not that we have no clue see I love from last time next one what are the ones called braids comfort everybody yeah and then bundles know they come pre-made do a DIY box braids they're pre-made so you just click braid your hair at first and then you attach them to your clips no box braid clips now thick pot breaks clips so and I wanted to do them on my hair even got that their message of the next show fish cook no but you do hook them in hook here no no I did very good crochet braids oh please crochet Shh was he good crochet crochet got it crochet braids yeah you know okay what's this one called that is called twists no it's called dreadlocks yeah and gentle got it see I'm do it I know it so one method yeah oh doing this if I throw it into my hair yes anything bundles what last that is a weave and if it's already pre-made and I could take it off and put it back on that's a week bagging okay hair tight are you ready a lot of people who fail this regard this we're gonna start with the first one by this neck okay that is what tie hair type is that we've gone through this chart because I was trying to figure out what my hair type is that is white people wear put the number for it Oh number you are a 4c so it can't be the bigger numbers it has to be the lower number so I'm going to go one a boom okay what's the second one – eight – anyway I'll show you the numbers which ones are fall under no so maybe you're not even a four see them only for right all right all right yeah I did say four see in the beginning but for a lot of people very poor be enough maybe a four see okay guess who I am what no no I okay what are these called bantu knots okay what are these cause they are called thumb those um ya know I showed you crochet what would you find good brains no no say they're thick breaks no what do you do to my hair after I've washed it to dry twists yeah Wow they twist yeah okay one rule of going natural you have to cut all the relaxed area out first unless you can ask you what the big chop worth when you're going natural that's one thing you must try and do protective hairstyles yeah and then boil it cream it every night morning lunch time after lunch before dinner after tea spray the staff everywhere make a mess they're making cream byproducts like knowings and metal products and keep just Amazon bye bye Bob that's me Bob from full of products under the sink full of products all of that yeah just after let it go it was alright yeah everything you said it was like you're correct okay so yeah you could it what's the conditioning that we do that takes ages deep condition see you guys teach you – you've done this so mousse how it takes like five hours of my life like you're strapped up in cling film coconut honey all this stuff come running in out the kitchen I need olive oil now I needed a zest of orange okay I have my products a spray never use that for five hours have gone by and you're still in this bloke yeah Haiti's like hot I can see the steam coming out of your head but it's fun we do find stuff well these fun days I can shoot it oh I've got an app I can out uh watch telly play fifa exactly when people relax their hair yeah what do they mean when you relax their hair they're using chemicals to take out the curl from the hair make it straight yeah I'll do the accent yeah that's not good lucky yes sir educator I felt like you read this before but in a recent I didn't even tell him what we're gonna talk about what I'm gonna ask what I'm gonna showing him he didn't want to know so energy sat down and he's hearing all this for the first time baby good attention okay what are edges edges that's your baby a speedy Joe down oh I love too good at this aren't too good okay last one yeah the Big Ten yeah what's the loc method that a lot of people use when they're natural LOC the old means don't think l OC back it's a program the more you talk the more you owe me money trying to think LOC met it's so people who are natural follow this process would you lower natural natural help you follow this process to keep their hair moisturize massive leave overnight conditioner this lots of conditioner no show give me the first one yeah liquid and that can be the current leave-in conditioner okay liquid think about stuff you thing you've put in my hair liquid yeah oil yeah cornrow now that's good like wheat oil castor oil now I quit oil compress liquid oil condition no color no what would you color your hair make sure it coconut that would fall under like oil coconut oil olive oil gonna kick yourself or this cream Oh cream of course cream babe you've come screaming your head you always saying you've got cream your edges cream your hair get right in there and cream it yeah I always say this all the time cream cream but I figured I've done really well wrong maybe didn't make up Thank You Sal dog it's gonna be team James hey team chose their team James their team James is a penny corner no no can you put we've tried all that is OH you either do eyelashes got it um on it if you did really well I think I you think you know a lot about hair yeah what an honest before before I thought I've got about my life and never met Kimmie I would never know about all this yeah but it's so good you do it because we have said before like if we have little girls like if I'm not there you know what to do yeah apart from the twisting yeah God no twisting here never again I know hair porosity types I didn't know what I was under I know how to take care of here I know what type of stuff so I could take take my little girl to the hairstylist a like she's having box braids like she's having crochet crochet crochet she's having this that never I know the loc method lotion oil cream yet simple I know all the products you have to buy just buy as many as you can and just keep as many as you can some way because at some point it'll be used you don't know babe thanks baby so that's the innovator or challenge or little test for him wasn't a challenge for me it's hard to ask my heart's to fly it was you did you have to do this it's the only one that you got wrong where you got parts of that question right so take a few but if you've done amazing lakhtin I a live CD buy it so that's it from us guys we hope you enjoyed the video if you did make sure you like comment share subscribe and we shall see you on the next video guys you know what time it is it's time to boogie ah give it energy energy


  1. Kimmy you got a smart wise man he knows you so well. God bless you James..Kimmy you should be proud of your man.. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

  2. You can try the rice water or onion juice It might work it's according to how you take care of your hair , try like apple cider vinegar, avocados , bananas.

  3. This video is so cute. It’s amazing how keen he is to know what is important to you kimmy❀️

  4. James is a very good person. Almost said good white manπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Your manners are impeccable πŸ‘πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

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